“You’re better off dealing with pickpockets and holdup men than with Gettington, because they will rob you at every opportunity.” This is the most relevant feedback we found regarding Gettington.

Geggington, found at, is an online retailer that resembles a remarkable comparison with a notorious and viral scam operation we just exposed known as iDepot Mall.

Gather the facts regarding Gennington throughout our unbiased review while inheriting an encompassing insight regarding the most recent and relevant consumer feedback regarding Gennington.

What is Gettington?

Gettington is set up as an online retailer that offers a wide range of consumer goods at bargain prices.

Among the category of consumer goods and products are as followed:

  • Home, Furniture & Patio
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sport, Fitness & Outdoors
  • Tools & Home Improvement
  • Baby & Kids
  • Toys & Video Games
  • Electronics & Office
  • Automotive
  • Gifts, Crafts & Holidays

As you can gather, the category of assets are consumer goods that you can find at everyday stores such as Walmart, Target and virtual shopping platforms such as Amazon.

So what’s the problem with Gettington?

The problem with Gettington is that they offer subpar customer service according to community feedback.

Most consumers report some sort of difficulty of trying to connect with Gettington while consumer attempts to contact high positioned employees of their corporate chain also claimed that their attempts to touch base with Gettington have been fruitless.

Is saving a few bucks really worth it in the long run if you know that you are highly likely to face complications with possible return and refunds in the future?

Most consumers would agree not.


Gettington offers one-time payments along with their own credit line for consumers who wish to pay for purchases over a duration of time opposed to a one-time payment.

The only problem with these credit approval payment methods would be that they are accompanied by extremely high APRs, which just act as an overly-expensive tax.

Gettington currently accepts major credit and debit cards and offers credit lines for consumers who are looking to make payments over a duration of time opposed to a one-time puayment.

Gettington can be shopped through their site or through their mobile app

Who is Behind Gettington?

According to the footer of, Bluestem Brands, Inc is their overseeing entity.

“© 2009-2018 Bluestem Brands, Inc. and designs are trademarks of Bluestem Brands, Inc. All rights reserved.”

When researching their corporate structure, we encountered a Bloomberg report that identifies Bluestem Brands, Inc as a multi-brand online retailer in the United States.

Their disclosed office address is 7075 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 and they were founded in 2002.

Ms. Lisa A. Gavalas is the Interim CEO & Director of Bluestem Brands, Inc while Mr. Brain A. Smith is disclosed as Executive Chairman.

Domain Insight

Gettington isn’t necessarily the new kid of the block although their popularity has grown relatively quickly over the past few months.

A WHOIS report will show that was registered on October 29th, 2008 by Bluestem Brands, Inc., their reported parent company.

According to SimilarWeb, has a global rank of 58,036 with a US rank of 11,047 as of December 4th, 2018.

Ranked 176th, supports around 639,000 monthly visitors while 97.45% of their traffic is derived from US based viewers.

Community Feedback

The community feedback regarding Gettington is mixed.

Reputable consumer review portals such as TrustPilot reflects a 4 out of 5 star rating for Gettington yet the review average reported at SiteJabber reflects a 2 out of 5 star rating.

Below are some of the most recent reviews regarding Gettington:

“I’ve used gettington for years and I watch the company go from great to s**t…”

“You’re better off dealing with pickpockets and holdup men than with Gettington, because they will rob you at every opportunity.”

“Convenient and saved our butts at Christmas several times now.”

“I placed my order on Monday and on Tuesday it was already delivered…Thanks a million for such a great customer care!”

Is Gettington Trustworthy?

Gettington reflects all the signs of being a reputable online retailer during the time of writing this review due to their overall community presence although some of the consumer reports shared do raise some questions.

Until more relevant consumer feedback can be verified and shared regarding Gettington we are only advising consumers to shop with Gettington at their own risk.

Gettington Review Conclusion

Gettington appears to be a semi-reputable online retailer that possesses a great deal of controversial consumer feedback.

While shopping with their platform may result in saving money long-term, you have to decide whether those potential savings are worth the risk of shopping with an online retailer whose legitimacy is still under scrutiny.

Our recommendation for the time being would be to only shop with reputable and top-rated online retailers such as Amazon, which hosts a wide-range of lightening and seasonal deals for budget-conscience consumers.

Outcome: Shop with Gettington at your OWN Risk.

Best Alternative:

We invite you to share any experiences, insight or feedback you may have below!


  1. Kerry

    Gettington used to be Sahalie for their women’s clothing sales and I ordered from them for years and was very happy with the products and service. BUT NOW they have devolved into a scam operation that is clearly intended to pick the pockets of lower income people by forcing them to “enroll” in a process that requires submitting all sorts of personal and credit information in order to buy anything. I just attempted to buy a pair of sandals on sale for $14.97. Went to check out and got a pop up saying I had to enter my password — well I never had to “sign up” or create a password before but it would not give me an option to just complete the sale. So I picked the only other option, to “register” as a “new customer”. I typed in my email and then carefully typed in a new password and then again the same password in the next field for “verification”. When I entered it, I got a red flag saying “passwords do not match”. I am not one who makes mistakes typing but I tried again. Then again. Then again. Got the same red flag and refusal to complete the process. So I called their 866 customer service number. Got some guy with a Hindi accent (claiming, of course, that his name was “Derrick”) who asked not only for my phone number but the last 4 digits of my social security number. I told him he did not need that to complete an order. He insisted he could not complete my order unless I gave him all the information to open a “credit account” with them. I stated I wished to pay with VISA, Mastercard or PayPal and had no wish nor need to open a credit account, I just wanted to buy a $15 pair of sandals and be done with it. He kept insisting he could not process my order unless I enrolled. I finally lost patience and told him I had no interest in dealing with a company that won’t sell to customers for cash without raiding their private financial and personal information. DON’T DEAL WITH THIS PEOPLE!

    This is really a shame that Blair has sucked up so many mail order companies and is trying to draw people into “payment plans” which clearly have high interest and fees. Sahalie used to be a nice source for cute clothing and footwear and now I will never buy from them again.

  2. S Grossot

    I am astonished by some of these review’s. We have been purchasing from Gettington since 2014. Have Never had a problem with customer service, billing, or 2 refunds we’ve had.
    Have Always received Quality Merchandise.
    Shipping is to high, buy on ship free days.
    Interest to High, pay more than minimum amount.

    • Rebecca Holland

      Gettington is a verified foreign scam operation, at least in 2019. They bought an outdated database, listing my address 40 years ago, allowing them to “send” product to the post office, where they knew I was unable to pick up. By then claiming the customer is “no longer at this address”, they keep the money.
      I outfoxed them & reported them to the local Better Business Bureau & my credit union, which scared them into refunding my money.
      They then had the chutzpah to send a two-page badly worded defense letter to the BBB, professing their due diligence business practice.

  3. Rebecca Holland

    Gettington is a scam. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. Placed an order April 21, 2019 over three weeks ago, rcd. several “Track Your Order” with excuses. NEVER RCD. MERCHANDISE. I reported them to the BBB.

  4. Marsha Stahl

    It has been nearly 3 weeks since I placed an order. I have the bill, but no merchandise as yet. Don’t think I will order again.

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