Is a Scam? – [REAL Review]

Noracora ( is an online boutique store that is starting to rack up a good volume of complaints amongst online shoppers.

Specializing in woman attire, Noracora presents their platform as a fast fashion shopping experience where clothes are said to be of designer boutique quality.

While Noracora may have once been a reputable online retailer, recent community feedback is starting to illustrate a different truth.

A truth riddled with misleading characteristics and investigative discoveries that we plan to make more than clear for you throughout the duration of this review.

With this in mind, if you would like to learn to why you should avoid the Noracora Scam and if you would like to know which other scam sites are currently affiliated with the Noracora scam than we invite you to keep reading on.

About Noracora

Noracora reflects a sleek and minimalist site template that is eye-catching and resonates a virtual modern curb appeal.

According to the About Us page of, Noracora is composed of a, “ of professional buyers identify all the latest fashion trends, at the same time example every detail or product quatlity. They work with emerging designers and brands worldwide, and together present collection of creative, trendy, high craftsmanship fashion on noracora.COM”

Yes, the spelling error on the word that is supposed to be “quality” is there.

There are several other spelling and grammatical errors littered throughout the pages of

So what is Noracora?

Noracora is an overseas based online retailer that appears to be scamming consumers on a reoccurring basis.

Promoting their online retailer as a trendy, discount retailer with high quality apparel, Noracora appears to be all talk and no walk.

Meaning, that according to customer feedback, the quality of Noracora items are laughable at best while the vast majority of consumers report not receiving their orders at all.

Among the categories of apparel goods supported at Noracora would be as followed:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Shoes
  • Bottoms
  • Outerwear
  • Bags & Accessories
  • Swimwear

Orders are said to take between 3 to 5 business days of processing time AND then 7 to 30 business days of shipping time.

Any one with questions relating to purchase or general customer service inquiries are recommended to email

Most of the inventory featured at Noracora reflect online savings that range between 20% to 80% off what Noracora asserts to be the retail value for each particular item.

We encounter this shady marketing tactic all the time when investigating fictitious online retailers such as Noracora.

Among the accepted payment methods currently available through Noracora would be Visa, MasterCard and Maestro credit/debit cards along with PayPal.

Many customers who report being scammed by Noracora have been able to file claims through PayPal and get their money back due to PayPal’s Buyer Protection.

If you have been scammed by Noracora and used a payment method outside PayPal we advice that you contact your financial institution immediately and request a chargeback on said payment method while putting an order in for a new card replacement.

Better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to online scams like Noracora.

Who is Behind Noracora?

The About Us and Contact Us page provide no information of value in regards to identifying whom may be at the helm of this scam.

In order to find any ownership information we had to navigate our way through the sites Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, where towards the bottom of the Privacy Policy we came across the following:

BTREE Limited:

20H, 29 Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom HP2 7DN (non-return address)

According to a Google Maps search, the address of BTREE Limited is not a real location.

Only partial segments of the address appear to be valid, which would be:

29 Mark Rd, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7BN, UK

We were able to verify the ‘legitimacy’ of BTREE Limited through a Beta.CompaniesHouse report.

BTREE Limited, Company Number 10399060, is a Private Limited Company that was incorporated on September 28th, 2016 by an entity disclosed as Emma Freda Buckley.

The registered office address of BTREE Limited is the same address disclosed at

Domain Insight was registered by Chicv International Holding Limited, a Hong Kong based company, on October 19th, 2014 through the GoDaddy registrar.

Due to be Chicv International Holdings Limited being the reflected registrar behind Noracora .com we believe BTREE Limited to be nothing more than a company shell (a very common occurrence we have been encountering with these UK-based ‘corporations’) used to serve as the fall entity.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 41,554 with a US rank of 9,416 as of May 20th, 2019.

Detailed in the market intelligence report would be how in February 2019 Noracora only reflected an incoming visitor totaling around 150,000 where in April of 2019 they reflected an incoming visitor tally near 1.37 million.

Over 50% of the sites traffic stems from referral (24.82%) and display advertisement (32.89%) sources while social media platforms account for an additional 3.69%.

Noracora Reviews

You can gather a more comprehensive oversight regarding the legitimacy of Noracora by taking a bit of time to browse consumer reviews on the web.

For instance, Noracora on, reflected a 1 out of 5 star rank out of 317 reviews.

Shared below are a few of the most recent customer reviews we found:

“I placed an order over a month before I am scheduled to leave for a trip. I received emails that the items were shipped, and tried to use the tracking number to track my packages. The tracking number didn’t work. Finally, I received a valid tracking number and a message that the package could not be delivered. I checked the address, and it was correct, so I don’t know why I didn’t receive my packages. There is NO way I will receive my items before my trip. I will NEVER buy from Noracora again!”

“I made an order before checking the reviews out – which I always do – wish I would have this time! I immediately canceled my order through email, 5 or 6 times. Asked for refund to my Mastercard and I have heard NOTHING!!! Should have known better when there is NO PHONE NUMBER!!! What are you people trying to hide? Give me my money back and give it to me NOW.”

“Placed an order with them. Sent several emails requesting an update have had no response. Do not shop with them.”

TrustPilot also issued the following statement on their page on May 9th, 2019.

Contacting Noracora

Noracora only provides an email address to reach out to them.

Since the registered office address of their company shell, BTREE Limited, is a fake location consumers are solely left to email Noracora with the hopes of getting a response.

Their email address on record on site is

Many customers have sent countless emails to Noracora, however, and have yet to get any sort of response. Complaints

Negative reviews and complaints pretty much sum up the entirety of the Noracora operation.

Shared below are 3 of the most relevant complaints we found regarding Noracora at SiteJabber.

“It’s very hard to discover the real reviews because the people behind this “company” keep slamming good reviews. But when you read and see the silly names of the reviewer it is evident they are false. And scroll down to discover the bad ones. Yikes!”

“Same sad experience as so many on here. Contacted them 9 days after placing order and received a response the next day that part of it had shipped, with a tracking number which was connected to nothing. Since then, no response to my multiple inquiries. Now in the process of trying to get a refund from PayPal. Terrible company, do not order!”

“2 orders, not fulfilled. Got thank you note—but no fulfillment yet. They said “on the way” and then said my order was cancelled. I did no such thing. Awaiting customer service answers. EGAD. SCAM?”

Noracora Scam Sites (Updated 09/21/19)

Unfortunately, is not the only fraudulent retail site in active employment by the scam network behind these fake shopping sites.

By simply searching the registered address of BTREE Limited in Google we were able to connect the following sites that are in affiliation with


If you have any sites to add to this list please share your insight by leaving a comment below!

