DreamTrips Review | The BBB Warning to All!

DreamTrips (DreamTrips) is a multi-level marketing company that has come under fire lately as an unprofitable earning opportunity.

Approximately 99.97% of the members who participated with DreamTrips in 2008 lost money, while the Better Business Bureau has issued a few warnings regarding DreamTrips.

DreamTrips is vague regarding what exactly they are offering outside of earning opportunities relating to travel opportunities.

To learn more regarding this peculiar multi-level marketing operation and the facts you should know PRIOR to joining, we invite you to read our honest review.

About DreamTrips.com

DreamTrips is marketed as the ultimate travel club community.

Members who rely upon DreamTrips will allegedly receive customized travel opportunities and valuable deals at fine restaurants, energized clubs and hotels.

Members who join DreamTrips are considered to be independent representatives where they must pay a steep membership fee in order to have the opportunity to sell their DreamTrips vacations.

Due to DreamTrips functioning with a MLM business model, independent representatives are incentivized to recruit other members underneath them in order to receive commissions and additional discounts.

DreamTrips is one of the few operations currently being overseen and operated by WorldVentures, a multi-level sales company promoting discounted vacation clubs and sales.

Contacting DreamTrips

DreamTrips discloses the following contact information:

Address: WorldVentures Marketing, LLC, 5100 Tennyson Parkway, Plano, TX 75024, USA

Telephone: 1 (972) 805-5200

DreamTrips Memberships

During the time of writing this review, DreamTrips only offered 2 memberships.


Initial Membership Fee: $279.98

Monthly Membership Fee: $56.99

First-Year Total Cost Estimate: $963.86


Initial Membership Fee: $479.98

Monthly Membership Fee: $99.99

First-Year Total Cost Estimate: $1,679.86

As you can see, the cost to join DreamTrips is not for the faint of heart.

DreamTrips.com Reviews

Most of the reviews that we came across regarding WorldVentures seem questionable in regards to their legitimacy.

According to TrustPilot, WorldVentures (the company behind DreamTrips) reflected a 3 out of 5 star rating out of 29 reviews.

“My husband and I have been Dream Trips members for 2.5 years. We are a military family and I am a former educator. We have been on 4 spectacular DreamTrips (with 2 more planned before the end of 2018), as well as multiple personal trips using the booking engine…See for yourself. 🙂 Are you the negative type of person who looks for wrong with things or what is right?”

“Misleading information, bad branding and there is no money to save!
Bad MLM!”

“Dangerous cult based scam. Avoid this company at all costs. A simple 500$ vacation can easily turn into a 20,000$ nightmare. Never use them!”

More reviews can be found in the comment section of SequenceInc.com.

WorldVentures Complaints

DreamTrips, and subsequently WorldVentures, has amassed a great deal of complaints regarding the legitimacy of their opportunities.

Here are a few of the most recent complaints we found regarding WorldVentures:

“WV is indeed a pyramid scheme. they scheme poor people out of their money. they are cruel I would like to be part of that lawsuit as well. I have been asking them for a refund to no avail. I was told I don’t need to pay a monthly fee as I was only interested on the business side. to my surprise I was alerted by the bank that world ventures tried to withdraw an amount of R860…from my account. World Ventures Its a pyramid scheme of note and may god deal with them harshly”

“World ventures is a predatory MLM company that rely on monthly ‘memebership fee’s’.”


The Better Business Bureau has issued the following warnings regarding World Ventures:

As of January 9th, 2019, WorldVentures Marketing, LLC has amassed 271 complaints over the past 3 years at the Better Business Bureau.

The Disturbing Facts

The facts revolving around DreamTrips and WorldVentures is unsettling to say the least.

First, let’s date back to 2008 where the Federal Trade Commission issued the following information regarding WorldVentures.

As you can see, 99.97% of the participants who was enrolled with WorldVentures (the corporate entity behind DreamTrips) lost money!

In addition to members hardly receiving any compensation, WorldVentures Holdings, LLC has received a class action lawsuit against their operation on May 1st, 2017 by Melody Yiru, who was told she would make a fortune by becoming a representative.

To no surprise, she did not make money as promised.

Then of course we have the complaints shared in the image above from the Better Business Bureau, where in 2016 approximately 79.95% of WorldVentures’ independent representatives did not earn a commission or override between January 2016 and December 2016.

Of the 20.05% of the independent representatives that did earn a commission or override, the median earned was $200.

The median of $200 is hardly enough to cover 2 months of DreamTrips Platinum membership.

Is DreamTrips Worth It?

In our opinion, and through the echoed feedback from many other users who feel cheated by DreamTrips, we do NOT believe DreamTrips to be worth your time or money.

DreamTrips Review Conclusion

DreamsTrips and WorldVentures are one-in-the-same.

Requiring steep membership fees to earn the opportunity to become an independent representative and sell their memberships is a typical and greedy requirement employed by many shady MLMs.

Given the excessive complaints regarding DreamTrips, we do not feel that their opportunity is genuine and should be avoided by consumers across the globe.

Perhaps if WorldVentures and DreamTrips would be willing to reconstruct their business model in a format that enables their members to actually receive compensation, then we would be willing to revisit this review and alter it.

However, given the voluminous sum of complaints, the disclosed financial statements regarding WorldVentures and the countless past members who feel cheated and scammed, we do not advise consumers to give DreamTrips, or any opportunity backed by WorldVentures, a shot.

We invite you to share any experiences, insight or feedback you may have below!

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  1. Dustin

    Most of this information came from people who choose to be a representative on their own! Meaning they took on a task to build a business and failed!! If they fail to build that business it is nobody’s fault but themselves. They Failed to attend training, and know nothing about network marketing! Most people just expect to sign up and think they’re going to get paid millions overnight that does not happen!! To build any business in the world it requires training practice and time! I personally am not a representative! I just honestly enjoy the membership and point system, earning free travels from things that I do every day anyway! The point system allows you to buy down the already low wholesale price of a vacation! So we just build points By (gas,shopping, Dining, pretty much anything you can buy with your credit card ) they have a great point system that helps people that can’t afford travel earn their way onto these vacations!! I do not get paid but I do earn travels using the point system and building my points!! As I said before I only chose the membership I did not want the business side, because I have no time to attend trainings or build another business right now. I would probably fail at building the business because I have no time to attend trainings or actually build another business right now iv got my hands full!
    You have two options to become a member or a rep! The choice is yours!! Just remember that if you choose to do the business side remember what it takes to build a business!!

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