Guaranteed Loans 4 All Review

Guaranteed Loans 4 All ( functions as an online loan matching service that is allegedly based out of Chicago, Illinois. Available only for consumers who reside within the United States, Guaranteed Loans 4 All employs suspicious business practices and implies that their site can guarantee prospective applicants that they will acquire a loan offer through their platform.

Although not much is known in regards to the Guaranteed Loans 4 All platform, the goal of today’s unbiased review is to provide U.S. consumers with valuable insight into this loan matching network and render a suitable verdict as to whether or not this platform can be trusted.

About Guaranteed Loans 4 All was created on March 11, 2017 and allegedly functions as an online platform that can help U.S. consumers receive funding for personal loans, lines of credit, credit cards along with other types of funding situations. Allegedly suitable for investors of all credit types, prospective applicants are able to request for loans between $500 to $30,000 while the average attached APR is between 3.95% to 35%. Operating solely as a loan connection service provider, Guaranteed Loans 4 All should not be confused for a direct lender, loan agent, representative or partner of any supported lenders.

Who is Behind

The About Us page featured at discloses vague operational information regarding their platform and provides no insight into their current owners or operators. The Terms and Conditions also fails to render any relevant hints as to who the current owners and operators are while the only distinguishable information disclosed upon their site would be the physical address of 4000 W Montrose Ave, Suite 526, Chicago, IL 60641.

When that address is searched, Google Maps pulls up a location that appears to be a shipping center for DHL and FedEx. Regrettably, we could find no reference to Guaranteed Loans 4 All anywhere throughout their address search. Furthermore, the Terms and Conditions make it clear that Guaranteed Loans 4 All appears to be operating as their sole entity and is not backed by a corporation. Lastly, the only contact method we found regarding this operation would be the email address of

Guaranteed Loans 4 All Offer

GuaranteedLoans4All conducts an online loan connection service for U.S. residents who are looking to acquire a personal loan. By completing the application process available at Guaranteed Loans 4 All, applicants are able to have their loan request reviewed by their network of approved lenders who will either approve or deny your loan request. If approved, the consumer will be able to review the accepted loan offers made available to them where they can go on to accept or reject their loan offers.

If a consumer no longer wishes to commit with their approved loan offers and have not completed the loan process, they can rest-assured knowing that the loan request is obligation free. On the other hand, if an prospective borrower wishes to continue with the loan process, they can review and accept their loan offers where they will then be prompted by their lender to electronically sign and complete the application process. Once the loan process has been completed, the borrower can expect to receive their loan funds as soon as 24 hours.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 18+ years of age
  • US residents only
  • Steady income required
  • Provide valid banking information
  • Proof of employment for past 3 months

If a consumer fails to meet the eligibility requirements disclosed above, then their loan request will be rejected and they will not be able to utilize the GuaranteedLoans4All platform. No mention of an debt-to-income ratio is mentioned on their platform while consumers are offered a repayment term between 12 to 72 months.

Consumer Feedback

Despite Guaranteed Loans 4 All being around for nearly a year, their operation has failed to accrue much consumer feedback. The only valuable feedback we were able to come across would be a negative consumer complaint found at the Better Business Bureau. While Guaranteed Loans 4 All claims on their site they will never request a fee for their services in their FAQ, it appears that Guaranteed Loans 4 All does not operate with lenders who share that same mindset.

Very bad experience. Everything says “guaranteed”, but of curse, it isn’t. First, you fill in your info on their site. Then they send you to a third party “verification” site to give them $40 to “verify” your information to ensure your guaranteed loan. After they have all of that, they send a list of about 10-15 companies for you to apply to. Some of them are large companies, so if you’re trying this company because you have bad credit and the company name says “guaranteed”, like I did, it’s a sham. And on top of that, they still charge $75, even if all of the companies on their list decline your application. The verification process was just another way to scam money from those of us who just might need emergency help. Scammed a total of $115 from me. Do not use!!!

Guaranteed Loans 4 All Spec Report

  • Created on March 11, 2017
  • Supports APRs between 3.95% to 35%
  • Supports loan requests between $500 to $30,000
  • Repayment periods vary between 12 to 72 months
  • Allegedly supports consumers of all credit histories
  • Support email address of
  • Operates as an online loan matching service for U.S. residents
  • Disclosed phone number of (773) 945-0299 at Better Business Bureau
  • Claims to not charge any fees yet acts as a secondhand to advanced fee lenders
  • Disclosed address of 4044 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 according to BBB
  • Alleged physical address of 4000 W Montrose Ave, Suite 526, Chicago, IL 60641

Popularity had a SimilarWeb global rank of 1,096,055 with a US rank of 261,567 as of February 5th, 2018. According to the report the site has suffered a 27.58% decrease in cumulative traffic from the previous month while all of the sites traffic is derived solely from visitors within the United States.