Is Noracora a Scam?

Yes, Noracora and ALL affiliated retail sites are scams!

Noracora Scam Conclusion

Noracora does an exceptional job as coming across as a legitimate online retailer that offers a wide selection of trendy and desirable consumer clothing.

Claiming to work with name brands and offering boutique designer quality clothing, Noracora has been called out on their bluff by countless consumers for their cheap clothing material and inability to fulfill simple customer orders.

Using BTREE Limited as a company shell, the real company behind this Noracora according to WHOIS directories would be Chicv International Holding Limited.

Why put your trust and time with an online retailer that reflects hundreds of negative reviews across the web while reflecting 2 of the most concerning red flags when it comes to online retailers.

The first being the inability to effectively communicate and reply to customers while the last being Noracora’s strong inability to deliver purchased goods as advertised.

Outcome: Noracora is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have!


  1. Beverly L

    It is not a good website they didn’t want to pay me and they wouldn’t give me the okay to send the items back. So they gave the 15% back which is not what I wanted. And I spent $65 plus. The items are cheap the sandals came apart the second time I put them on so that was a waist of money. The clothes are so off and cheap.

  2. Candice Burgstaller


    • Vicki

      Company is out of China and uses deceptive advertising. They steal photos from legitimate online companies and post as there own without showing models face in photo.
      Positive reviews are fake.( See spelling errors)
      After I ordered 5 items, I promptly cancelled order after I learned company‘s merchandise is questionable, they are in China and that I would have to pay shipping to return merchandise to China. I received an automatic reply stating order cannot be cancelled because items are already shipped. This was a lie.
      After sending numerous emails inquiring about status of my order with no reply and the merchandise not being received, I filed a dispute with my bank for not receiving any merchandise at all in time promised. I informed company of my dispute and finally I got a reply that 1 item has been shipped with misleading tracking information. When package arrived at post office, I refused it at the post office. They kindly returned package to China with no shipping cost to me since I refused it.
      I sent to the bank photos of proof of returning the one item. . Bank refunded me the entire amount for not receiving merchandise (4 items) and returning 1 item to company

    • Maria 😤

      @candice I ordered my items on 11/21/19 still waiting. I’ve been emailing Noracora every three days. I always get the same messages “our support group will review it and get back to you in 48 hrs” I feel you rage! I’m surprised that it hasn’t gotten out to the News Media 🤷🏻‍♀️ With all the complaints…Good luck!

    • MarcyG

      Hi Candice,
      I just wanted to speak a little in defense of Roselinlin. I ordered from them, and had no problems with them at all. Everything I ordered arrived (although it did take a couple of months to get here) and was pretty much what I was expecting from the pics and info on their website. Sizes maybe ran a little small, but that’s common with clothes from Asia, and it wasn’t extreme. I consider they dealt fairly with me. However, that took place between May and July of last year (2019). I have no idea what the situation with them is now.

      I also order from Noracora in Nov. 2019, and ran into the same scam everybody else on here did. The couple of pieces that did arrive were awful. Contacted them by email to get a return number and discovered that I would have to pay for shipping to Guangzhou, China, plus any duty fees if applicable. It probably would have cost me most or all of the return amount, not to mention the hassle, so I decided to skip it. That’s what I get for getting sucked into the scam. Most of the order however, has never arrived. I’m in the process of trying to recoup my money for that.

    • Gabriele Sattler

      I am very happy and relieved to have researched that company.There stuff looks good……but somehow I figured something is wrong?????There are very deceiving in how they describe their items.My gut feeling told me research right away and voila..It was exactly what I figured..To sum it up..It looks too good to be true.. This article saved me $85 and a lot of headaches. I am very thankful.Unfortunately this so called company will have their FILl ,due to our situation.People will shop more on line than ever….and will get burned.It is very disturbing to me.How can this be stopped?From now on I will check every company out to the T…Thankyou again for the article.It saved me from a lot of heartship and trouble..

      • LK

        Amen!! Something felt “off” with this place, and I immediately checked them out. Glad I didn’t invest a lot of browsing time, or I REALLY would’ve been pissed!

  3. Nancy Umland

    Purchased knit socks and mittens. Arrived way after Christmas and were defective. Tried to return. Emailed their customer service. No luck. Found a customer service number.
    Noracora called me to issue a refund. That did not happen. They hacked my computer, I couldn’t open my computer, my emails were forwarded to another email, 4 charges totaling $600+ on my credit card. I had to take my computer to get unhacked.
    I contacted the FTC. The phone number was considered the customer svc. 1/845/481/1333.
    They are criminals.

  4. Josie

    All of the above at least they got their items it’s been month and I haven’t recieved mind plus they kept my money

  5. Christine

    I should have checked reviews before. They promised 7-10 day shipping and it took 6 weeks. Also the scarf they sent was an entirely different fabric and not even the same color as the photo. Its like they put up a stock photo and then found the cheapest print that also had leaves and made a random scarf and sold it as the same thing. I got the same run around with returning at my own expense. NEVER again.

    • Suhy Amy M

      I ordered mine last night. Is it too late to cancel? I just saw all of these reviews and I’m panicking!

  6. Leslie Lee DeWitt

    I should of check reviews before. Got scammed. I cancelled within 1 hr from ordering. Keep sending same email I reply and they send same thing everyday for a week now. I am mad as hell. They and all like them should be banned from internet
    Lesson learned go to reviews before ordering.

    • Marie....😤

      Like everyone else on here! I got scammed! Placed my order on 11/21/19 received an email that there’s a delay with my’s now 1/21/20 checked to see if my order has been shipped. My order no# and email has been deleted…I should had been a lot smarter and checked on reviews especially because it’s an online clothing company…I was really pissed off now I just feel really dumb…check before ordering!!

  7. Robin Michetti

    Any of the positive, NoraCora reviews on review sites are written in broken English and/or in a non-English culture manner. Sure, people write in not just from North America or whose mother tongue is not English…but ALL of them?
    Sadly having been scammed, myself, it gives me and others a very bad impression of the Chinese people as scammers and thieves.
    My question is: why do Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other credit card companies not refuse to deal with these scam artists? I suppose because they get their cut from these robbers. Shame on them!

  8. Angie

    Unfortunately, I have also been scammed by Everything said here is true. The merchandise I received was grotesquely different than what I bought at the website. Also, I never received several items of my order. And yes, when I complained to, I received several form letters completely disregarding my complaints. I am still waiting resolution from PayPal. Additionally, all the other Chinese online stores mentioned here defrauded me as well. These people need to be put in jail and they should throw away the key.


