Blade 720 Drone Scam Review | Buyer Beware!

There is quite a bit of controversy regarding whether or not Blade 720 Drone is a scam or legit.

Official Site: Blade720.Pro

Created less than a few weeks ago, Blade 720 Drone has endured a sincere sum of scrutiny from the online drone community about being a ‘scam.’

To learn more regarding the Blade 720 Drone “Scam” along with the shady entity who is backing this misleading Blade 720 Drone campaign we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is Blade 720 Drone?

Blade 720 Drone is marketed as a highly discounted performance foldable drone.

Allegedly retailing for $199.98, the Blade 720 Drone is reflecting a 50% discount per unit and can be purchased for $99.99.


  • Foldable
  • 10 minute battery life
  • Speed of up to 12 meters per second
  • Top transmission range of 2km
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Anti-Collision System (allegedly prevents drone from ground or in-flight collisions)
  • 3D VD Mode (joystick to better control your drone)
  • High-quality video (this is been a complaint amongst consumers)
  • Panorama Mode
  • USB Charging Port

While most cameras are 4K compatible this day and age, according to consumer feedback the Blade 720 Drone camera is more along the lines of 720p.

Additional consumer reviews also state that the Blade 720 Drone reflects a flight-time of only 8 minutes, possesses a range less than 75 feet while the speed is HIGHLY exaggerated.

Who is Behind Blade720Drone?

The Contact Us page at Blade720Drone includes the following:

Email: help@support-deals

Telephone: + 1 351 888 2441

Telephone: + 44 178 245 4716

Mailing Address

MDE Commerce Ltd.

We tried to verify the authenticity of MDE Commerce Ltd through a Malta Business Registry but unfortunately the page lead us to a 404 Error Page.

According to OpenCorporates, MDE Commerce Ltd. was incorporated on June 4th, 2018 and is filed under Company Number C86613.

MDE Commerce Ltd is the same ‘corporate entity’ behind the MadDeals, MegaDeals and EcoCharge Hoaxes – all of which reflected highly discounted consumers goods like a Maxclean robot cleaner and an eco-chargeable battery pack.

Shipping & Returns

It it obvious that the return policy regarding Blade 720 Drone was taken from a different site and implemented into the framework on their policy.

“Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned.”

Since the only item for retail is a Blade 720 Drone, it obviously doesn’t fit.
This is the same return policy found at EcoCharge.Pro, a known retail hoax pretending to offer eco-chargeable battery packs.

Evidently a much bigger network is overseeing a wide number of select discount retail opportunities such as the EcoCharge, MaxClean Robot Cleaner and the Blade 720 Drone.

Blade 720 Drone Reviews

Shared below are some reviews we found regarding Blade 720 Drone at the UKClimbing Forum:

“I’d definitely say scam.  Photos seem to be very slightly photoshopped images of a DJI Mavic, the returns page talks about them not accepting health and personal care items back.”

“Somewhat bizarrely, the Terms of Use has a range of irrelevancies which rather suggest a cut-and-paste from an unrelated site. Personally, I would’t touch it with a bargepole. “

“my uncle bought one of these for my brother for his birthday. He likes nature photography and video and we thought this would be an inexpensive way to dip his toe into drones.  Now, I can’t officially call it a scam, because a piece of electronic equipment did show up at his house.  Remember another adage: You get what you pay for.  Cheap is the right word for this thing.  Our first indication should have been the 720p camera.  I mean 4K is pretty much standard now. This camera isn’t even good at 720p. The image stability is awful, the focus is soft, and as far as we can tell, it’s a fixed lens. On top of that, their other claims are bogus too. The range is less than 75 feet. The speed is nothing like 50Kph and we flew for about 8 minutes in absolutely calm conditions.  Because it only has a USB charger it takes a long time to prepare for another 8 Minute flight, so if you did decide to buy this cheap toy, I would buy extra batteries. It’s light enough that when it fell to the grass it didn’t break, but I wouldn’t want it to fall onto concrete.  I would tell your kids to do their research, and be ready to pay a little extra.  I will say that all three of us agreed that we would have had a great time if not so frustrated with the drone.  We’re looking into getting a better one. My brother lives in New Brunswick on the St. Lawrence, and there are lots of great opportunities to get some good shots.”

