Is a Scam? – [REAL Review]

Noracora ( is an online boutique store that is starting to rack up a good volume of complaints amongst online shoppers.

Specializing in woman attire, Noracora presents their platform as a fast fashion shopping experience where clothes are said to be of designer boutique quality.

While Noracora may have once been a reputable online retailer, recent community feedback is starting to illustrate a different truth.

A truth riddled with misleading characteristics and investigative discoveries that we plan to make more than clear for you throughout the duration of this review.

With this in mind, if you would like to learn to why you should avoid the Noracora Scam and if you would like to know which other scam sites are currently affiliated with the Noracora scam than we invite you to keep reading on.

About Noracora

Noracora reflects a sleek and minimalist site template that is eye-catching and resonates a virtual modern curb appeal.

According to the About Us page of, Noracora is composed of a, “ of professional buyers identify all the latest fashion trends, at the same time example every detail or product quatlity. They work with emerging designers and brands worldwide, and together present collection of creative, trendy, high craftsmanship fashion on noracora.COM”

Yes, the spelling error on the word that is supposed to be “quality” is there.

There are several other spelling and grammatical errors littered throughout the pages of

So what is Noracora?

Noracora is an overseas based online retailer that appears to be scamming consumers on a reoccurring basis.

Promoting their online retailer as a trendy, discount retailer with high quality apparel, Noracora appears to be all talk and no walk.

Meaning, that according to customer feedback, the quality of Noracora items are laughable at best while the vast majority of consumers report not receiving their orders at all.

Among the categories of apparel goods supported at Noracora would be as followed:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Shoes
  • Bottoms
  • Outerwear
  • Bags & Accessories
  • Swimwear

Orders are said to take between 3 to 5 business days of processing time AND then 7 to 30 business days of shipping time.

Any one with questions relating to purchase or general customer service inquiries are recommended to email

Most of the inventory featured at Noracora reflect online savings that range between 20% to 80% off what Noracora asserts to be the retail value for each particular item.

We encounter this shady marketing tactic all the time when investigating fictitious online retailers such as Noracora.

Among the accepted payment methods currently available through Noracora would be Visa, MasterCard and Maestro credit/debit cards along with PayPal.

Many customers who report being scammed by Noracora have been able to file claims through PayPal and get their money back due to PayPal’s Buyer Protection.

If you have been scammed by Noracora and used a payment method outside PayPal we advice that you contact your financial institution immediately and request a chargeback on said payment method while putting an order in for a new card replacement.

Better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to online scams like Noracora.

Who is Behind Noracora?

The About Us and Contact Us page provide no information of value in regards to identifying whom may be at the helm of this scam.

In order to find any ownership information we had to navigate our way through the sites Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, where towards the bottom of the Privacy Policy we came across the following:

BTREE Limited:

20H, 29 Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom HP2 7DN (non-return address)

According to a Google Maps search, the address of BTREE Limited is not a real location.

Only partial segments of the address appear to be valid, which would be:

29 Mark Rd, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7BN, UK

We were able to verify the ‘legitimacy’ of BTREE Limited through a Beta.CompaniesHouse report.

BTREE Limited, Company Number 10399060, is a Private Limited Company that was incorporated on September 28th, 2016 by an entity disclosed as Emma Freda Buckley.

The registered office address of BTREE Limited is the same address disclosed at

Domain Insight was registered by Chicv International Holding Limited, a Hong Kong based company, on October 19th, 2014 through the GoDaddy registrar.

Due to be Chicv International Holdings Limited being the reflected registrar behind Noracora .com we believe BTREE Limited to be nothing more than a company shell (a very common occurrence we have been encountering with these UK-based ‘corporations’) used to serve as the fall entity.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 41,554 with a US rank of 9,416 as of May 20th, 2019.

Detailed in the market intelligence report would be how in February 2019 Noracora only reflected an incoming visitor totaling around 150,000 where in April of 2019 they reflected an incoming visitor tally near 1.37 million.

Over 50% of the sites traffic stems from referral (24.82%) and display advertisement (32.89%) sources while social media platforms account for an additional 3.69%.

Noracora Reviews

You can gather a more comprehensive oversight regarding the legitimacy of Noracora by taking a bit of time to browse consumer reviews on the web.

For instance, Noracora on, reflected a 1 out of 5 star rank out of 317 reviews.

Shared below are a few of the most recent customer reviews we found:

“I placed an order over a month before I am scheduled to leave for a trip. I received emails that the items were shipped, and tried to use the tracking number to track my packages. The tracking number didn’t work. Finally, I received a valid tracking number and a message that the package could not be delivered. I checked the address, and it was correct, so I don’t know why I didn’t receive my packages. There is NO way I will receive my items before my trip. I will NEVER buy from Noracora again!”

“I made an order before checking the reviews out – which I always do – wish I would have this time! I immediately canceled my order through email, 5 or 6 times. Asked for refund to my Mastercard and I have heard NOTHING!!! Should have known better when there is NO PHONE NUMBER!!! What are you people trying to hide? Give me my money back and give it to me NOW.”

“Placed an order with them. Sent several emails requesting an update have had no response. Do not shop with them.”

TrustPilot also issued the following statement on their page on May 9th, 2019.

Contacting Noracora

Noracora only provides an email address to reach out to them.

Since the registered office address of their company shell, BTREE Limited, is a fake location consumers are solely left to email Noracora with the hopes of getting a response.

Their email address on record on site is

Many customers have sent countless emails to Noracora, however, and have yet to get any sort of response. Complaints

Negative reviews and complaints pretty much sum up the entirety of the Noracora operation.