  9. Lili B

    What you see is really not what you get with NoraCora cheap and ugly clothes.
    I’ve been had with this scrap!
    This company is really dishonest.

    • Sam Kline needs to be investigated as a scam. Their product quality is poor and not seeming as what you ordered. They take a long time for you to receive your order and in its completion.

  10. Tibi

    Noracora a.k.a Fashion Web International is a fake website and a huge scam, it’s a ruse used by some fake Companies in China to steal your Identity and get your information to be used in China, and also steal your money, on top of it! On August 28, 2019, I ordered items worth $200 from this website but after waiting, I only received some of the items and not others, & the ones I received are cheap looking junk that don’t look anything like photos on their website, and which i have no use for. Their clothing is made of some cheap polyester while the earrings are made of some cheap ugly, rusty deep brown metal, or copper.??? As soon as I ordered the items, email link to ‘view the details’ of my order and my only access to tracking numbers mysteriously disappeared, with a message saying (Page Not Found), they closed the website link after getting what they wanted, my Info, ID and money. But for some reason, since they have my email, they are still able to send me promotional emails through their website (Noracora). When I asked them for the items I ordered or a refund, they sent me some computer generated, fake auto reply full of gibberish. I had paid for my order through PAYPAL, but when I contacted PAYPAL, i found out that they cannot help much, and since they don’t have enough employees, it literally takes ages to get someone on the phone and each associate has a different answer, meaning they don’t take notes and write customer call issues on file or record. Anyway, PAYPAL told me that there was nothing they could really do for me since they receive lots of complaints on Noracora and are overwhelmed. They also told me that Noracora told them that inorder for me to get my missing items, or money back, I needed to send all the items I had received back to China, by 12/01/19. How does that make any sense to anyone, what???? How and why am I expected to send back what I already paid for and got, inorder to receive what I haven’t received but already paid for?? So, why bother buying stuff and paying for items through PAYPAL, if they CANNOT even protect me as a customer from Scammers and fake sellers like NORACORA?. It’s been a big headache dealing with this, getting someone on phone at PAYPAL is like chasing wind, it takes at least 1 hour just to get through to a live human being and they are NOT even located in the US, (maybe Philippines or India??). Then, when you call you’ll have to start afresh and explain the whole situation, to them every single time. Each PAYPAL associate will ask you the very same questions over & over again, you’ll have to explain the issue from the start, to each PAYPAL associate because they don’t take any customer call notes over there at PAYPAL. They will also put you on hold for a while, only to come back and read their rehearsed script and tell you that there’s “nothing they could really do about the situation” since their “hands are tied on this”, and that they “really can’t override the decision on the matter”, they “are currently overwhelmed by similar complaints from Noracora website & similar websites”, that they “cannot refund the money because they need to protect both parties, buyer and seller” etc. what??? I thought PayPal was established to protect their customers from glaring scammers like Noracora.? This reply was after hours and hours of waiting to catch someone and being told to wait for for them to contact Noracora and then get back to them in 10 days, or 20 days, or 30 days and so forth. Both NORACORA and PAYPAL are awful to deal with, I will not do business with or deal with either of them in future. To make matters worse, shortly after I ordered my items from Noracora, I started receiving numerous calls from China (in Chinese language) and from different States and area codes in USA, using fake computer generated numbers, on a nearly daily basis. One of the calls I received, was some scammer posing as a US SS Administration guy, asking me to confirm my SSN to confirm stuff and pretending that I needed to call them ASAP because my SSN “had been used in a criminal activity”, like really.?😳. Thankfully, I’ve still got my marbles, and I’m very well aware of scammers and know better. Guys, please be warned, beware, DONOT DO IT, keep your money and your sanity. It’s been a freaking nightmare, and a wild maze trying to get my missing items and or refund back from these effing scammers. And to this day, I still haven’t received the missing items or a refund. I lost $100 to them. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER from NORACORA or Fashion Web International, they are web of liars and scammers, they are a bunch of thieves from China and obvious scammers, who use bait and switch tactics to get your information & some easy money. And while you’re at it, DO NOT use or pay for stuff through PAYPAL either, they WILL NOT PROTECT YOU, I repeat, they WONT you are on your own, beware!!

  11. Mary Flynn

    Where can I lodge a complaint to the Federal government? This company needs to be stopped! I need a contact number and address please.

  12. Alicia

    Please add “” to the list of affiliated clothing sites. I was scammed by them with all the same complaints as those already posted for Noracora. Saw many of the exact same items on both sites. I was one of the lucky ones who contested the charge and got my money back, including the original postage.

  13. Denise Griewisch

    The main company Noracora operates under is JustFashionNow. They also advertise their fake merchandise under these names and every day I’m finding more of these who advertise the same clothes but u dear different names, like:
    I have filed complaints with bot the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communication Commission because they sell online theFCC can charge them with wire fraud. It’s important to, instead of writing these complaints on Noracoras own site, which will result in nothing, PLEASE send these complaints to the federal agencies listed above. It’s user friendly, takes only a few minutes and I’ve already gotten a response saying they’ve opened a case. They need more complaints to shut the countdown.

    However, some of the clothes advertised look truly marvelous and unique. But they must be get the photos from actual manufacturers of these items, if I could find the makers of the beautiful sweaters, coats, shoes and shirts I’d definitely buy them! But I cannot figure out how to track that down. Some of the items look to be handmade, boutique quality, not mass produced. But where to duping the original designers and thee clothes?!
    Any ideas?

    • Denise Griewisch

      I found several typos in my first message above. I’ll try to clarify:
      The FTC and FCC need complaints to shut down the company, not “countdown”.
      But anyone have ideas about (not (duping) the original designers of these clothes?
      All the names listed in original message are names JustFashionNow advertises the exact same clothing items.

    • northern girl

      These companies take photos from clothing for sale on site such as Esty, small legitimate boutique companies, bloggers, and even large stores like Nordstrom. Surely this is not legal? I hope people who have lost money complain the federal agencies you mention. Well done for suggesting this.



  15. Ann Marie Moyer

    I have ordered several pieces of clothing from oracora. What a big .istake!! I received one of the items so far,it looks like a child’s craft progect. I really have doubts about the other items ordered. I spent a lot of money on these things,am retired and money is tight. These were supposed to be Christmas gifts. Tried to contact customer service…what a joke. All I received was a standard reply telling me to contact customer service. I just did! What a scam. Lesson learned at a high price. Please don’t make the same mistake. NEVER buy from this company!!!



  16. Pauletta Johnson

    Another company that is not legit is do not buy from them either- they are the same as noracora

      • Catherine

        Same as noracora:
        Yo popstyle
        All advertised on FB and reported. It’s really ridiculous how many of these noracora mirror sites are out there.

