Minzystore.com Scam Review – Avoid Discount Fraud!

Let us set the record straight regarding the minzystore scam!

The minzystore scam, hosted at minzystore, is an anonymously operated discount retail scam site.

The site pretends to retail customized tote bags, bedding sets, and face masks while their alleged physical address does not exist.

To get the full scoop behind why we are ruling MinzyStore a scam we invite you to read our unbiased review.

Why is Minzystore a Scam

  • No identifying information is disclosed
  • The disclosed physical address does not exist
  • Incomplete Shipping, Return & Refund Policies
  • Reflects an untrustworthy online trust rating
  • Other review portals suggest minzystore is a scam

About Minzystore.com Scam

Minzystore is a well put together site that would appear legitimate to many unsuspecting online shoppers.

The product pages are crisp, the site aesthetics complement the layout of the site while the site openly discloses a US address within the footer of their site making them appear more credible.

As a whole, the site lacks many of the red flags that tend to make their debut when landing upon their site, which also indicates to us that this is not the criminal’s first rodeo with creating deceptive retail scam sites.

Among the products available for retail include bedding sets, face masks, and tote bags while every product featured on the site reflects around a 40% discount and is featured on “sale.”

Back-tracing product images will reveal how many of the products tend to originate from other online outlets such as Wayfair, Hayneedle, and eBay.

Unfortunately, the site does not disclose an About Us page or a mission statement so we are deprived of the ability to learn further into the “mission” behind the Minzystore scam.

Contacting Minzystore Scam

No reference to a corporate entity or identifying information may be found.

Shared below are the contact methods we found:

Email: support@minzystore.com

Address: 679 Santina River New Bethany, Virginia

Second Email: dmca@minzystore.com

No telephone numbers can be found while when you input their physical address in a Google Maps search query the result we receive is Google Maps can’t find 679 Santina River New Bethany, Virginia.

We even navigated through the sites Privacy Policy and Terms of Service but there was no reference to any identifying information.

As a whole, MinzyStore.com operates with blatant anonymity.

Now, why would an online retailer operate with intentional anonymity unless they had something to hide or weren’t legit?

Site Background

MinzyStore.com was created on March 4th, 2020.

Unfortunately, the site was privately registered so we are no closer to finding out who is responsible for the minzystore scam.

How To Report Minzystore Scam

If you have been scammed or are looking to aid our fight against the never-ending onslaught of online scams then we invite you to visit our Scam Fighting Guide to take the fight to these scams!

Should you have been scammed, you can learn the steps to employ to get your money back while we’ve included 3 consumer watchdogs where you can report the scam too which will help take the fight directly to these scams!

Is Minzystore a scam?

Given the blatant lack of identifying information and the fabricated physical address, we believe Minzystore to be a scam.

Minzystore Scam Review

Minzystore is a well-organized discount retail fraud site.

The site disclosed a fabricated physical address, they operate with intentional anonymity while they fail to provide online shoppers with insight as to their origin story.

Before you conduct a purchase online it is imperative that you can verify the contact and identifying information disclosed on an unverified retailer before dishing out your sensitive personal and financial information.

More scams than ever before are further polluting the online retail industry and it appears that this new trend is likely to occur for quite some time.

Outcome: Minzystore is a scam!

Blacklisted Site: Minzystore.com

What are your thoughts? Is Minzystore a scam?

Please share any insight, experiences or thoughts you may have!

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  1. August Davis

    I ordered some masks over a week ago and did a $14.95 extra for quicker shipping have not received anything, is this web site a scam. How do I get my money back?

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