Whalegot Scam Revealed – [LINKED Retail Fraud!]

Avoid the Whalegot scam!

Hosted at Whalegot.com, Whalegot is the latest online discount shopping scam plaguing the consumer marketplaces with illicit retail offers.

Created just over a month ago, Whalegot is now actively functioning as a discount retail operation whose affiliation can be traced back to other fraudulent retail sites.

To learn the truth behind the Whalegot Scam and which sites are affiliated with these con-artists we invite you to read our investigative review.

About Whalegot Scam

Whalegot is the latest trending retail scam.

Currently the site is specializing in offering women denim and a wide selection of power tools (which stem from their other affiliated scam site).

Featured on their About Us page would be the following:

“We are an online store dedicated to bringing you the best deals on various products. With high-quality service and longstanding commitment to our customers, Whalegot continues to grow while setting new goals on providing a huge selection of the very best products, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service. We are passionate about making it easier and pleasant for customers to shop online. We hope you will find your favorite products and to see you as our returning customer.

The About Us company template, indicated in black text above, is the same template featured at Moderngaga.com and a scam we just exposed a few short hours ago found at Dalimua.com.

The red text above indicates the mission statement of Whalegot, which is identical the mission statements featured on the two sites we just mentioned.

Dalimua specialized in offering discounted power tools while ModernGaga functions as an apparel only “retailer.”

Combine both of these scam entities together and it’s almost as if they gave birth to the Whalegot Scam.

Contacting Whalegot

Whalegot discloses the following contact information:

Email: whalegot@outlook.com

Telephone: +1 614-695-3635

Address: 3347 Sugarfoot Lane, Lafayette, Indiana

We doubt that any of these contact methods are authentic due to Whalegot sharing an affiliation with scams that possess a track record of providing illegitimate contact and identifying information.

Additionally there are social widgets located in the footer of Whalegot.com but they only redirect people back onto the Whalegot homepage.

Payments, Shipping & Returns

Processing times are estimated between 1 to 5 business days.

Shipping durations are said to take between 1 to 2 weeks.

The refund and exchange policy featured at Whalegot are incomplete.

Domain Insight

Whalegot.com was a privately registered site created on November 11th, 2019.

Whalegot is set to expire on November 11th, 2020.

Due to Whalegot’s recent inception they have yet to rank on market intelligence sites.

Their affiliation with past scams, however, provide us with the insight that it is likely that Whalegot could be conducting misleading advertisement campaigns through social networks, search engines and through other reputable retail sites.

These advertisements are highly deceptive and are solely employed to draw consumers to their retail trap.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. Operates Anonymously
  2. Unverified Contact Information
  3. Affiliated with a Few Retail Scam Sites
  4. Incorporates an Identical About Us Template
  5. Features an Incomplete Refund & Exchange Policy

Is Whalegot.com a Scam?

Yes, Whalegot.com is a scam.

Whalegot Scam Review

Whalegot is a discount retail scam site that should be avoided.

Nothing regarding their platform is authentic while consumers who have been scammed by past affiliated entities have reported never receiving any goods, multiple charges to their payment card and more.

If you have been scammed by Whalegot it is important that you contact your financial institution, request a chargeback and ask for a replacement payment card.

Outcome: Whalegot.com is a SCAM!

Please share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have below!


  1. Anonymous

    Add Blazeraus.com to the list. Will be contacting my bank to report as fraud

  2. Susan Williams

    They have another site gussetole.com.

  3. Richard M Zinsky

    How was it billed on your account. I don’t see a charge from wallegot?

      • Michael Robison

        It was something about school finance

  4. Shelley Fisher

    Add hemlinesy.com to the list. I ordered a DeWalt Cordless Grease Gun for my husband for Christmas and got fake Ray-Bans too.

  5. Michael Robison

    I’m a dumb a** they got me didn’t do any research and bought a job box and got a fake pair of Ray Bands going to the bank in the morning this is sad that they are allowed to keep scamming will never buy anything off the internet again but I should have known that a $350 job box was not going to be 55.88 stupid me stay away

  6. Oscar Guevara

    These guys opened another page called:
    “www.basteonds.com” with the same information shown on this page. They are selling a carpet cleaner that is published in the market for $ 349 and they are offering it for $ 59.99 (very suspicious).
    That’s why I’m posting these comments.

  7. Dolores A Garza

    DO NOT order from this company, it is a total scam, I reported them to the BBC!!!

  8. N. Wright

    Ordered a tool box and never recieved any confirmation about my order. Tried to contact them but nothing works. WHY HAVENT THEY BEEN BUSTED YET???

    • Kristin Greer

      Same.I ordered my husband a tool box for Christmas! As his big gift! 🙄I was wondering where the Ray ban knock offs came from! So mad ! How do I go about getting refunded, if it’s even possible?

  9. Gregory W, James

    I just ordered a Rigid Planer from them and then decided to research them when I seen the charge posted on my account was payable to HIGHLAND PORK INC BRONX BRONX NY. Should have investigated these guys more thoroughly before ordering.



  11. benny r larue

    i say we hunt them down an skin there asses like a catfish.