Can GuaranteedLoans4All be Trusted?

Guaranteed Loans 4 All claims to be used by thousands of lenders every year, yet there is barely a scrap of consumer feedback regarding their operation. If their operation was truly used by such a large volume of consumers, one would think that their platform would exhibit more than 1 validated consumer feedback. Due to their correlation with undisclosed and unethical lenders who employ advanced fees while failing to be backed by a licensed corporation, we feel that Guaranteed Loans For All is not a trustworthy service platform. Review Conclusion

Operating without corporate supervision while providing less than the bare minimum needed to be considered as a credible loan matching network, Guaranteed Loans 4 All exhibits all the innate qualities common amongst other loan matching services that fail to be legitimate. Implying that prospective investors are guaranteed to obtain a loan offer as long as they surpass the eligibility requirements then connecting them with dishonest lenders that charge petty fees in the form of advanced fee payments is unethical.

Considering all the information disclosed above while accounting for the various discrepancies we uncovered, we believe that there are much more legitimate and transparent loan matching services available for prospective applicants in need of obtaining a payday loan online. While we lack a substantial sum investor feedback to be able to conclusively blacklist Guaranteed Loans 4 All, we can still declare that Guaranteed Loans 4 All is not a trustworthy or recommended loan matching service.

For prospective borrowers who are searching to obtain a personal loan online with more secure and legitimate loan matching services, we recommend learning about 24/7 Dollar Loans or reading our unbiased BadCreditLoans review, which functions as a credible loan matching network for applicants who possess below average credit history.

Please share any experiences, opinions or insight you may possess about Guaranteed Loans 4 All by leaving a comment below!


  1. Mikedaddy

    I picked it off easily when it got to the $40.00 verification request. I simply sent them a lovely e-mail informing them that I gave their info to the AG’S in Colorado, Illinois and my lovely friends at the FTC. I am tired and a rogue consumer advocate that is tired of seeing legitimate people with legitimate lifes getting screwed over.

  2. Christy Wiley

    Has anyone recieved any money other than the company? I’ve yet to see a post from individual who has!

    • Phoenix Daniels

      From what I can tell not at all.

  3. Phoenix Daniels

    I tried them out today and they are definitely a scam. I paid the 39.95 verification fee, received the link that I was approved after sending in a copy of my ID. When I clicked on the link it took me to a website called and that’s when they wanted me to pay an additional finders fee. They wanted me to put a $50 deposit down towards the finders fee and that fee is based on how much you’re allegedly approved for. That’s where I drew the line. If they are in partner with another company that they found would approve me, why not take the fee’s out of the loan off top and add that to the loan amount that I am supposed to pay back? I knew it was too good to be true. Also if you look at both websites they are both the same format. The and the website. Also when you call the number provided for either website you get the same recording they just changed the name. You’re only option is to send an email which is bogus that you can’t talk to a person on the phone. I was calling to see exactly what information it was that they verified and why I wasn’t sent a copy. Anyway I called my bank to dispute the charge of the verification fee and they told me that the company is listed under something for animals. The name isn’t associated with anything financial wise. So with this message I’m hoping to save someone else being scammed out of some money. If they did get you out of some money dispute the charges and ask your bank to give you more information about the company. You’ll be surprised as to what they can tell you.

  4. Kiki

    I was approved for $2500 and just have to pay $39, but after reading all of these idk if I should

  5. james ferguson

    well thought I’d give it a try . should have known better. they got me for 39.95 but no moer I Guarantee: them

  6. Christy Wiley

    I was approved for $5000 with $100 referrel fee. Now please tell me they truely help not kick us in gut when we’re down!

  7. Dingo

    The minute I saw an identity verification fee, I knew it was a scam. Especially when they “approved” a loan based on nothing more than a name. All you have to do is promise something, charge a fee for it, and then say, “Oh, we’re sorry, but you don’t qualify”, rack up those identification fees!

  8. Bobby Wagers

    They got me for 19.95. The verification people took or(stole it I should say )out of my account without my authorization. Then I get a text giving me a code number. I didn’t think to much about it but cause I knew it was a scam by that time. Saturday at 5:50 am I got another text saying the amount I requested was guaranteed thru one of our partners so out of curiosity I click on the link they provided, which took me to personal loans and, but it was by invitation only,so I go back to the earlier text get the code and go back to p l and and give them a crazy amount and p l and still guaranteed me 43500.00 but in big bold red letters they wanted their referral fee so long(very long sorry folks) story short personal loans and credit are in cahoots with guaranteed loans 4 all.

  9. Kelvin W Gibson

    Would like to know if you can guarantee a loan of 1500 for a auto repair

    • Christy Wiley

      I have been waiting on my loan. Anyone else get ripped off?


    I have been approved and paid $39. what is next

    • unique Gordon

      did you ever get your loan maxine

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