We are unable to find any other feedback pertaining to the Blade 720 Drone.

Domain Insight was privately registered on July 12th, 2019 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

During the time of writing this review (July 31st, 2019), failed to reflect any web rankings with SimilarWeb, a market intelligence website.

We suspect that Blade 720 Drone is making rounds through social media outlets, or that is atleast how the operators affiliated with the unverified MDE Commerce Ltd. corporation in the past have lured consumers into their site.

Is a Scam?

Blade 720 Drone appears to be operated by an entity who is responsible for retail hoaxes in the past that have yet to deliver on the promises of their merchandise.

With that being said we do not believe Blade 720 Drone is a scam BUT it is certainly a deceptive retail offer that should be avoided.

Blade 720 Drone Review Conclusion

If you were looking to purchase a drone through just remember the adage that you get what you pay for.

Affiliated with MDE Commerce LTD, who is responsible for a handful of retail hoaxes that we know of, the items that you see featured for sale aren’t likely worth your time or money.

While consumers report receiving theirs products, they tend to fall drastically short of the claims presented amongst many affiliate websites along with their own sites.

With these facts in mind we do not recommend the Blade 720 Drone for those looking for a worthwhile drone.

Verdict: Blade 720 Drone Should Be Purchased at OWN Risk!


Feel free to share your insight and experiences below!


  1. tom

    This company basically takes an already made product, makes a YT ad with a fictitious story about some disgruntled engineer/product developer, and then tells you that they are selling it at a steep discount (that’s only double or triple the actual market price from other sellers). And that the competing products are over priced due to price gouging of naive consumers and greedy execs.
    They all have the same stock footage, music, and graphics. They basically cut and paste the same ad and swap out the product with different text. If you see ANY product is one of their ads, it is a sure sign that you can get it from another retailer at a lower price. The story is fiction. The pricing is fiction. And they often use images better products (from a competitor) in their ads and a couple of them use footage from actual video reviews.
    One product, a magnifier for watching videos on a mobile phone, lists a discounted retail price of $30 CAD and the same product is available on eBay for less than $10 CAD. And the video footage of the review used in the ad is 3 years old. But the “ad” claims the product is a recent “innovation” from a respected eye doctor.
    The products are largely crap and ridiculously over priced.

  2. Mark Harris

    I ordered this and never received it.First I don’t think this is that great of a price.They’re are too many of these criminals loose in this world.The wrong people are being shot.

  3. Melissa

    Ok glad I didn’t buy this. My first suspicion was the fact they said didn’t spend a dime on advertising just word of mouth, but somehow was seeing an advertisement for their product on YouTube. My second suspicion was in the video they called it the “Blade 720” and when I clicked on the 50% off link they were calling it the “DroneX Pro.” The third suspicion was the price (this one is subjective depending on how you interpreted it at first). In the video they said it was under $100 and when I saw the link for 50% off I thought it was 50% off whatever price it was under $100. Come to find that the 50% deal was the very thing that made it under $100. The deal took it from $199.99 (retail) to $99. I looked up name of the drone by what it was called in the video in my browser and found this website. From what it looks like from some of the comments, they are possibly buying drones that are going for around $23-$46 elsewhere, make the price around 2.2-4.3 times the price of what they got it for, say that it’s the 50% off price and exaggerate the features to make it seem like it’s a different product and a good deal.

  4. Angry

    I got ripped off! After waiting nearly 5 weeks for delivery, a white plastic envelope finally arrived with 5 pieces of clear broken plastic pieces.
    This just exemplifies why I don’t like to conduct business on line.
    Now I have to try to get my money back and get the word out against these scumbags!

