SixtyNineBlock Review – Avoid these Thieves!

If you have been considering buying a quilt from SixtyNine Block, then we must insist that you think again!

SixtyNine Block ( is an online retailer that allegedly supports a vast variety of quilts with remarkably low price points.

Supposedly their operation was founded back in 2012, but as you will shortly find out, research suggests otherwise.

To find out more regarding just how deceptive SixtyNine Block is and why you should avoid their unethical marketplace as a whole, we invite you to read our unbiased review!

About SixtyNine Block

SixtyNine Block is marketed as a legitimate quilting retailer that supports a wide selection of custom made quilts.

According to the About Us page, SixtyNine Block was founded in 2012 by Judy and Russ Sabanek.

Their first catalog, which supposedly mailed in the spring of 2013, was met with such great enthusiasm that the next year they opened a retail shop in Center Harbor, New Hampshire.

Fast-forward five years to April of 2018, the Sabaneks sold the business and ‘went back to its roots as a family-owned business when the Kimelman family, under the name of SteelBlock LLC, purchased the business.’

Who is Behind SixtyNine Block?

What we found interesting regarding their biography would be how SteelBlock LLC does not appear to be an existing business within the United States.

However, the deceptions and lies don’t stop there.

In fact, SixtyNine Block is built entirely upon fabricated lies.

In addition to allegedly being backed by a fictitious corporation, the disclosed physical address of SixtyNine Block is 187 Evans Rd, Moultonborough, NH 03254, United States.

When this address is searched though only partial segments of the address come up as legitimate, as a whole though the address is not real.

To add, SixtyNine Block can allegedly be reached out via email at

Affiliated Entities

We are quite thankful for the abundant sum of community support and feedback we received when we exposed an affiliated quilting entity known as Amelia Quilt on December 26th, 2018.

Long story short, Amelia Quilt was the forerunner of SixtyNine Block.

Scamming and deceiving many innocent online consumers, many of our subscribers who shared experiences at our Amelia Quilt review made a couple of connections such as:

“Beware of Sixtynine Block. They have changed the name and doing a better presentation but the quilt photos are the same and when I contacted them it was the same email as Amelia Quilt scam.”

“They are going by a new name at Please spread the world to avoid this website now.”

In addition, SixtyNine Block reflects a nearly identical site template and employs the same annoying pop-up as did.

The two domains connected with Amelia Quilt, and consequently SixtyNine Block, would be and

List of Affiliated Domains

  • HobbiLaunch (
  • NannaThread (
  • Sleepious (
  • FarmZily (
  • NonnaLand (

These are other domains that we previously have found affiliated with Amelia Quilt.

A WHOIS search of will reveal that their site was privately registered only a few short days ago on January 8th, 2019.

It is evident that the creators behind SixtyNine Block experienced success through their previous unethical and malicious retailing campaigns.

Community Feedback

When we first exposed the Amelia Quilt scam in late December 2018, TrustPilot reflected a 1 out of 5 star rating out of 237 reviews.

However, as of January 11th, 2019 Amelia Quilt still reflects a 1 out of 5 star rating but out of 337 reviews.

Shared below are few of the more relevant reviews we found relating to Amelia Quilt:

“Ordered but not received scam.”

“horrifying experience – complete Christmas SCAM!! it is dishonorable, immoral and unethical to play upon people’s interest…DO NOT EVER order from them again!! oh and by the way, this is NOT Amelia Quilts – if you google, there is a genuine Amelia Quilts company. this was entered online as Amelia Quilt … different but painfully deceiving!!”

“Me too! Scam! Ordered a MLB quilt November 7, 2018. Repeatedly tried to contact, no response! Finally put a claim in to PayPal. Sounds like that may be an issue. We shall see! So ticked!”

These are the type of experiences you can expect to receive if you decide to put your faith and money with SixtyNine Block.

Is Trustworthy?

Given the fact that SixtyNine Block is operated by the same crooks behind Amelia Quilt, we do not believe their retailer to be legitimate.

SixtyNine Block Review Conclusion

SixtyNine Block is NOT a legitimate online retailer to buy quilts from.

From the consumers who happened to receive a quilt, it was a fraction of the size as promised and poorly constructed.

SixtyNine Block has lied about their founders and is undeniably affiliated with other operations that have been declared scams across the web.

The verdict is clear regarding SixtyNine Block, do not trust them!

Outcome: SixtyNine Block is NOT Trustworthy!

Site to Avoid:

We invite you to share your insight, feedback and experiences below!