  17. Anonymous

    Noracora fraud, after a few days they send a tracking # that 1 of your items is coming from china, tracking # is invalid.
    we have requested a valid tracking #
    We have requested a refund
    never again.

    • Victoria Pentecost

      What upsets me also is that they are constantly advertising on my BBC app. Always. CNN App too. CNN App also has fake news on it. You would think these corporations would not want to be advertising scams…. But they are and have been for years.

      • Janet Daley Jury

        I agree. The first time I saw an ad, it was on the web page for the New York Times. That gave the company, in my naive mind, credibility that it DID not deserve. Huge scam!

      • karen

        I agree! I couldn’t avoid the add popping up. Now that I’m “incarcerated” in my home for the duration, I am filled with regret that I wasn’t a dutiful daughter and grand-daughter. Both of these ladies knew how to sew, knit, embroider and crochet; my sisters and I wore the same baptismal gown, booties and other handmade items as infants and toddlers. In the seventies, when crochet once again became fashionable we had lovely handmade outfits. Recently, I was flabbergasted at the cost of a crochet dress that reminded me of something my Mom had made me. The most I can do in crochet is treble stitch. Whether original or not, the designs of many of noracora clothes are quite pretty and online or actually visiting a fabric shop could have provided me with inspiration to make something if I knew what I was doing. In my next life I will spend more time at my mother’s side learning how to do things with my hands. Sigh….. It’s truly disgraceful that people’s hard earned money is STOLEN and with no true recourse it seems. I don’t often check reviews, but I’m so glad I did today as I would have been in many disgruntled customers shoes. Given the state of many people’s finances, we can live without being cheated!

  18. Teresa Gaydos

    DO NOT Waste ur time!! Total scam!!! They will only refund 15% of the item you don’t want!!

  19. Rachel Meisner

    Items sent looked nothing like the pictures. Got their attention when I said I was going to file a complaint with the FTC. They attempted to refund my account but had to have forms which couldn’t be emailed to me but had to be done through a goto assist program. Basically they tried to get on to my computer!!!! TOTAL SCAM, CLOSED MY CREDIT CARD SINCE THEY HAD THE NUMBER AND WILL BE FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE FTC FOR SURE!!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

    • Milena

      Told me the same then tried me to purchase a Wal-Mart gift card for $300 telling that’s how they would return my money

  20. C. Witek

    No no no no no no to NORACORA! They
    describe clothing as cotton or cotton/blend. If it ever arrives, it looks like it’s made from shower curtains.
    After 2 months, a “sweater” arrived made of polyester mesh with a button but no buttonhole. Wristlet/gloves haven’t arrived, told they’re still being “manufactured”. Compared to others, I ‘m lucky I’m out only $50 but it still smarts. This company seems to assume they can scam consumers with impunity. Let’s prove them wrong.

  21. Mimi

    I ordered from them and was told that my order would arrive in 7-10 days and it did. I ordered two of the same white shirts with the tye on the sleeve. The only problem I experience was the fabric is slightly different from the actual picture. The picture and description appear to be cotton whereas the actual fabric is dressier if that’s an actual description. I used a prepaid visa card because that is how I order online and so it works for me. I have to admit that I was leery about the quality since the pricing was so inexpensive. I will not be using this site again since there are so many bad comments about them.

  22. Holly E Marrow

    I was suckered in by the awesome appearing clothing and ordered before reading reviews. Chalk it up to STUPID mistakes! I’m quite certain I won’t receive what I ordered and it seems trying for a refund is pointless. Other sites with the SAME KIND OF CLOTHING that I also believe are scam sites:
    Vogueins VIP
    Extremely disappointed as these are the kind of clothes I love. Why can’t someone make and sell them legitimately?

    • Cazzandra

      I too have been scammed by noracora, terrible quality clothing, only received half of order, they don’t answer emails, had to cancel credit card. First time I’ve ordered online and I didn’t check reviews. Once bitten twice shy… why can’t some authority close them down promptly

  23. Toni GAFFNEY

    I wish i had researched them before I ordered – will not respond to my email requests no tracking number – its just makes me sick.
    Why does goggle allow them to pop up advertise to scam people – it is not far

  24. A

    So, i believe “wotoba” is related to this noracora scam. I had placed an order with them and then stumbled on another site full of similar negative reviews and experiences people had with them.
    I requested a refund.
    I then received an email regarding my noracora order that i supposedly sent an inquiry to customer service about.
    Id never heard of noracora. I asked if this was in regards to my wotoba order? They said they had no idea about that and to contact the proper company. I asked what they were contacting me about then.

    Perhaps the scammer accidentally responded to me from the wrong fake business account.

  25. brenda

    Thank you all so very much. I had an order sitting and thankfully I came online and checked the reviews before I gave CC information. It was a large order as the pictures and prices were really enticing. Saved me a major headache.

    • Jeannine

      I too was scammed. When I touch the link to view my order it says, page not found. When I touch the tracking number it sends me to a false page. I am calling the bank to report fraud. Makes me so angry!!

  26. Mish

    DO NOT order from that site and not even thru ebay b/c ebay did not provide refund even after I uploaded copy of tracking info when I mailed the WRONG item back. So so disappointed about ebay’s handling of this and once you refute and they close case, you have no way to prove the wrong. Tracking info that USPS gave to me had no spaces and since I did not provide spaces, ebay says I didn’t provide correct tracking info thus my case was closed. I lost out of money I paid to Noracora for WRONG item that they mailed to me and it cost me an additional $23.00 to mail item back to China and now the shipment is stalled somewhere in Jamaica. WRONG WRONG WRONG on soo many level. True scam to its fullest on both Noracora and eBay!

    • Roxanne Boalt

      Done some research – ripped off by Nora Cora big time, and found that these are the same sites! Do not buy from these sites : Asacroft, HoneySstar, Tarunow, Ellafancy, Moonyana, Senaxy, Bonachic, Comfyshe, Modestmint, Modbutton, and EZSmart….I’m sure they add new names every day to lure you in…look at the site – if they are selling the same clothes as Nora Cora they are the same rip off artists.

  27. Linda Mitchell

    Mostata should be on scam list too. It has a lot of the same clothes as Noracora and based in China.
    Although no reviews on it’s website, Supplier Blacklist has lot of info & bad reviews on Mostata. Be very early of ordering from them & if you order use PayPal who guarantee if scam or wrong order. AVOID MOSTATA

    • Pauola

      Just received items. To summarize: Fun Forest! Poor quality. Made of toilet tissue???? Avoid CHINA items!!