  5. kevin sutton

    I too almost was sucked into this scam. Youtube should be ashamed of their selves for allowing this ad to be on their platform. Now i am looking at youtube in a different light, a very dim light.

  6. Allen

    Honestly it’s not a bad beginner drone. But the Blade 720 is a scam.
    This us an Echine E58. I haven’t seen one as low as 2o bucks but I’ve seen them for around 40. I think I paid about 50 for mine. It flys pretty well and the range is greater than 75′. I fly it in the parkinglot at my work and it gets way more than 75′. More like 75yds.
    You can buy this drone direct from China pretty cheap. About half of what this is sold for.
    I believe what has happened is scam companies like this one and DroneX have bought con-exs full of these things. They sell them as their own product created after “disillusionment” with the drone company they worked for. Or frustration with “overpriced” drones that weren’t durable. It’s all bollocks. This is a mini knockoff copy of the DJI Mavick. It’s not a Mavic. Echine doesn’t claim it yo be. This drone is honestly marketed and sold by Echine through it is marked as a big kid TOY drone. It is not marketed by Echine as a high grade pro-quality photo drone. It’s a fun little inexpensive drone you can take some pics with.
    Here’s the buy from BangGood catch. If your drone comes from China direct to you it takes longer to be delivered. I waited about 5 weeks for mine.
    If you want it guarnteed within a few days you are going to pay more.
    I bought a second Echine GPS drone, the E511. And as soon as the world thaws out again I’m going to give it a serious try.

  7. Jack

    I received my drones I bought two from them and aside from the long shipping time from Malta where they speak Maltese around Italy all of your lies about this being a scam or not true. I got exactly what was advertised and they operate as advertised. Nowhere on any of your postings does it say that you personally went through the process and purchased one. So you are only relying on whining and complainers just like yelp. I do not see one reason to call this product or it’s advertising a scam to consumers. You want a commercial grade drone you’re going to spend about $1200 or more.

    • Bogdan Vatra

      I can understand from your Google Translate English that you are writing back from the China factory who made this piece of junk. Shame on you! Your instructions are written in the same garbage English that you used to write this comment, therefore impossible to understand. It’s been 2 hours since I am trying to understand how to charge this crap.

  8. Tom

    Can’t read the poorly written instructions. Useless without instructions. Don’t install the battery upside down.

    • Allen

      Yep. Careful not to put the battery in upside down.

  9. Eddie

    This company is now selling the same drone under the name ”air sky.” If you use your common sense you could plainly see that their infomercial I practically the same

  10. Dave West

    This is nothing more than an Eachine E58 drone you can buy at for $45.99 up from $26.00 a few months ago. There are real reviews out there that are not very flattering but it is a toy drone worth $46. Buyer beware.

  11. Byron Christopher

    Corporate sleaze has become the norm, it seems. Buyer beware. Use common sense. Thing is, what to do about these rip-off artists? One way is to contact your bank and have the charges cancelled.

    Good stuff in getting this information out.

    PS – The intro to this item mentions someone living in New Brunswick [Canada] who is close to the St. Lawrence River. The St. Lawrence River is in Quebec … hundreds of miles from NB. Do you mean the Saint John River?

  12. Ben

    Sounded great, but was suspicious. I had a question so I tried to contact the company. Go figure,not a valid e-mail address. Glad I didn’t order. BTW when your on the sales page and you see that someone just bought one, that’s a scam too. the same names repeat every time you open the page.

  13. D Bryce C

    Thanks for the heads-up. I almost bought one, but decided to wait. What i AM getting is 2-3 emails A DAY promoting the Blade 720, from different senders. Now I just have to figure out how to get off their emails list.

  14. Frank Breden

    I just received my $20 Blade 720. What a ripoff. Damn.

