Blaux Portable AC Review – A History of Scam?

Do not purchase the ‘air conditioner’ from the Blaux Portable AC scam.

Riddled with deception and confusion, the Blaux Portable AC could potentially be an online retail hoax that was created by scam artists with a previous history of scamming shoppers.

Recently created and going viral, we’ll break down what is being coined the Blaux Portable AC Scam while revealing all the well-hidden warning signs.

To get the full scoop, and more, read our honest Blaux Portable AC review.

About Blaux Portable AC

Blaux Portable AC is an appealing consumer offer for everyday families across the globe.

With temperatures rising as a result of summer coming into full swing, Blaux Portable AC can be considered an ideal purchase and product selection for the time of the year.

Designed to be a consumer’s portable air conditioner and air cleaner, the Blaux Portable AC is said to aim to improve air quality on a local scale while all purchases are said to come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or they’ll exchange it.

When visiting, you may notice how the landing page only features the Blaux In Home air filter, not the Blaux Portable AC.

With the Blaux Portable AC not featured on without an affiliate link extension, one cannot find the Blaux Portable AC at

This is an exceptionally shady trait to have amongst online retailers, as oftentimes, products only available through affiliate links without any tie into the previously existing site can be promoted to deceive customers and taken down quickly should complications arise within the retail scheme – it all just depends on the retailer and Blaux isn’t making a great case for themselves.

How does Blaux Portable AC Work?

The Blaux Portable AC is a hand-held size portable air conditioner that doesn’t require installation and is said only to need a plugin.

Allegedly, this portable air conditioner works with a specialized filtration system that filters and clean the surrounding air around you while its size ensures a simplified cleaning process and minimum noise output.

The unit is said to come with three-speed fan settings along with an accent mood lightening but how the system electrically works is not shared.

Blaux Portable AC Pricing

There are four different Blaux Portable AC bundles consumers can consider.

  1. Blaux Portable AC – $89.99
  2. Blaux Portable AC – $179.98
  3. Blaux Portable AC – 202.48
  4. Blaux Portable AC – $247.47

Shipping costs are not included in product pricing and can range from $8.95 to $11.95 depending upon how many units are purchased.

Who is Behind Blaux Portable AC?

When visiting the Contact Us page of Buy Blaux, we are provided with the following company information and contact methods:

Company: Strong Current Enterprises Limited

Company Address: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong.


North America – (844) 846-5344

U.K. & Ireland – 03308 082207

Australia & New Zealand – (08) 7282 2012

When searching the company address through Google Maps, only partial segments of the address match a legitimate location, which excludes the following from the address ‘68308, G/F Kowloon East Building.’

While this may not seem like a big deal to some of you, the smallest red flags do add up.

More concerning than the incorrect company address would be the actual company Strong Current Enterprises Limited.

When conducting a background check on the company, we came across OVER 50 pages of complaints at regarding Strong Currently Enterprises Limited, the corporate entity behind the Blaux Portable AC scam.

Among the most common complaints regarding the corporate entity would be a failure to ship products, bad communication, deceptive business practices, and abysmal product quality while some comments are posted as recently as yesterday.

Blaux Portable AC Scam Reviews

As many of you may have noticed, Google is overly crowded with misleading and fake positively written reviews endorsing the comfort and quality of the Blaux Portable AC scam.

This makes finding real reviews and consumer experiences with Blaux Portable AC much more difficult but considering how 147 people have had problems and complaints with the company behind the Blaux Portable AC scam, you can deduce for yourself the type of business practices being employed.

Site History

According to a WHOIS report, is a recently created site that was launched on March 3rd, 2020, and is set to expire next year on March 3rd, 2021.

Unfortunately, the site was privately registered so we are unable to find out is responsible.

During the time of composing this review, Buy Blaux did not rank competitively on market intelligence websites meaning that they don’t receive an overly large sum of traffic but this could partially be a result of their recent inception

Warning Signs

The many warning signs should deter consumers away from this product.

For starters, discloses a fictitious company address according to Google Maps.

Secondly, the Blaux Portable AC features many fake online reviews with affiliate links which make those reviews even more difficult to trust because you don’t know the writer’s true intentions.

Lastly, and most alarming, would be the customer feedback regarding the shady overseas company known as Strong Current Enterprises Limited.

Is Blaux Portable AC Legit?

Given the red flags that we have shared throughout our review, we do not believe Blaux Portable AC to be a legitimate consumer product.

Blaux Portable AC Scam Review

Why consumers would elect to conduct business with an oversea corporate entity with a rich history of customer complaints and retail fraud stems mostly from the ignorance of not knowing or conducting one’s due diligence.

As a result, the discrepancies surrounding the Blaux Portable AC should not be overlooked.

Not only is the Blaux Portable AC likely a scam but so would the Blaux In Home product, which is said to be an all-in-one home air filter, ionizer, and deodorizer.

Nevertheless, take the reviews that you find online with a grain of salt, as most of them reflect an unnatural amount of affiliate links to the Blaux Portable AC scam so understanding your writer’s intention is more difficult and not unilateral.

If you have an experience to share or have been scammed by the Blaux Portable AC scam we invite you to share your feedback with us below!

What do you think? Is Blaux Portable AC a Scam?

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  1. Blake K. Hundley

    I ordered a Blaux AC in late June. The add page said to allow up to 30 days to receive due to the pandemic. It has been over 40 days and I have not received even a tracking number. I have been in e mail correspondence with an Amy supposedly in their customer service dept and she has offered a 20% discount and used the pandemic as an excuse. She claims that, still, they cannot give any sure date for shipping and asks my patience. I wrote to her that I would accept the 20% discount as I would thus only pay $64.00 for nothing instead of $80.00 for nothing and was thrilled to be getting $16.00 worth of nothing for free. I do not expect to ever see my discount, my swamp cooler or my original payment again.

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