Scam Review: Ashley Madison Affair “Finding” Fraud? (100’s of Complaints!)

Ashley Madison is a trending mobile application meant to help people find discreet relationships of all kinds.

Single, attached, playful or just curious to discover what’s out there, Ashley Madison is presented as the one application for your needs.

While the Ashley Madison online dating application once reflected a track record of satisfactory consumer reviews, the latest reviews and complaints regarding the legitimacy of Ashley Madison is deeply troubling.

Being declared a scam by hundreds of mobile users who feel victimized, we’ll investigate further into the Ashley Madison mobile application throughout the course of this concise scam review.

If you have an experience to share we ask that you leave your insight with us below.


What first aroused our interest into Ashley Madison would be how is currently a site trending amongst the web.

Typing in “” into your search bar will reveal that is nothing more than a URL redirect to

We aren’t entirely sure of the purpose behind, perhaps it is one of Ashley Madison’s silent partners trying to boost the reputability of the Ashley Madison mobile application – which has come under severe scrutiny as we’ll discuss shortly.

What is the Ashley Madison App?

“Life is short. Have an affair.”

That is the ‘inspiring’ motto found directly under the Ashley Madison logo.

Started back in 2001, Ashley Madison was partially created as a result that there weren’t many places adults could go for discreet dating.

Originally Ashley Madison was intended for married men and women looking to have extramarital affairs through discreet channels but since then the mobile application has been marketed as the “first online dating site of its kind.”

Membership & Billing

  • Mobile Access – $19.99
  • Introductory Package – $49.99
  • Premium Package – $79.99
  • Introductory Package (2) – $41.99
  • Premium Package (2) – $99.99
  • Introductory Package (3) – $84.99
  • Introductory Package (4) – $89.99
  • Introductory Package (5) – $59.99
  • Introductory Package (6) – $69.99
  • Premium Package (3) – $99.99

Many complaints stem from the membership rates exerted by Ashley Madison.

In order to send matches a message, male users are required to spend atleast $8 to send an introductory message – according to some consumer reviews.

Disclosed at the Apple App Store would be information regarding the seller of the Ashley Madison application (Ruby Life Inc.).

Ruby Life Inc. appears to reflect a “F” BBB rating at the Better Business Bureau. Reviews

Consumer reviews we found across the web serve as adequate testimony that Ashley Madison is not what could be considered a trustworthy social dating app.

Ashley Madison reflects a 2.5 out of 5 star rating out of 748 reviews at SiteJabber.

Shared below are some of the most recent reviews we found:

Jacek P. – “As you saw in the title these are two major issues I found with the service. They are happy to take your money but not easy to talk to when you find yourself in a tight corner”

Carlos C. – “I have been in AM for a month now and all i get are requests from scammers. Like today someone contacted me and sent me her email. turnout it did not work. When I ask her why it was not working she ask me for my e-mail. This kind of attack is very common, you give then your email and the you will receive an email from them with an attachment with pictures. Once you click on the attachment they can download ransomware and bang they own your computer and you have to pay to get your access back. Be careful guys, these individual target lonely men…..”

Jackson N. – “Yes,  there are fake profiles. Yes, there are escorts.
And yes, scammers. That being said, these should all be fairly easy to identify when you’re on the site. I’ve been on for a little over a month and have had contact off the site with about 7 women. Get the people you’re talking to off the site (go to kik, Snapchat or something like it). Also, so many guys blame not talking to any women on the site just being a scam. Maybe don’t post a pic of your $#*!? How bout smiling in your profile pic instead of looking like an angry rapist? Common sense, clean yourself before taking a pic… wear a nice freaking shirt. If you’re sending real messages to enough women that don’t have shady profiles and take the time to create a decent profile yourself, you’ll meet someone.”

John G. – “This  is a scam thay preys on old people and addicts. Stop giving these fools your money, you will be much better off for it.”

These reviews were found at

Site History

A WHOIS report will show that was privately registered on November 13th, 2001.

According to the report, is set to expire in 11 days on November 13th, 2019.

At SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 5,048 and a US rank of 1,737.

Ashley Madison is ranked as the 27th most popular romance and relationship site on the web.

On average the site has received well over 8 million visitors, over 50% of which stem from users within the United States.