  15. Andre

    This is what they’re selling for $99.00……

  16. Charles

    Almost got sucked in to this scam. Thank you ScamFinance for your warning. What amazes me is this scam continues. If it’s a scam, which is certainly appears to be, why is it allowed to continue? I got sucked in on YouTube. Why can’t YouTube at least prevent this ad from airing on their platform? YouTube sensors virtually any free speech challenging their elite agenda yet can’t perform such an obvious intervention on behalf of their viewership. YouTube totally sucks! Definitely a New World Order, Agenda 2030, fascist organization.

    • David Bird

      I got sucked in through YouTube and have regretted it. The drone arrived, the instructions do not match the actual model sent, I assembled it, charged the battery did a test flight and the battery went flat after approx 3 minutes. Charged again and still the same. I contacted the the supplier through email and they suggested I go buy a replacement battery!!!!! I asked them to supply one and they offered me 20% discount to buy one but they wouldn’t supply. How the ….. does that work. I tried to get the camera to work and the software wanted complete access to my phone, when I refused the only instructions on screen then went to Chinese. I contacted them to return the product as ‘not fit for purpose’ and I was emailed with return instructions. Guess what, the return address is in China. Xiao Xing, Guangdong, China. It will cost me as much as the machine to send it back. Youtube has a responsibility to stop these people. Please, please don’t buy this load of trash

      • Mike

        I agree. It is a cheap plastic toy at best. It is not a $199.00 or $99.00 dollar drone. You can buy this for $20 at a hobby shop or toy store. DO NOT BUY…FALSLY ADVETISED…A PIECE OF JUNK! PACAKAGED IN STYROFOM AND PLACE IN AN ENVELOPE…INSTRUCTION MANAUAL READ AS NONSENCE…ORDERED CAMERA UPGRADE AND GOT NOTHING! RETURN ADDRESS IS IN CHINA!

      • George Ramos

        WOW! I came SO CLOSE to pressing the purchase button! I filled everything out (once sucked in by YouTube Video of it) and just prior to pressing “purchase” I hesitated and thought I would see what others say about it! OH MAN DID I LUCK OUT TO FIND THIS SITE!!!!

  17. Rodney L

    Thanks for all these responses, especially the one that details the ad content (“said they don’t advertise…in an ad!” or something like that). I, too, am in a situation where I don’t have extra $ to spend. Glad you saved me $99 USD.

    • john

      im here because of the ad on youtube too. i’ve been thinking about getting into the drone game but was looking for one reasonably priced. glad i did some research first.

    • Jake B.

      I had a laugh at their claim that they haven’t spent a dime on advertising – in a flashy YouTube ad. Their sister scam, the “Skye” drone or some such, told me to “click the button bellow” (sic) to go to their website.

      Oh yeah, that totally inspires confidence. Maybe they should have sprung for better proof-reading in their ad, I dunno. Call me old-fashioned, but it seems like that would have been worth a few advertising dollars.

  18. matthew neil

    i got my drone but it took 3 weeks to receive in the mean time i found a smoking deal on a similar drone on amazon which was marked down to 60$ and i purchased this one because i have prime i didn’t pay shipping either. i got this drone from amazon before my blade 720 came and had been testing it out. few days later i received my blade 720 package in a non-descriptive package.
    this is where it gets good the amazon drone i purchased is the EXACT same model the only difference is the controller sent. the drone 720 is actually a “E58 pocket drone” if you want one without the wait time, extra money they charge and hassle just hit up amazon!

  19. Mike OLIVE

    I have just received my Drone 720. I also paid for a camera upgrade, but I am waiting to be told if it has been installed already. I expected a black case to be included in the price, but I have been told that it has to be ordered separately.

  20. mike

    The directions are garbled chinese….it tells you “not to charge the carpet”….what? Do they also sell a “carpet charger”? Nonsense… You can’t read the directions ….very poor writing…

  21. Shane

    Not having received delivery of my Blade720 after 37 days, I lodged a dispute with my Bank and the transaction is hopefully being reversed.

  22. Shane

    I have ordered the Blade 720 on 31 July 2019.
    It is now 6 Sep 2019 and I have not heard from them.