    • S. Martin

      The best way to avoid this? Remember, whenever you see attractive, high quality looking clothes being offered for unrealistic low prices, DO NOT BUY! These websites steal photos from very expensive, top quality catalogs. The actual prices of these pieces are in the hundreds or thousands.

  28. Michelle

    I received the wrong dress (actually rec’d a very ugly and larger size dress) and Noracora kept offering me partial refunds since they are in China. Then they kept referencing their return policy but no where in their return policy does it state that they are in China and that the customer would have to incur expense for shipping WRONG item back to China. My dress cost $36 and it cost me $23.50 to mail it back and I am still waiting for full refund from pay pal. I encouraged paypal to not work with this co. If you see this message a day late, then I encourage you to ask pay pal back for total cost (payment plus anticipated shipping) otherwise, just declare that you never rec’d the item which is true b/c a wrong item is not the item you ordered. so just state that you rec’d wrong item and throw the piece from Noracora in trash! Never ever work with this co. they are are SCAM!

  29. Kathy

    Yes, same experience as others. DO NOT BUY. I used PayPal but they said they never received the return so out $90. Horrible.

    • Neane

      I’m in Australia and have had the exact same problem with having to return my items to China. Even though the cost was almost as much as the anticipated refund I decided they shouldn’t get away with sending shoddy stuff so sent two things back by Fed Ex…big mistake. My parcel is sitting in Chinese customs waiting on a reply from the seller for over a week. They say they do not have to contact Fed Ex and are waiting on the parcel!!! Why didn’t I send it by post! It won’t get delivered until they tell customs what they need OMG so frustrating. They are not up for any money, I am paying all taxes if there are any. PayPal are just as bad with automated responses and no way to contact them, their contact page does not seem to work. Looks like Fed Ex will be destroying the parcel and I am left wi5h the bill, no refund and three weeks of absolute tear your hair out frustration. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE, they will rip you off too.

  30. Ingrid Fredrick

    Buyer be very aware. I purchased two shirts and a pair of earrings from NoraCora. Each were shipped individually. The shirts were not as represented. They were poor quality and clingy, not loose fitting as shown in their advertisement. I contacted the company and their response was to offer me a 15% discount, saying that I could use the savings for alterations. If I chose to return the items it was my responsibility to send them back to China. They made me aware that to do so can be very expensive and that they could also incur a duty or custom charge. Checking I found it can be over $30.00 for package 1lb or less. Should I decide to return that they would evaluate the items to see if they qualify and then get back to me.
    I did purchase through PayPal. They advised me to return the items to China and wait for PayPal’s response once they here from the people in China. My concern is this …there is a possibility that the package could get lost in transit, or they could make up a story as to why they didn’t find the return acceptable. These items were never worn. It’s also worrisome with what is going on in this country today between the US and China .All in all I could end up not only paying for the items, but also an additional fee on top of that for the return shipping.
    I would advise anyone who buys anything on line to check for a phone number, make sure that it is a company here in the US and has no affiliation with a foreign country, and for heaven sake check the reviews. These companies show up on Facebook. They do a very nice job presenting the product, but that is not what you get. This applies to wig sales also. Same bait, same story for those coming from China .

  31. lena

    I also ordered and took over 6 weeks. I was never able to track anything. I will never order from them again.

  32. Nancy Holmes

    Here’s another scam operator for your blacklist: JUST FASHION NOW — Slick ads, shoddy clothing knockoffs that are sleazy and often damaged, return policy TO CHINA (read the fine print carefully) that are exorbitantly expensive and untrackable. Be aware and BEWARE!

  33. catbee

    Ordered 7 items–received 3 items after a month. All 3 items are NOT as described or pictured online. Totally different! The pieces ‘look’ like linen online, even described as being “linen”, but they are NOT (label says “cotton, polyester”)…
    *I ordered a navy blue and white striped “linen” top–what I received was a pale blue and blue/green striped, thin POLYESTER cheap looking knock off. Label says “cotton, polyester”. There’s no cotton in this thing.
    *ordered a lightweight, tone on tone striped “linen” pant-what I received was a mid to heavier weight CORDUROY, pure white pant
    *ordered a bright green”linen” pant with ruffle leg-what I got was a army green pant with the label on the wrong side of the waist band. The label says “cotton, polyester”. Visually, the style is close to how it’s pictured online except for the color and it looks more like a true linen so I can live with these pants.
    Here’s the next problem: it looks like my order was divided up into 3 separate shippings. When I enter my (entire) order number, 3 of the items I paid for don’t show up at all.(my payment receipt shows all 7 pieces). So where did these 3 items go? If they were still being processed, why doesn’t it show they are still being processed?
    Since I don’t have all the items yet (if ever), would it be better to just dispute the charges for the entire order with my credit card company now ??

  34. Carol Shearer

    I’m usually smarter than this! I fell prey to both Noracora and Roselinlin at the same time! I will never order on-line again without researching the credibility of the company! I am a senior citizen sitting here with five separate shipments from that day. I have emailed for refunds following their directives that come with the packages. From what I’ve read herein, that was my SECOND foolish move as I assume that will be fruitless! As everyone else has stated, nothing pictured on their sites is representative of what one receives; I cannot attach ANY level of quality to what they send out…it is below all description! Aside from quality, the sizes are all over the board, some pieces even had sewn in sizes far smaller than what was marked on the packaging. I ordered through PayPay. With all of these negative reviews, PayPal should be aware and able to warn their patrons of these scam companies from China. I’ll attempt to recover my payments through PayPal. Time will tell.

    • fbk

      This was my exact experience with Noracora. DO NOT BUY from this online “retailer”! It is truly a scam, a way to unload some of the worst junk I have ever had the misfortune to purchase. And no, there is NO recourse. There is no real address or contact information, and no way to get this. If you paid by credit or debit card, get a new one immediately. These people are total FRAUDS. DO NOT waste your tine or money!

    • Mary-Ellen Powell

      PayPal have refused to refund my US$90 as NoraCora told them they never received the parcel, even though NoraCora implied they did via email. NoraCora now have blocked my email address.

      • Neane

        After months of emailing back and forth with Noracora and returning the crap clothes, they still refuse to cooperate. My return is sitting in Chinese customs and it will have to be destroyed as NC will not do anything about it (we don’t have to, they say). I got PayPal involved and finally heard today they are refunding my money! So a good outcome for me but NC aren’t paying so not so satisfying. I hope PayPal decide to reject payments for orders to NC in the future to protect shoppers from this shonky website.