  1. Renee

    They go by , let’s experience co , skullsnmore, SixtyNine block , and there is a new Facebook ad up now too . Same type picture of a full quilt , I wish I could post a photo screenshot of it

  2. Cindy

    Ordered a camping themed quilt through PayPal on January 17th from SixtyNineBlock. I received several emails indicating the progress of my order from a Judy (nice American name).
    Then received an email stating the shipment was held up at Customs and I would receive a tracking number. Customs? Yes. It would come from China. It also apologized for the delay and offered me 15% if I purchased another quilt. I didn’t.
    Fast forward to March. After several more emails and getting the same canned response, the emails stopped. I contacted PayPal and opened a dispute including prior correspondence. I then escalated the case. PayPal contacted SixtyNineBlock and they returned with a DHL tracking number. Only thing was the number indicated the quilt was received for shipment on January 4th. Quite impossible since I didn’t order it until January 17th. It also said the product was 500 grams which equals about 1.1 lbs. After bringing this to PayPal’s attention, I received a full refund.
    So. Please avoid:
    There are probably more, but these are the thieves I dealt with during this ordeal.

  3. Cynthia

    Ordered what i thought was a beautiful quilt. Took 3 months to come and what do i see…an ugly piece of garbage that is not pieced together…just a cheap piece of cloth. I am so angry! Out 100.00 dollars for a piece of crap worth 12.00.

  4. Debra Hall

    I was screwed just like the rest of you. Same situation. Ordered early November. When I checked on the order, I got an email that it was ready and they were preparing for shipping. That was in December. This was a Christmas gift for my daughter; it was the cat quilt. Needless to say, I did not get the quilt before Christmas. I sent email after email and it was in shipment, should arrive any time, etc. It finally came in February. Such poor quality – most of the cats were blurry and it was thin and nothing like what I would call a quilt. SO disappointed with the results. Also not queen sized. I can’t believe I was scammed on one of the few times I ever got on Facebook. Never again!

    • Montie C.

      I had exact same problem. What a disappointment

  5. Margery Reynolds

    Store is gone. NO quilt! Scammed. Opened dispute with Paypal. The old adage. If it seems to good to be true? It is.

  6. Renee

    I think the site is gone , I clicked on sixty nine block
    From one of the emails I had and it’s gone . PayPal refunded me what they took from me

    • Sallie

      How quickly did PayPal refund the money? I just filed a dispute. Thanks.

    • Dawn Eskau

      I cannot locate my charge on paypal to dispute this, was it listed as sixty nine block? thanks!!

      • Cindy

        Could go under:
        Just to name a couple.
        Hope you get that refund!

  7. Jackie

    Yes, I too ordered a quilt. I have been periodically given progress updates. One said that there was a slight delay in shipment. Their quality control person noticed a frayed seam which has to be fixed! Those updates are a nice touch. However, at this point, I too fear it’s all a scam!

  8. Renee deason

    I was taken by a Facebook ad , sixty nine block promised a beautiful king quilt , through PayPal . Money was immediately taken . Recieved anvery well done confirmation receipt , however I was not sure the order went through from the correct account , so I emailed a question . 2 days later I recieved an email from Encarta saying they could not find an order from me , then a shipping confirmation email , then a hey wenarenback from lunar new year and your quilt is going to production . I was sick , I was defiantly scammed . Original order was 1/9/2018 . Contacted PayPal and created a claim . They advised the company had 10 says to reply , they replied to PayPal with the same bogus shipping confirmation . The next day I got an email saying my quilt was going through the quilting and batting process .. i escalated the claim sending paypal the conflicting email info . . 3 more days later PayPal refunded my money back to PayPal which in turn will
    Credit my credit card on 2/18/2019 .
    The confirmation email is now actually linked to DHL sayingnthe order is shipping from shanghai China .

  9. Tina Schroeder

    I ordered jan 19th, no word. Should i contact paypal?

    • Renee

      Yes , then escalate the claim so paypal
      Go afternthem for your refund

  10. Robin Wittenmyer

    I pretty sure I was scammed I ordered back in January it’s should be mailed out today but I’m having doubts after reading this

  11. Lucinda Spier

    Oops! Also add Mass Tapestry and Supreme Tapestry.

  12. Lucinda Spier

    Aligned with them are Ecrafta and Ecotton. In a nutshell, any company that can be contacted through cs@domin is likely a scam. Test befor you place an order. Send an email with a general, low knowledge question. If the site is a scam, you will not get a reply.

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