  23. Myrianthy Boudouris

    My Wife bought and paid for a Blade 720 Drone via their “official website.” It is a big scam, as I have not received it, and they do not come back to you. It was ordrered on 1st August and it is now 5th September, and no sign of the Drone, and NO response from their helpline. BEWARE IT IS A BIG SCAM.

  24. Iqbal Ahmad Khan

    just getting my credit card ready to order 720 drone but thought let me read few reviews and so thankful to those who spend time to write their reviews. . I am out

  25. Paul W

    Bought 3. They work; but aren’t anything special. But definitely misleading advertising for sure. Should of done more research as I could bought the “Eachine E58” for about 65 CAD (about half the price from the blade website)

  26. Robin

    Why do they use so much footage of a DJI Mavic Pro if the “Blade 720” is so much better – and ALL the footage in the AD of the controller is a Mavic controller! It’s a SCAM!!

  27. Paul Comber

    Well well….. Glad I searched for the product name (drone*720) and found you guys. Things that make you go hmmmm! After reading others comments I can see tricksy hobbit way of it (The advert.) Got me intrigued so I read their blog and watched the accompanying video and to be straight up it got me thinking about owning one. So after leaving a rather large comment in their ‘contact us’ field I clicked on the affiliation link and guess what? The same distribution mob I have just been reading about in comments here above. Wow! Thankyou so very much. Your site just saved me money I don’t have plus a lot of stress I wouldn’t have needed. I’ve bookmarked this site and I’ll make sure I check in before I make future purchases via the internet. Good work people. Cheers.

  28. Glen gable

    I again ordered the blade 720 got it within two weeks it looked alright flew not bad flying not in windy situations it has no sd card reader also would not link to my phone via the Jy UFO app so a lot of misrepresentation it is Eachine e58 they’re just taking advantage of people who can’t afford atop notch drone with a cheap knockoff so buyer beware I am in the process of trying to get the card reader and if all else fails my money back

  29. Rob

    I have learnt how people selling products online just lie to your face and always check for online reviews and on Amazon before clicking to buy. And oh glad I’m did on this one. Like many I thought it’d be great to support someone who thinks like what was portrayed. And I’d never owned a drone so thought I’d buy one. Thanks to this site and other non biased reviews I saved my self $99. Thanks guys!

  30. Steven Laramy

    You tube should be accountable for their advertisements so should Facebook Google and any other platform. They make billions in profits and should be responsible for any of their users losses.

  31. Charles Kim

    thank you all for your reviews. I was suckered in by the youtube video and wanted to support these guys… what a bunch of A-holes… I’ve cancelled my 2 drone order and waiting holding my breath for a refund.

  32. glenn

    didn’t receive anything total scam

  33. kevin thurston

    i paid 85.00 pounds for a 25 pound drone its a scam all right dont buy one

  34. kevin thurston

    i paid 85.00 pounds for a 25 pound drone its a scam all right

  35. Pogey

    As with all the others, I too was taken in by the YouTube advert.
    Never again. I think this thing is made in Singapore by (maybe) North Koreans? In any event it’s probably about $10.00 worth of plastic and fragile at best. Instructions say the battery is charged upon arrival. Well, yeah, I suppose it was. It lasted all of 45 seconds. Tried charging myself and took about ten minutes. Then flew for about a minute then died. Back on the charger again.
    Instructions were created by some illiterate individual using language foreign to English. (They are trying I suppose)
    The instructions indicate my alien spacecraft ( I kid you not! )May have interference etc.etc. What? Alien spacecraft?
    Next time I buy anything, I will physically touch it first.

  36. Mark Heyes

    This is absolutely a scam! They make many claims that are untrue, they sell you a cheap drone that they are claiming is a high quality drone.

    The Youtube ad contains so many untruths it is mind boggling.
    In the Youtube add they show a box which has Eachine E58 on it, I have an Eachine E58 and it is 100% identical to the drone they show, except when they show shots of other drones like the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Phantom 4 – they keep showing different drones on the video. What you see on the video can’t be what you get since they keep showing different drones and different controllers.