        • Mary-Ellen Powell

          That’s funny because I too have heard back from both PayPal & NoraCora with refund today! Still no funds in my account though… won’t believe it till I see it.

          • Jan Jury

            It took a couple of months and some back and forth with my US Bank Visa card people, but last week the full amount of purchase was refunded to my Visa account. Good luck!

          • Neane

            Ha ha, PayPal must’ve had a clean up of all the Noracora complaints. No my refund hasn’t shown up yet! Either. Fingers crossed.😏

  35. L.

    Looking at noracora and roselinlin, I wondered if they are mainly collecting credit card info, to sell. Or email addresses with physical addresses. Since no one knows who they really are, that is possible, right? I decided not to buy there.

  36. Sally Ferro

    Don’t order anything from a company that calls itself Milk and Choco. I ordered what was supposed to be a cute denim dress and what I received was a long cheap and I mean really cheap denim colored long men’s shirt that looked like it was sown by a 2 year old. Also it had a awful oil smell to it. It seems a lot of these company’s are scams they have no phone numbers to get in touch with them It wouldn’t surprise me if they were all the same company with different names . Buyer beware!!

  37. ISOBEL

    DO NOT BUY FROM ‘ROSELINLIN’ OR FROM THIS ONLINE STORE!!! I bought 3 items of clothing from an online shop called ‘Roselinlin’. The clothing looks suspiciously the same as Noracora which, like Roselinlin is now showing up in all my feeds. I strongly suspect they are connected.
    The clothing was posted in plastic bag from somewhere is Asia and is shocking quality. It doesnt look at all like the photos! I didnt even bother trying it on & I gave it to a local op shop!!!
    The items I ordered took several weeks to arrive with one item that has never been delivered at all! Communication with them was abysmal. THIS IS A SCAM. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

  38. Diana

    I ordered from Noracora Never recieved my Items ! Its Been 3 Months !!! Bank of America wouldn’t give me my money back because even tho I was Scamed I was a day late in sending them some documents they asked for !! I’m Leaving the Bank They SUCK !!! Noracora is a SCAM !!!

  39. Jan Jury

    Oh, how I wish I had read this before placing my order. After almost 30 days, I have received three of the four items I ordered and NONE of them were to size. I was able to give the first one away as a gift but I applied for a refund for the other two, which were much too small and not of good quality. The company just advised me via email that they will pay me 15% of the cost OR I can arrange to mail them back to China and incur shipping (and potential customs) costs that outweigh the purchase. This is a scam company, and I am furious that they can get away with such false advertising.

  40. RSP

    A couple of additional questions/observations. Why don’t The ever show the heads of the models in their pictures?
    Why is it that all of the positive reviews are always written in broken English. Obviously planted by their employees

    • Leigh Cooper

      Seems to me BerryLook is a part of all of this as well.

  41. Zed

    Do not shop here. NoraCora is a scam. The images on the website have nothing to do with the products that arrive in the mail, if they arrive at all. Though they claim to accept returns, they actually do not. I imagine, if they were not small fry, they would already have been shut down.

    • Mary-Ellen Powell

      I actually wonder if they are small fry as even PayPal seems intimidated by them

  42. Pamela M Howard

    so terrible! the quality, color, and sizes were not at all as advertised. they will not refund either and will give you a complete run around.
    DO NOT BUY!!!

    • Yolie

      It is so unfortunate. It would take less time to have garments made correctly. And Most are simple garments. How do you make a neck hole tiny enough for a toddler and the size is XL or 2X women’s? If they just cared they’d have returning customers. How dumb are they.

  43. Andrea Henderson

    This NoraCora is an absolute scam!!! I ordered 2 dresses, received something totally different. I returned the garments to the address I received them from, never received a refund. I have been emailing back and forth to no avail!!! Stay away from them. Soo disgusted ! $55 down the drain.

  44. Linda Vogel

    Bought two blouses from them. Took weeks to arrive. One was as pictured. The other not. I contacted the company a few times about a return and received no response. Finally I received a testy email informing me I had a week to mail the blouse back to China, but that I would have to pay shipping and customs, and that it would take a very long time. Or I could accept 15% purchase price refund. After I cvntacted PayPal and my credit card company they offered 20& on the dollar, and also said the blouse would have to be in the original white plastic bag it came in for a return. There was no such bag. An incompetent, cheating company. Sorry not to have read the reviews, but this is the first time I have EVER had problems with an on-line order.

  45. Courtnay Flagg

    This company tried to get me to install Alpemix software through to issue a refund. This is a software that can take over my computer remotely by them and then I would have to pay to have it back. This company and the people working for it are criminals. Trying to get Paypal to no longer do business with them and it should be removed as any kind of legitimate site.

  46. Sandy

    Just lost $68 to Noracora when they refused to refund me for items I returned to their US shipping address at Dept 1196, Cranbury South River Rd, Monroe Township NJ. They told me online that I should have returned the item to China, but really it is so expensive they would just send me replacement items! So no China address provided to return. I used the shipping address on the package to make the return. Paypal has denied my complaint; says I did not give proof of return, but I gave them the UPS documentation of the return to the NJ shipping address. This company says it will accept returns, but it appears not, and so you are out the money. By the way, the sizing was so off I couldn’t wear the items, nor could I give them to anyone of my friends as they didn’t fit, so it was really a bad purchase. Do not buy from Noracora

  47. Denise Bier

    Yes, it took over a month to receive my order and there is not a return policy.
    While two of the shirts were nice quality, the third was not and the shoes I ordered were the worst quality. Additionally, their sizing charts are way off and the fit on all of their items is WIERD. Hugh shoulders, small waist. I don’t know who this would fit. None of the shirts that I bought fit me, despite using their sizing charts.

  48. PeterF

    I ordered two dresses – they showed up OK. Quality was total garbage so I returned them to the same address they came from. Delivery to them is confirmed by postal track. Now they are “sorry” but cannot “receive” my dresses and cannot refund the money. I asked that where is my package now but no answer. There is nobody to talk to but email back and forth. STAY AWAY FROM THIS “BUSINESS” or you too will get scammed.

    • Yolie Turner

      Thats all I need to know. I have placed their emails into my spam folder.

  49. Yolie Turner

    So glad I this came across for me to read my order was totaling $135.oo. My computer registered NoraCora as scam as well. I had my share of these companies and have begun to catch on. My Lastest was WIKI aka OrderPlus International Limited. Lucky for me I had PayPal get in the fight after they ran me thru an obstacle course on how to return my almost 3 months to deliver poor quality garments. Then had the nerve to offer me $6 on $54. But, the first 2 pcs came in a timely manner and were good garments. But now I check and if they carry the same garments as the other sites, I pass on it. And I agree with others FB and Instagram should bar these type of vendors.
    Going forward, if they don’t offer PayPal as a payment option its another pass for me.

