Review – Huge Malware Spewer is a platform that promises the public a free pass to view their favorite sports, tv shows and movies free of cost. Without any doubt, people love streaming platforms.

Big giants in this space such as Netflix and Hulu are making a fortune and the pandemic certainly boosted their numbers. However, one thing you have to notice is that most of the popular streaming platforms are paid and that’s partly why their content is so good.

Many users are enticed to see new shows, but they are diverted by the so-called free alternatives that claim to do everything they want for free. Now, the question you need to ask yourself is whether you can trust them or not?

Do you really believe there is any platform that enables people to stream their favorite tv shows, sports and much more for free? It goes without mentioning that no legitimate ones would do that because without revenue, they cannot sustain for long.

All the free streaming platforms will carry a hidden catch and as far as this one goes, read the following information to understand the harsh reality about them.

Going forward, we strongly request people never to entertain any platform that operates using the same tricks this firm uses.

Preliminary Checks

Safety and privacy are the two things which you should never compromise on for any reason. One small leak in your privacy can have devastating effects and that is exactly why you need to be cautious while navigating the online realm. has a valid SSL layer. Before you decide to use their services, remember that due to the low trust score they have got, it is never a good idea to share your details with them.

Whois search reveals that the domain is privately registered and that is not a good sign. No search engines or browsers have blacklisted them till now.

This platform not only has a very weak backlink profile, but it also has secured a very low trust score. Moreover, only 1 website links out to them and they do not have any domain authority ratings.

After thoroughly investigating, we can easily say that there are no metrics available that enhance their credibility. Website website is a very plain one. They do not mention anything about their owners. Contact page is not present. Funnily enough, even their narratives are not that clear.

The homepage links out to a few sports and boxing related events and that is it. Obviously, they do not have any broadcasting rights. We were not able to check their settings, but we can assure you that their interface won’t be nice.

If you manage to witness the content, it will be buggy and clarity will always be below par. Moreover, they might unleash malware and other deadly programs while you are actively using their platform.

Also, never accept any cookie setting from them without being aware of the fine print. If you are not sure about what to do, then it is better to stay away from them.

We do not know where they are stealing their content from, but we can guarantee you that they will end up in a lot of trouble if they ever get caught. Bottom line is that while interacting with them you should never let your guard down.


Any new website that captures the attention of the public will earn itself a set of followers. The brand name will get numerous mentions on social media platforms and people will talk about them on niche forums as well.

We as the end user should always check for reviews and feedback before using any new service because it will tell us everything we need to know. “” is a keyword that we cannot find on any social media platforms.

Even if you search on any search engine, nothing much is going to show up. The available data about them is scarce and regardless of which way you look at it, it just does not make any sense to place our trust in them.

In case you are wondering, know that even the web traffic they receive is low and as such, it is indeed hard to monitor their activities.

Is Legit or Scam?

Undoubtedly, is an illegal platform. Streaming rights are brought by big companies with deep pockets. claims to offer the same content for free, but they have a hidden agenda.

According to many authoritative blogs, this platform supposedly spreads malware and significantly slows down the speed of the devices. You might be thinking that if you do not have any banking information on your gadget, it is safe, but that is not the case.

Malware can be designed and tweaked remotely and it can compromise your systems using things like Wi-Fi. So, never take the threats present lightly and always follow safe browsing practices.

For best experience, enable 2 FA methods to all your banking apps and websites. Also, do not forget to keep your system up to date and buy the latest anti-virus software to mitigate the chances of attacks.

Verdict is a dubious streaming platform. They change their menu from time to time. Owners have taken every step to protect their identity. Website data is hard to find and needless to say, their origins are unknown.

Almost everything about them invites questions and the sad part is that, answers are too obvious. It is indeed heartbreaking to see millions of people fall for this trap.

We know that events like the Jake Paul boxing match and other football series attract a lot of people. If you are an enthusiast or a fan, then the best way to enjoy the match would be to watch it via the legal, assigned portals.

Looking for free alternatives might be initially light on the pocket, but it will be an expensive affair eventually. So, be selective and never look for shortcuts.

Avoid sites like at all costs. Share your views on such platforms below.


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