Shared below are 3 of the most relevant complaints we found regarding Noracora at SiteJabber.

“It’s very hard to discover the real reviews because the people behind this “company” keep slamming good reviews. But when you read and see the silly names of the reviewer it is evident they are false. And scroll down to discover the bad ones. Yikes!”

“Same sad experience as so many on here. Contacted them 9 days after placing order and received a response the next day that part of it had shipped, with a tracking number which was connected to nothing. Since then, no response to my multiple inquiries. Now in the process of trying to get a refund from PayPal. Terrible company, do not order!”

“2 orders, not fulfilled. Got thank you note—but no fulfillment yet. They said “on the way” and then said my order was cancelled. I did no such thing. Awaiting customer service answers. EGAD. SCAM?”

Noracora Scam Sites (Updated 09/21/19)

Unfortunately, is not the only fraudulent retail site in active employment by the scam network behind these fake shopping sites.

By simply searching the registered address of BTREE Limited in Google we were able to connect the following sites that are in affiliation with


If you have any sites to add to this list please share your insight by leaving a comment below!

Is Noracora a Scam?

Yes, Noracora and ALL affiliated retail sites are scams!

Noracora Scam Conclusion

Noracora does an exceptional job as coming across as a legitimate online retailer that offers a wide selection of trendy and desirable consumer clothing.

Claiming to work with name brands and offering boutique designer quality clothing, Noracora has been called out on their bluff by countless consumers for their cheap clothing material and inability to fulfill simple customer orders.

Using BTREE Limited as a company shell, the real company behind this Noracora according to WHOIS directories would be Chicv International Holding Limited.

Why put your trust and time with an online retailer that reflects hundreds of negative reviews across the web while reflecting 2 of the most concerning red flags when it comes to online retailers.

The first being the inability to effectively communicate and reply to customers while the last being Noracora’s strong inability to deliver purchased goods as advertised.

Outcome: Noracora is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have!


  1. Beverly L

    It is not a good website they didn’t want to pay me and they wouldn’t give me the okay to send the items back. So they gave the 15% back which is not what I wanted. And I spent $65 plus. The items are cheap the sandals came apart the second time I put them on so that was a waist of money. The clothes are so off and cheap.

  2. Candice Burgstaller


    • Vicki

      Company is out of China and uses deceptive advertising. They steal photos from legitimate online companies and post as there own without showing models face in photo.
      Positive reviews are fake.( See spelling errors)
      After I ordered 5 items, I promptly cancelled order after I learned company‘s merchandise is questionable, they are in China and that I would have to pay shipping to return merchandise to China. I received an automatic reply stating order cannot be cancelled because items are already shipped. This was a lie.
      After sending numerous emails inquiring about status of my order with no reply and the merchandise not being received, I filed a dispute with my bank for not receiving any merchandise at all in time promised. I informed company of my dispute and finally I got a reply that 1 item has been shipped with misleading tracking information. When package arrived at post office, I refused it at the post office. They kindly returned package to China with no shipping cost to me since I refused it.
      I sent to the bank photos of proof of returning the one item. . Bank refunded me the entire amount for not receiving merchandise (4 items) and returning 1 item to company

    • Maria 😤

      @candice I ordered my items on 11/21/19 still waiting. I’ve been emailing Noracora every three days. I always get the same messages “our support group will review it and get back to you in 48 hrs” I feel you rage! I’m surprised that it hasn’t gotten out to the News Media 🤷🏻‍♀️ With all the complaints…Good luck!

    • MarcyG

      Hi Candice,
      I just wanted to speak a little in defense of Roselinlin. I ordered from them, and had no problems with them at all. Everything I ordered arrived (although it did take a couple of months to get here) and was pretty much what I was expecting from the pics and info on their website. Sizes maybe ran a little small, but that’s common with clothes from Asia, and it wasn’t extreme. I consider they dealt fairly with me. However, that took place between May and July of last year (2019). I have no idea what the situation with them is now.

      I also order from Noracora in Nov. 2019, and ran into the same scam everybody else on here did. The couple of pieces that did arrive were awful. Contacted them by email to get a return number and discovered that I would have to pay for shipping to Guangzhou, China, plus any duty fees if applicable. It probably would have cost me most or all of the return amount, not to mention the hassle, so I decided to skip it. That’s what I get for getting sucked into the scam. Most of the order however, has never arrived. I’m in the process of trying to recoup my money for that.

    • Gabriele Sattler

      I am very happy and relieved to have researched that company.There stuff looks good……but somehow I figured something is wrong?????There are very deceiving in how they describe their items.My gut feeling told me research right away and voila..It was exactly what I figured..To sum it up..It looks too good to be true.. This article saved me $85 and a lot of headaches. I am very thankful.Unfortunately this so called company will have their FILl ,due to our situation.People will shop more on line than ever….and will get burned.It is very disturbing to me.How can this be stopped?From now on I will check every company out to the T…Thankyou again for the article.It saved me from a lot of heartship and trouble..

      • LK

        Amen!! Something felt “off” with this place, and I immediately checked them out. Glad I didn’t invest a lot of browsing time, or I REALLY would’ve been pissed!

  3. Nancy Umland

    Purchased knit socks and mittens. Arrived way after Christmas and were defective. Tried to return. Emailed their customer service. No luck. Found a customer service number.
    Noracora called me to issue a refund. That did not happen. They hacked my computer, I couldn’t open my computer, my emails were forwarded to another email, 4 charges totaling $600+ on my credit card. I had to take my computer to get unhacked.
    I contacted the FTC. The phone number was considered the customer svc. 1/845/481/1333.
    They are criminals.

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