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KeenTK is NOT a real Keen footwear retailer!

Official Site:

Affiliated with a master network operating behind closed curtains, KeenTK is a recently debuted scam that is soliciting consumers with the lie that they can acquire Keen footwear at greatly reduced price points.

Pretending to be affiliated with Keen, a reputable name brand for apparel and footwear, KeenTK is nothing more or less than a rip-off site trying to fleece online shoppers out of their hard-earned money.

To learn more regarding the KeenTK scam and WHY you should avoid this scam like the plague we invite you to read our honest review.

What is KeenTK?

KeenTK claims to be a UK based company with warehouses nested within the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.

There is no intel regarding the inception of KeenTK or their alleged mission.

While they assert that they are a UK based company, there are no details providing insight into which corporate entity may be backing them.

Supporting nearly 2 dozen ‘Keen’ footwear for both women and men, KeenTK embellished their site header with the Keen logo, implying to site visitors that they are affiliated with Keen.

However, this would be a lie.

KeenTK has no affiliation with the Keen brand.

Instead, KeenTK is targeting a select demographic of shoppers who would know a good Keen footwear deal when they saw it.

As with the other scams launched by the network behind, KeenTK relies almost entirely upon misleading advertisements conducted through social outlets to lure in unsuspecting shoppers into their marketplace.

Despite KeenTK reflecting online savings ranging between 60% to 90% off, none of the items allegedly available for retail are actually available at KeenTK.

Instead KeenTK amounts to nothing more than a fake Keen ‘retailer’ that simply steals money from any online shoppers that they can.

Who is Behind KeenTK?

So coming back to what we were stating earlier, KeenTK claims to be a UK based company but no reference to a corporate entity or company number can be found.

In addition, no physical addresses or telephone numbers are disclosed so the only available contact method that online shoppers are left to try would be the email Support@JDOnline.Info.

The same email address used in affiliation with over 20 scams already launched by this vile network of con-artists.

As consumer reports will suggest, it doesn’t matter how many tries you attempt to email Support@JDOnline.Info, simply no one ever replies.

No other contact or identifying information can be found at

Meaning, as a whole, that KeenTK operates with blatant anonymity and with minimum liability – not characteristics you want to encounter when shopping with an online entity!

Shipping & Returns

As you can see in the image below, we are confronted with the same Shipping & Return page used in over a dozen and a half of the scams that we have exposed by this network.

Claiming to deliver products to over 220 countries while being a UK company are all deceptive lies that we have found nested in scams preceding

KeenTK claims to rely upon shipping carriers such as DHL, UPS and Royal Mail but as we have made consumers well-aware of in previous scam reviews, the operators behind this fake retail sites are incorporating stolen tracking numbers and pretending to use them as their own.

No products are actually being shipped to you after a purchase has been conducted and by the time most consumers realize this a marginal amount of time has elapsed making it exceptionally difficult for consumers to recover their hard-earned money.

Which is why if you have been scammed by KeenTK it is imperative that you contact your financial institution at once, request a chargeback and ask for a new payment card.

For consumers who have been scammed via PayPal, make sure to File a Complaint ASAP then escalate the case at the first available moment.

Fake Retail Sites

Shared below are all the fake retail sites that we have exposed to date by this unknown network:

  1. HexPress.Shop
  2. ZZPlus.Shop
  3. GoodTop.Shop
  5. BTMD.Online

As you can see the list of illicit and fraudulent retail sites continues to grow.

If you know of any sites that are not disclosed above we please ask that you share your insight with us below, the more scam sites that we can expose in conjunction to this malicious scam network the better!

Domain Insight was privately registered through the NameSilo, LLC registrar on May 23rd, 2019 (less than a month ago).

According to SimilarWeb, did not reflect web rankings as of June 22nd, 2019.

This indicates to us that KeenTK does not receive much, if any, organic site traffic.

Instead, like nearly every scam preceding KeenTK, the operators behind this site rely nearly entirely upon social networks to mislead consumers into their marketplace.

After the operators feel that they are fleeced enough consumers or if the site is attracting “too much attention” then the operators close the site down and move onto the next series of scam campaigns they have in line.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is a SCAM!

KeenTK Review Conclusion

KeenTK is yet another spawn induced by a tireless network of scam marketers.

Pretending to offer name brand products at discounted prices up to 90% then soliciting those FAKE offers to consumer across social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is how these fake retail scams operate.

Again, there are no products or good actually for sale at

If you have been scammed please share your feedback below, your insight may help others avoid falling victim to these misleading retail scams.

Verdict: KeenTK is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Feel free to share any insight or feedback you may possess below!

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  1. Lulu

    Kenbk. Com
    These are other sites that I have been given , sound fake but have not shopped on them. Please verify if they are fake.
    Thanks again

    • Admin

      They are all down by now, meaning that yeah, they were fake.

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