Cumulatively over 25% of the sites traffic stems from referral, e-mail and display advertisement sources.

Ashley Madison Complaints

TrustPilot – 2.5/5.0 Stars (123 Reviews)

Apple App Store – 3.8/5.0 Stars (4.6K Ratings)

Google PlayStore – 2.3/5.0 Stars (6,562 Reviews) (no longer available)

Shared below are 7 of the most relevant complaints we found:

Jim Harrison – “Absolute worst app. I out within 100 Mike’s of my area and I’m getting different states. Same with status and age the app is all over the place. How did it work so well with the iPhone but the Android app is an absolute wreck”

Valentin Lovin – “ATENTION. Not really sure if it’s a bug of the app but what i know for sure is the platform is charging the credits but didn’t send the messages. I didn’t understand why nobody answer me so I’ve registered myself with another account and sent myself a message. Of course, i never recieved it. I understand this app is not water is not bread and we can survive without it but I think this is a very ugly way to steal people’s money. Very disappointed. NOT RECOMMENDED”

Hb Massaguy4u – “Horrible. If you’re a guy you get screwed and not by any women from the site, but by the site itself. They have NO desire to help you, just take your money. The women have so many more free options on the site, but that’s not surprising given the ratio. I could rant, but read some of the other reviews, they’re spot on. AM is in it for the $$, nothing more. Their screening sucks, their fees are ridiculous and most profiles are fake.”

Gary Davis – “Save your money. I had a feeling that AM sent fake messages to get you to use your credits to contact women. When you wink ladies have the open to send a response. I winked at one lady and the response I got back was “I appreciate the wink but I only have time to respond to full messages”. Of course the full message costs you 8 credits. I asked for private photo access and it was not granted. I then asked the woman if she sent the message I received because I suspected she did not. She replied that she did not send the message. This is the second time I asked and got the response that she had not sent the message. I received a rather rude message response from another woman and when I replied she denied she ever sent it. So I believe these 3 instances prove that AM admins or bots send messages to men simply to make you waste credits so you have to buy more.”

Baronerm – “The fact that you have to pay to make ANY contact at all with anyone renders this app absolutely worthless. If I could have given ZERO stars I would. Not to mention the pricing is outrageous. I have a better chance at finding someone pretty much anywhere else than on this app. It’s just a scam to get you to pay for bot profiles. They’ll say they’re “monitored by some company”, and that they’re “tirelessly working to make it better for their customers” but in the end it’s a money grab from desperate dudes. Don’t be one of those dudes. There are hundreds of other apps and sites. DONT USE THIS ONE.”

Deadmau5pro – “So I have been on this app for 2 weeks and the fee in order to pay for this is not worth anything. What I mean by that is there are more scammers than real people here. 5 times I’ve encountered the same person with 5 different profiles trying to get me to give up my credit card. I’d never fall for that. What kills me is the accents they have trying to sound “Americanized”. It’s pathetic. Also, this one girl decided to take explicit photos of me and is extorting me and threatening to share it with my friends and family. Even better, she started naming people I knew. Little does she know that I don’t care who see them. This app is completely useless and bottom line…DO NOT TRY IT, DONT ATTEMPT TO DOWNLOAD IT!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP! IT ONLY BRINGS MISFORTUNE AND TROUBLE!!! I promise you! Kid you NOT!”

Patrick Tomczak – “Literally just filled with bots. If you’re thinking of spending money on this app, absolutely do not.”

More complaints can be found at the Better Business Bureau.

Is Ashey Madison App Worth the Hassle?

Given the extensive volume of complaints surrounding the Ashley Madison application and we do not believe they are worth the hassle.

Ashley Madison Scam Review

There is quite a bit of controversy regarding the Ashley Madison application.

Given the extensive one-sidedness of negative reviews over positive reviews we do not feel that Ashley Madison is the most trustworthy online dating mobile app.

The membership pricing and rates are astronomical and one-sided (in the sense that allegedly only men are charged to use the mobile application).

Before you commit with the Ashley Madison app we encourage you to visit the consumer review portals embedded in our honest review above to see the relevant chatter circulating around the Ashley Madison application.

If you have any experiences or insight to share we ask that you please share your feedback with us below.


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