    • Gracie

      I think I have been scammed too. I received my items, but everything was too small & very flimsy materials. Wish I had checked out the site before ordering. Calling the bank to process refund payment.

  50. Nancy

    I ordered 3;shirts from NORACORA June 1, tracking number shows I received one I HAVE NOT RECEIVED anything from them. From what I have been reading they are not credible. I have tried to contact them via email and no success. I guess I join the other suckers b

  51. Rocky B.

    I foolishly ordered 5 shirts from Nora Cora. I do believe that there can be some color variation between the screen and the actual item, however, the styles and colors were unlike anything in the pictures. i have been requesting a return label for 5 weeks – I get a robo reply asking which 2 items I wish to return – or they would be glad to refund 15% of the purchase price of my order. 15%!!!
    NEVER NEVER ORDER FROM NORA CORA ! I will donate the items to charity – at least they will be of some use to someone.
    I son’t understand why FACEBOOK, CNN etc allows them to advertise.

    • Mary Williams

      My story is similar to yours, buyer beware, I don’t understand why these reputable sites allow these companies to advertise either! and there’s more!

    • Suzanna

      I am another victim of these fraudulent people. Garment I ordered took forever to get here and it looked nothing like the garment I ordered. It was not linen, not the same color as pictured and it was about 4 sizes bigger than I ordered. I knew when I contacted them to make a return that I had been scammed because the e mail I received said it had to be returned to China. The offered 15% of my payment as a refund. I refused. They came back with an offer of 20%. They never provided me with a return address. Wouldn’t have done any good anyway as it would have cost me shipping and I’m convinced there would have been no refund.

  52. Chris Sutcliffe

    How stupid I feel! Put me down on the scammed list, too. I will say that they have changed their mailing location — my package of ill-fitting, ridiculously-sized clothing was sent from New Jersey. But was supposed to be returned to China. Instead, I will give the items to a skinny friend in case she ever wants to mow her lawn in my newest ‘designer fashions.’

  53. Min Kang

    I was shocked when I got clothes from Noracora.
    Smaller size and very bad quality!
    I tried reach them, no response, no address to return.
    Be awful, this is scam!!!

    • MILA


  54. Susan B

    It seems that there are a lot of these types of “shopping sites” popping up all over the place just within the past several weeks. In addition to Noracora I have seen:
    and a few others whose names I have forgotten. As one previous reviewer mentioned, if the site shows clothing on models without their heads showing, avoid them like the plague. These are aggressive, Chinese sweatshops that aren’t concerned about customer satisfaction or service. They are apparently ripping people off all over the world with their fraudulent advertising and websites. They don’t carry inventory and they don’t care about customer service. Shop local!

  55. Sara Lee

    I ordered a yellow sweater. The quality was horrible, the material felt like plastic.

  56. Gutika

    Cheap fabric, nothing like those advertised. I order a yellow dress and received a pink one. The scarf to match the blouse came a completely different fabric, quality and colour. It did not match at all with the one ordered. Very disappointed. Do not purchase anything before reading the reviews. It is indeed a scam.

  57. Annette

    I recently ordered online a couple of items of clothing from a company I saw in an advert on the computer. Unusual for me as I tend to order only from sources that I know. BE WARNED! Do not order from a company called “NoraCora.” I believe it to be a fraudulent company.
    It took several emails to the company & emails to PayPal before I received one of the items, which was squashed into a padded envelope & the item was a piece of junk. Before I ordered I had checked that they did Returns & Refunds, but when I requested that I was told that they were offering me 15% refund & it would have to be returned to Guangzhou, China. Surprise! there was no mention of China in the adverts or the order. But, the item had been shipped to me from Chino, California. How does all that work? I never received the second item till after I had placed a claim with PayPal, & it was instantly sent, dreadful junk, & again shipped from Chino, California.
    Because I paid through PayPal I was able to place a claim, which has now been honoured & my money refunded.

  58. True Griffin

    This was my review until five hours ago. It appears that Noracora reporting bad reviews to Trustpilot to have them removed. I posted this about two weeks ago and a clearly a victim of this Chinese Syndicate.

    Danger Will Robinson

    Stay away from all the companies that are popping up on google and SM platforms for clothing if the models face has been cropped off. They are all the same merchant using many different LLCs. The different sites have clothing for different taste. All of the clothing sent is trash. The merchant is requesting reviews be removed if there is no customer service information. So, I have been scammed by them. I placed an order. They broke it up into three shipments First shipment not received, second one receive and thrown In the trash. Product was cheap polyester fabric and had a smell to it. The item was made so badly I doubt it would of survived the wash. E-mails sent to Noracora about invalid tracking numbers were not answered. Once I got PayPal involved they answered with another invalid tracking number for part two. They also sent PayPal real tracking for Fedex. I had told them not to send the remainder of the order, but alas, I was ignored and part two was sent. As far as the third part of my order. Nothing. No tracking number, no response to email, no product in over two months. PayPal is enabling this Chinese syndicate. If they can proved you received one part of the order they rule for the company. I’m rethinking my PayPal account. I certainly will not rely on them to screen merchants. I went to my CC company and they did a chargeback. As quick as they did it, my guess is this merchant is on their watch list. SMH, I should of known better. The ads are everywhere, it’s easy to finally get pulled in. Tell your friends, post on SM, scream from the rooftops. Let’s get them off the web. Again, a quick way to know this is not a legit company; models with heads cut off. Look a little deeper and you will see all the other red flags.

  59. Susan B

    Believe it or not I actually finally received my order from Noracora one day after filing an FTC report on them for non-delivery of goods.
    The “linen” pants I ordered were made from a material listed on the tag as “cotton polyester.” Clearly NOT linen. The other item I ordered is a hair barrette with an amethyst crystal. This item is just okay, as the crystal is highly polished and unnatural looking. But it’s not completely worthless and I will use it.
    I will still avoid this company. It took them almost 2 months to fill this order with cheap knockoff junk, obviously produced in some sweatshop.

    • J Wyman

      I saw the same clothes on another website called omygeeze

      • kit hogan

        JustFashion has same items too

        • Frances Slegers

          Yesnewdress has same items. Am having the same issues as everyone else. Am trying to g eet a ref

          Yesnewdress has the same items as well. Have tried to cancel the order after learning they are a scam company and they are stalling. Will be visiting my bank today to see what they can do. DO NOT order from yesnewdress!

