Nadex Daily Pro Review

Nadex Daily Pro ( is a very peculiar operation. It is essentially a signal-service, or something that aims to sell itself as that, and as such, it is at least a little controversial. As its name states, it is a service aimed solely at Nadex, the North American Derivatives Exchange, and that is indeed its main selling point. US traders can legally trade with Nadex, so the services of this signal provider are aimed primarily at them. Several things do not add up about NadexDailyPro though.

First of all: the name. It represents a clear attempt to sort of hitch a ride on Nadex, something that is not viewed favorably by many traders out there. Still, we can let this one fly, since the site does indeed offer Nadex signals, so its name is after all quite relevant in this regard.

Secondly, the promises that the operator makes are just too good to be true… There’s simply no way around this fact. The ITM rates touted are in the 85% area, which is indeed extremely good. Plenty of proof is provided in this regard too, proof which according to some of the community feedback out there, is fabricated.

Thirdly, the quality of the copy featured at is atrocious. Far from being grammar-nazis, we still have to point out what a massive blow this deals to the overall credibility of the operation. According to some, the site is a poor copy of other similar operations out there, and thus it’s nothing more than a minor-league scam.

Who is Behind NadexDailyPro?

This is yet another red flag. The About Us section of the site – which doubles as a Contact page – does not offer any sort of relevant information in this regard. There’s a contact form on it, and some general blurb about Nadex and ITS CFTC license, but that’s about it. The creators of the operation go to great lengths in this section to disclaim any and all responsibility that may arise from their offering of this service.

The registration information of the domain is private too. The registrant is apparently using a privacy service to hide their identities.

The site was registered in November 2014, and is scheduled to expire in just two months from now, in November 3, 2017.

The NadexDailyPro Offer

This brings us right back into too-good-to-be-true territory, because what exactly is it that NadexDailyPro offers? An effortless way for everyone – and they make a point of repeatedly stating that no trader skills are required to profitably use their services – to make tons of money, trading binary options at Nadex.

The signals they deliver are sent through SMS and email and they mostly target options with longer expiry, to give clients the chance to manually launch the trades based on the signals.

The offer is impressive volume-wise as well: 1-6 signals are said to be delivered per day, which – given the above said ITM percentage of 85% – is indeed quite a performance.

Most of the advantages touted at the nadexdailypro site are directly associated with Nadex itself, like the regulated nature of the exchange, the capped fees and the attractive minimum deposit.

Two subscription packages are dangled: a $25 Weekly one and a $89 Monthly one. Given the possible profits involved, this monetization model does not really make a lot of sense either.

Popularity is not a very popular site, fortunately. Still, they are getting some visitors from the United States and the United Kingdom mostly, but also from India, Singapore and Italy among other countries, according to SimilarWeb. People are able to easily find this site on a Google search when they search for “Nadex Signals,” to take just one example.

Nadex Daily Pro Review Conclusion

According to NadexDailyPro, their trading signals are generated by actual, live trading teams, so there’s no auto-trading chicanery involved here. Still, the promises seem a bit too good to be true, and the community feedback on the operation is…just bad.

Nadex Daily Pro Reviews

Their results were better than I got. Success rate closer to 66% which means I lost money. Some of their signals were just plain wrong. They sometimes send out stop loss texts. Some of their signals had errors. They would send out a text for the wrong pair. They send out a daily summary about 70% of the time. I think they are out of Spain. You just cannot make money. They have no customer service – there is a chat line with a person that does not know anything.


  1. Lee Robertson

    You have to have a Stop Loss with the signal’s. That’s why they offer a Free Trial to test there signals. Most people don’t know how to trade. Have a Take Profit target of 25 Dollars per contract with a 35 Dollar Stop Loss. Always put a working order in at 75 for a Buy and 25 for a Sell. If you are consistent with taking the signals then you will make money. Disciple and understanding is what you need when trading.

  2. Tommy

    I have tried these signals they are junk don’t waste your time, they will put in the wrong entry prices and act like there entries are correct.

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