    I bought the E58 off Banggood with 3 batteries and I paid HALF the price that the Blade 720 costs. Don’t get ripped off by paying too much for this very cheap drone!

  37. John cooper

    I bought this drone unfortunately I got sucked into their YouTube advert, it arrived when they said it would, confirmation of postage sent, another one thanking me for my custom , all very prompt and proper, I wa son holiday when it arrived but on opening it when I got home was disappointed to find it was just an eachine58 drone advertised and packaged different, I have been in touch for a refund, got a prompt reply asking for pictures of the product and then they said they will supply details of how to get the refund, I’ve just sent that , so after reading above
    Comments I wait with baited breath as to whether I will receive it or not , a lesson learned if I don’t ,

  38. Craig

    I bought a blade 720. It is all but worthless. The battery swelled to the point of stretching the case enough I am afraid of it rupturing. The battery lasts a couple of minutes at most. Even if the battery lasted longer, it would be a very expensive toy at best! Save your money! Do not buy!

  39. Mark

    I bought one. It’s rubbish. It flies and there’s a camera, but resolution is crap. I got about 6 minutes of flight time on a charge.

  40. JUN GU

    the drone is not even made by this company, the developer’s stories are fake!!! they are just a trading company which bought those toy cheap drones then add price sell it!!!

  41. Gordon Streeter

    I bought one of these drones and although I received it the drone was a very cheap thing that was not up to all the specs that was written in the advertisement. Although it does actually fly the video quality is rubbish and it doesn’t have a micro SD card slot to record direct.
    It would seem that it’s defiantly a scam and as I could get my money back is anyone’s guess !

  42. Andrejs Bondarenko

    It is so disgusting to see people who just straight lie to you with all that advertising about how others cut costs, make money, etc. while doing exactly the same! Yes, their Youtube ad caught my attention and while I did not NEED a drone I felt that it would be nice to support someone doing good and hard work – as they said in the ad. Seemed too good to be true plus their selling tactics smelled like a scam so I did some research. And yes, apparently it is a scam, what a shame!

    • Troy

      Yeah they are the lowest form of shipping out there need to get something happening to them

  43. Tom

    Hi all, I recently tried to purchase the 720 drone but 3 +2 set up with 3 year warranty, just as some fun presents for the kids as we live in a very small community in s.a.
    Our internet and phone service fluctuates when I ordered and it seemed the payment didn’t go through 6/8/19 evening , the misus when to the bank the next day 7/8/19 and checked out the acc, apparently 4 x payments went out and I never received confirmation either.
    8/8/19 went to the bank and it was confirmed as I have a printout of pending payment . I then sent them (720) an email to inform them that I overpaid due to service difficulties and have requested a return of overpayment with the proof, they sent email back informing me the order for 5 will be shipped but if I wanted to cancel then click on link, I went to the link at 1am 9/8/19 after repeatedly not answering phone (24hr service) what a crock, I found the 4 separate orders and have cancelled it all, I have also sent another email informing them I cancelled it all and for them to return the pending payments. Of to the bank again in morning.
    Anyone had this problem? Regards Tom

  44. Paul Haywood

    OK the advert on you tube got me to start with, working for a respected brand, new management board, quality down the pan is a very common scenario. It got suspect when they said one reason it’s cheap is because they “don’t advertise”…. in an advert ….. but “rely on word of mouth”…… in an advert and a very long and expensive advert.
    Lets get real you get what you pay for and TBH i’d say it’s an $80 drone. If you want a drone then one with folding arms is going to be way easier to break than one with a solid body and trust me you are going to crash it. A small, low power, very light drone is almost impossible to fly effectivly in any sort of wind (trust me one that too) The footage shown proportidly from the camera is certainly not from a Blade 720, a 720p camera simply doesn’t give that level of clarity.
    Is this a scam… erm… if it seems too good to be true then it’s probably not true and as I said you get what you pay for

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