SawLeader Scam Review – An Anonymous Retail Hoax

Saw Leader structures its site as a minimalist discount retailer.

Featuring a wide array of consumer goods, primarily targets women demographics with women’s clothing, household and kitchen accessories, and shoes.

Going viral on Facebook, the operators behind Saw Leader are leaning heavily upon misleading advertising campaigns on Facebook to funnel in unsuspecting online shoppers.

To learn why we have blacklisted SawLeader please read our honest review.

Why SawLeader Cannot Be Trusted

  • No telephone numbers are shared
  • No physical addresses can be found
  • No ownership or company information
  • Features Too Good To Be True retail goods
  • Incomplete Shipping and Return Page Policies
  • Multiple spelling errors are littered throughout the site
  • There is no information regarding their business purpose
  • SawLeader reflects a notorious consensus amongst review hubs
  • The site was privately registered and for only a 1-year duration

About SawLeader

Saw Leader is an untrustworthy retail site posing as an authentic discount retailer.

Among the type of goods allegedly for sale are:

  • Women Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Animal Donation Goods
  • Backpacks
  • Accessories
  • Valentine’s Day Goods
  • Electronics and Accessories
  • Home Goods and Office Solutions
  • Health and Longevity Goods

There is no specific theme or category of goods featured for sale at

The site reflects what feels like an ever-ending host of consumer goods that cover pretty much every retail niche that can be thought of.

Every product featured at reflects some form of online savings.

Back-tracing product images in Google will reveal that products featured at Saw Leader stem from other online retailers.

The only information we are given regarding Saw Leader would be the following About Us statement:

“Welcome to We guarantee to customers the best products and good quality.At the same time, we will give customers a better shopping experience, thank you!”

As you can deduce, we aren’t given much insight into this retail operation and it is evident that the operators behind this site did not wish to divulge much information regarding their ‘retailer.’

Contacting SawLeader

According to the Saw Leader Contact Us page, can be reached through email or phone although no telephone number is disclosed.


Skype: Allbralover

No physical addresses or identifying information can be found at

Site Background was privately registered for one year on October 22nd, 2019.

According to the WHO report, was registered by an undisclosed entity based out of Kowloon Kln (southeastern China).

When conducting a market intelligence report through SimiliarWeb, Saw Leader possessed a Colombia site rank of 72,036 and received 81.49% of its traffic from Facebook.

Given their traffic sources, it goes without saying that the operators behind this shady retail site are employing aggressive advertising campaigns that are targeting Columbian demographics.

Is SawLeader a scam?

Saw Leader is likely an online retail scam but we lack definitive proof and user feedback to verify this with utmost certainty. Scam Review

Saw Leader is an unverified, anonymously operated and untrustworthy website.

Masquerading its platform as an all-in-one discount retailer, employs illusive marketing tactics and reflects a generous volume of red flags that cannot be overlooked.

When it comes to shopping online shop with transparent entities that provide verifiable ownership AND contact information.

Outcome: SawLeader Cannot Be Trusted!

Blacklisted Site:

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