7k14k.com Review – [Secrets of the Wealthy Scam Exposed]

7k14k (www.7k14k.com) is part of a growing get-rich-quick scam network that is currently sweeping the online marketplace.

Promoting unrealistic income assertions that amount upwards to $10,000 per week, 7k14k is the epitome of a text-book HYIP that should be avoided.

To learn more regarding the 7K14K and Secrets of the Wealthy scam we invite you to read our honest investigative review.

About www.7k14k.com

The URL www.7K14K appears to be a trending URL in Google search queries yet when you go to visit their site you may be thrown off by how you are automatically redirected to a different website with the URL https://member.builders/?id=homefree&p=capture.

As you can see by the image below, we are immediately bombarded with lavish income assertions claiming that ordinary folks can make $1,500 to $10,000 per week by using their ‘Top Secret Money System.’

From there, if you were to click on the banner that said, “Yes! Please Let Me In!” you will once again to redirected to another website, the website I was redirected to in this instance was: https://coachsystem.clickfunnels.com/webinar-broadcast-room19500345.

Depending upon where you reside will likely dictate which squeeze or funnel page your browser will land on.

Finally, we have come to the truth behind the 7k14k scam, it serves as nothing more than a URL redirect vehicle for a get-rich-quick opportunity known as Secrets of the Wealthy.

Secrets of the Wealthy Scam

Secrets of the Wealthy appears to be a MLM structured opportunity that allegedly provides consumers with the ability to generate up to $15,750 on every sale.

While there were a few brief promotional videos featured at CoachSystem.clickfunnels.com, the nature of the offer extended by Secrets of the Wealthy is a complete mystery.

All the pitch videos do is reiterate the ideology that if you were to sign up with their system then you can start generating no less than $1,500 to $10,000 per week yet no explanation to how this feat is accomplished is ever disclosed.

In order to find out any information of value you have to register with the Secrets of the Wealthy where you’ll likely be forced to sign up with one of their packages that come with steep price tags upwards to $21,000.

The opportunity truly being sold for the Secrets of the Wealthy offer would be the ability to join their program while receiving a personal Success Coach.

Allegedly these Success Coaches are millionaires who generate million dollars on an annual basis yet we have nothing to verify the legitimacy of these claims.

So how does Secrets of the Wealthy Work?

Secrets of the Wealthy claims to function completely on autopilot where the only job you’ll be left to do is count the cash you pull in.

How the system markets and solicits other unsuspecting victims in the Secrets of the Wealthy scam we are uncertain, must be magic or some voodoo.

Affiliated Sites

When investigating into the legitimacy of Kevin, the alleged life coach of the site, https://coachsystem.clickfunnels.com/webinar-broadcast-room19500345, we also discovered that some of the images of himself are being used on another site.

The site we found in affiliation would be 3k21k.biz, which also serves as the same redirect vehicle that the URL www.7k14k.com currently does.

To add, the image of the Kevin allegedly scuba diving is nothing more than a stock photo taken from the online image bank of yumping.com.

Domain Insight

7k14k.com was a privately registered site that created on December 1st, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

3k21k.biz was a privately registered site that was created within the past few months ago on March 6th, 2019.

What to do if Scammed

If you have been scammed by the Secrets of the Wealthy scam, or by a spawn of the SOTW scam, we recommend you share your experiences with your financial institution and request a chargeback immediately while sharing your experiences with local authorities.

To escalate matters further you can always share your experiences on the Internet to have your voice be heard on a greater scale.

Is 7k14k.com a Scam?

7K14K.com is nothing more than a URL redirect vehicle for the Secrets of the Wealthy scam but nevertheless it is a scam.

7k14k Scam Conclusion – The Ruling

Secrets of the Wealthy (SOTW) is a highly deceptive get-rich-scam that promotes the ideology that you can generate thousands of dollars every week on autopilot by using their system.

No functional information regarding how their automated system is disclosed while there is absolutely no transparency in regards to their alleged earnings.

To add, the site fails to include any ownership, contact or identifying information so we have no idea who is directing this scam.

Why put your valuable time and hard-earned money at risk for a completely anonymous online venture that promotes some of the most preposterous income assertions?

Clearly, this whole scam operation is too good to be true!

Outcome: www.7k14k.com is a SCAM!

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. Agnes

    I never fall for scams. Recognize them right away. The only one that scared me once was the “You have unpaid bills from your utility company” because I had a rental property. The ONLY reason I gave a few minutes to research “7k14k dot com scam” is the totally honest sounding voice of the person who left the message on my phone. I surprised myself that his kind, sympathetic voice and helpful almost LOVING tone made me feel like he truly wanted me GOOD – DESPITE the fact that I clearly knew that WHAT he was saying was garbage.
    I guess this is human nature. We want The Good to be true. … And I guess the scammers know this too. … Sad but we need to doubt the good intention of people we don’t know.
    Thank you for what you do!!!

  2. Gayle OConnor

    I have been bombarded with emails and phone calls from this alleged company. I read your article which was fantastic as it saved me hours of researching this myself. Thank you for saving me the time. What’s sad is there a lot of retired people who are going to I think this is the answer to their prayers. I absolutely hate telemarketing people who lead you down an empty path. Thank you again!

  3. Joseph Stevens

    I am slowing but surely arming with information before I fall prey to scams. Thank you for Very, very much for the Good/well researched info on tk14k.com I applaud you for your hard work. Best regards, Joseph

  4. Chuck

    The people who do these scams are complete garbage and should be publicly executed. No different than the snake oil salesman of the past.

  5. Anne Haviland

    I’m so glad I read this article!

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