  12. William Gosline

    I fell for it. I ordered a Milwaukee tool set i got a knock off gucci wallet. Lol. WTF…

    • Jason Sullins

      I got same thing they said it was a mix up then i waited another month for something that never showed now they wont answer my emails

  13. Rick

    Is there a way to get our money back. I had order a 18v ion lithium drill set and instead receive a Louis Vuitton wallet.

    • Mark

      Yes, go to your bank and dispute the charge. That is what I did and got my money back. The bank also canceled my debit card so they couldn’t make any more charges, but I did get my money back.

  14. Mohamed

    It is a scam, I ordered a ryobi rotary hammer and they sent me a weird fake wallet. There is no way to contact them and the phone number listed is faked . Avoid dealing or give any information to this web site to protect yourself from further fraud

    • Ulysses Hansel

      I paid $62 for some power ratchets and I got a cheap wallet

  15. David Cattermole

    Whalegot is a ripoff paid 62 dollars for some tools and got a pair off raybahn shades which were knock offs don’t deal with these thieves

  16. Theus

    here is the home addy for 98% of the “to good to be true” FU websites and Craig’s List scams !

  17. Ronnie Johnson

    I think i will let the U.S. Attorney General know about this Whalegot and file a complaint.

    • Amanda

      Yes plz I ordered 2 tools 120$ and got a pair of sunglasses:( I filled a fraud claim with my credit card and they will be investigated

  18. Anonymous

    Add tailororp.com to the list.

    • Beth

      And deepeven. All the same contact info as Whalegot. Ordered boots, received Ray Ban knockoffs from China. . This is unbelievable that this can be perpetrated on consumers.

  19. Thankful shopper

    Thanks for this info. I knew the price was too good to be true.

  20. Samuel Baker

    Whalegot = WELL, we GOT you sucker

    • Robert Vansant

      Latest update from Whalegot I copied the email and here it is”
      Dear RobertVansant,

      Your refund has been submitted successfully ! This email is to inform you of your Refund Information regarding your recent credit card transaction,please save it for reference.

      Transaction Amount: USD 68.15
      Refund Amount : USD 68.15
      Credit card No : 474489***7423
      Transaction Date : 2019-12-21 13:37:35
      Refund Time:As this is handled by two different international banks ( your issuer and our acquirer ), it will take a longer time than normal before you can get the refund .normally you will receive it in 60 working days.

      Thank you for your patience very much!

      Refund Processing Customer Service Center”…You make the call, scam or not

      • Mark

        It’s a scam when you order a tool box and get a pair of fake ray bans and they weren’t even good fake ray bans, I should know because I own real ray bans. I fell over laughing they were so bad.

  21. Lonnie Waldrip

    I fell for it at whalegot !!
    cought it in time. Such a shame people operate like this. I should have known better.
    No more online shopping without doing research an a phone call.
    Call me dummie Lonnie

  22. Debbie

    I got scammed by foliosika. They have the same phone number and Indiana address. My bank has revered the charges and is investigating.

  23. Anonymous


  24. Anonymous

    If your see a 1200 dollar tool set selling for 65 bucks on any site you’ve got to know the shit is fake common sense should tell you something isn’t right

  25. J doolen

    I ordered a air compressor from them and I got the air compressor my card has not been charged any extra I don’t know

      • Robert Vansant

        No, I cancelled the order after I researched the website and found out all contact and address information was fictitious. Adding to my decision was all the scam reports on the internet regarding Whalegot.com then confirmation of making the right decision was the international transaction fee that was being added to my bank charges for this transaction. Whalegot is not a US based company if international transaction fees are being added.

        • Peanut

          I don’t think he was asking you Robert. He was replying to j Doolen. But thanks for being THAT GUY.

  26. kk

    yanzom.com, reeboa.com are also the same scam sites

    • William

      Haltervlo is a scam as well they took my mother and father in laws money off there
      Credit card it’s been since 12/24/2019 and have not received any information on the items i ordered you might want to look into that as well might be the same people

  27. Jed

    Deepeven is also using same address and phone number. Appears to be same scam using another web name.

  28. Jeremy

    Haltervlo.com is somehow linked to this too.

    • Robert Vansant

      As my purchase was pending with my bank, I was charged an international transaction fee as well. In the end I was able to get a full refund through my bank. With the international fee it appears Whalegot is not a USA based company which explains the bogus address they have here in USA. Also look up the the address on google, you will find 6 other websites with the same address and phone # . The address does not exist and the phone # is a landline for 61 year old lady’s personal house.

  29. Robert Vansant

    Whalegot phone # is a landline registered to a 61 year old lady in a residential home. The address, 3347 Sugarfoot lane Lafayette, Indiana 47905 does not exist on Google Maps. The address and phone# is also used for 6 other websites; Burton@outlook.com, Shopfitysale@outlook.com, fastbu.com, Antabuy>refund/policy, Skirteep.com, and costcz@outlook.com. these sites all use the same address and phone#. No one will answer the phone and if you read the legal stipulations that should be written in legal terminology you should notice it looks like it was written by an average 7th or 8th grader, not an attorney…I jumped in before I did my research. Now I have to go through my bank for a refund. PS: if you click on warranty info for Husky rolling tool box, you will be redirected to Homedepot website.

    • John Allen

      After checking seems like all these sites (some mentioned already) are part of the same scam effort:

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