Credit Karma Review

Credit Karma is an online platform that renders a vast range of credit services.

Hosted at, Credit Karma is widely-known for providing consumers with an ability to conduct credit inquiries free of charge.

In addition to rendering a multitude of credit services, Credit Karma supports over an estimated 60 million monthly visitors and is according to market intelligence reports the number 1 rated Credit, Loan and Mortgage site available online.

To find out more information regarding Credit Karma, how they work, what the costs are, and what the community is saying as a whole we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About Credit Karma

Credit Karma was founded in 2007 and began giving away free credit scores in 2008.

In 2010, Credit Karma hit one million members and since then have added full credit reports along with hit a 60-millionth member milestone.

According to their site, Credit Karma was developed to give you the tools, the education and opportunities you need to make progress in regards to your finances.

Allegedly their service will always be free of charge, which can greatly be attributed to their employed business model.

How Credit Karma Works

Consumers are able to access their credit scores by conducting soft-credit inquiries through the TransUnion and Equifax credit bureaus.

Weekly updates are offered for consumers who create a free account with Credit Karma where recommendations will be made that fit your credit profile.

These recommendations can cover how to save money, participate in debt relief, how to secure a credit card despite poor credit history, and much more.

Of course these recommendations are non-obligatory and Credit Karma is transparent regarding how if you get a product through one of their recommendations, the bank or lender pays them.

This completes the Credit Karma business model and why they are able to offer their services free of charge.

In addition to providing credit monitoring services, Credit Karma provides general educational articles relating to credit and finances along with a number of financial tools.

Free Credit Monitoring

Credit Karma is capable of providing free credit services due to obtaining commissions from banks and lenders when consumers try one of Credit Karmas recommendations.

Among the most popular offers available through Credit Karma would be free credit monitoring, online loan servicing along with their selective credit recommendations they provide you based upon your credit worthiness and profile.


Credit Karma services can be divided into 5 areas.

These service departments are capable of aiding consumers over the follow criteria:

Credit Cards

  • Best Fit Credit Cards
  • Student Credit Cards
  • Secured Credit Cards
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Bad Credit Credit Cards
  • Good Credit Credit Cards
  • Low Interest Credit Cards
  • Airline & Travel Credit Cards
  • Rewards & Cash back Credit Cards


  • Auto loans
  • Home loans
  • Student loans
  • Personal loans
  • Business loans


  • Auto insurance
  • Get a New Loan
  • Refinance my Loan


  • Tools
  • Reviews
  • Community
  • Unclaimed Money
  • Identity monitoring


  • Free tax filing

What Others Are Saying

Credit Karma hosts a wide range of both positive and negative consumer reviews.

For instance, consumer review portals like Consumer Affairs goes on to reveal that Credit Karma reflects a 2.5 out of 5 star rating out of 158 ratings submitted in the past year.

Whereas consumer reviews shared directly through Credit Karma paint a more positive community vibe surrounding Credit Karma.

Below are a couple of the most relevant consumer reviews we found regarding Credit Karma:

“Credit Karma sent me several emails that I had been preapproval for a Personal Loan. So I applied, the way I understood it would not hurt my Credit Score. The Loan was preapproved so I would get the Loan. Then I got a notice from Credit Karma that someone had applied for a Personal Loan and my Score Dropped. Then I received a email that my loan had been turned down. If I would have known that, next time I would have used a company I could have trusted!”

“I received an email just over a week ago that there was a hard inquiry thru TransUnion on a Barclays Bank credit card. It dinged my score by 4 points, so it got my attention. Called Barclays and it was fraud. Sent letter to TransUnion, since they won’t handle fraud cases on the phone. Long story short, they saved my butt!!! Thanks, Credit Karma!”

More consumer reviews can be found on the review page of Credit Karma.


As we briefly mentioned earlier, Credit Karma is the top ranked credit, loan and mortgage site according to SimilarWeb.

Credit Karma currently reflects a global rank of 603 with a US rank of 117 while approximately 96.95% of their traffic originates from visitors residing within the United States.

Is Credit Karma Recommended for Consumers?

Credit Karma is recommended for consumers due to their simplicity and straightforward business model.

Offering free credit monitoring services along with a multitude of other services, Credit Karma supports over 60 million members so evidently their platform is doing something right.

Given their long-standing reputability and wide-user base we believe Credit Karma is safe for consumers for the time being.

Credit Karma Review Conclusion

For consumers who are new to the concept of credit and managing your finances properly, Credit Karma could be an exceptional outlet for those curious to see their credit worthiness along with learn ways on how to improve their credit or financial situation.

Rendering free credit monitoring services along with making appropriate recommendations based upon your credit profile, millions of consumers have already turned to Credit Karma.

No matter your past track record regarding your credit, Credit Karma has proven an able service provider capable of helping everyday consumers for the better.

Outcome: Credit Karma appears Legit!


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