  60. Diana

    Same as above
    I’ve received 2 of 3 packages… I ordered I. 2 sizes to be sure I got a good fit, intending to return the sizes that didnt work out.
    No return info is provided.
    I emailed them, but now, after reading all of the above, I’m probably going to just call it a bad experience and cut my losses.
    I will say that 2 of the blouses I ordered are decent.
    Shoes are too big… poor quality.
    To be on the safe side I’m going to cancel my credit card and have it reissued.

    I feel like a dope for not checking them out first.

  61. Rani

    I actually almost ordered from Roselinin, which seems to be the affiliated with Noracora as the clothes and models are all the same. The ads would show up on several pages I would visit on the web which is how they got my eye. The first red flag was that there were some misspellings on the site! Then I waited a day before I ordered and started noticing the same ads I had previously seen appearing with the company name Noracora instead. Such a scam!!

  62. Susan B

    I just filed an FTC report on Noracora. Thank you for the information you provided so that I could fill out a complete report. I will keep you posted on any communication I receive from them. Let’s get these people! We can’t allow them to continue running this scam.

  63. Susan B

    Noracora actually had the audacity to ask for a review of an item that I ordered and never received! Back in April I ordered a headband and a pair of linen pants. I have yet to receive either. I did inquire about the order and was given a bogus tracking number about 2 weeks ago. Just yesterday they sent me the review request. I have sent an email to to request a full refund. I saw this email address on another online forum complaining about their scamming operation. I threatened to report them to the United States Federal Trade Commission if I didn’t receive an immediate refund. We’ll see…

    • Jackie

      I had the EXACT same events occur with this CRAPPY “company”. I threw 2 of the 3 tops away, and gave the 3rd one away. The first 2 were absolutely NOT linen and though were not supposed to be a plus size, was made to fit a plus sized person. The 3rd shirt was made for an x-small person…I’m a classic medium. Bogus tracking, and I flipped when I was asked for a review. I gave the WORST review (and I don’t normally review websites), but when I tried to submit it, it would not accept it.
      Somebody should shut this site down. Let people from their home country order from them…..but then – buyer beware! Never again!

      • Suzanne P

        Same experience. 3 of 4 items received after a month, provided with fake tracking info at first, repeatedly requested cancellation of my order, to no avail. Items are 100% synthetic and very poor quality, not linen/cotton. I’ve escalated a complaint to PayPal for refund and have also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

  64. Dinah

    So did I ….smt! My only question is why is still active on google ads and other search engines? Shouldn’t there be something done about this?

    • Jennifer Lindley

      I couldn’t agree with you more!! Why is this being allowed?

  65. cheezpuff

    Another site that is possibly affiliated with NoraCora is “Roselinlin”. This boutique sells the same clothing.

    • Susan B

      And Zoesweet is another one. Order took forever to arrive and it was all polyester crap. The “linen” shorts were so thin you can see through both layers of fabric when held up to the light. I ordered large because I like to plan on some shrinkage, but these look like they were made for a child!

  66. Maryka

    Same experience. Got order confirmation by email. Then got shipping notice by email with INACTIVE tracking number. I too am scammed.

  67. Sue Russell

    Ordered dress from Noracora. It came and was way too small. I returned to address on
    package, and it reached that address. Now they are saying I could not return to that address. I asked them for a refund or to return dress to me so I could send it where they say I need to or for them to forward it where it needs to go or they could send me a larger size. I have not received a reply email that responded to which option they could allow. DO NOT ORDER From this
    company. They have my $ and they have the returned dress and are making no attempt to respond to my requests.

  68. Fayette Hauser

    I agree completely with the assertion on this site that noracora is a total scam site. They have listed an inventory of over 4,000 pieces, not including sizes, which is clearly impossible. I saw an ad on Instagram where they are frequently seen as well as Facebook, and ordered a pair of shoes. The charge came up on my card as ChicV International which I feel is the source of the multiple scam sites. I didn’t receive any email after the charge, no receipt, invoice or shipping info. After two weeks I went to the bank and filed a fraud charge. I then received an invoice and shipping info from a site called Sara Dream. I finally received a pair of shoes of such poor quality but returning them to an address completely in Chinese seems impossible so I guess that’s it. Where is the Federal Trade Commission on this issue? Obviously ChicV International is scamming billions mostly from women and why does Facebook allow them so much ad space?

  69. Margar stin

    They ship frequently from california. Refuse unopened package which can have part of tracking number so check. Have post office return unopened to return address on package from usa and call to find out ship date if cancelled before that. They use fed ex smart post so post ofc puts mailbox. Dont open and dont pay as is crap or wrong or send nothing. Report to usa fbi as is federal crime to use usa postal service for fradulent tactics.. They use china return center, but company operates out of uk and california. Return to usa address on package with a tracking number is about 12 dollars and get date delivered to return address in usa and give your card company. The same 2 directors every few years change all company names and continue to rob people. Fbi is investigating mail fraud so report to fbi. Keep all emails and every day send one to them til pkg arrives, immediately refuse and send back, and then email refused acceptance due to cancellation, wrong or damaged items etc. Sign up with uspost office for text alerts and updates and will get delivered package text from them to return usa address on uk,usa not china operation.

  70. Betty

    I ordered a linen shirt. The tracking number wasn’t valid. When I finally received the shirt 25 days later it was not anything like the one I ordered. No response when I emailed them. PayPal is investigating the transaction and I hope to get my money back. Do not order from them.

    • Leonie Doyle

      Did you get your money back from PayPal? I’m going through this at the moment. PayPal want me to send the clothes back to Naracora… China , then they say I’ll get a refund. But I’m not sure that will happen. I’m searching for ANYONE who has gotten a refund but can not find o n e person.

      • Roxanne Boalt

        You will receive robot emails, some offering you a 15% refund…and if you have more than 2 items, they will only accept 2 items in return. So, at 2 items, at a 15% refund of their cost will not cover the cost of return shipping, and they count on you not returning. They get to keep your money, and you get nothing.

  71. Kate

    Noracora is a sweatshop in China. I am in the apparel industry for 29 years – it’s a sweat shop and dishonest people stay away. It’s also crap quality

  72. Chabri

    Thank you for the work you do. I almost purchased $200 worth of clothes from NoraCora.

    • Laurie Hill

      I stupidly did not look at reviews before ordering $100 worth of this crap. What a ripoff. Just lost my hard earned money.

  73. Chabri

    I found the exact same clothes on NoraCora on Wish. I had to look a CPL times, but the model is wearing the exact same jewelry.

    • Neane

      Even though most of heir stuff is crap also, At least with Wish they refund you the cost of the item

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