Annie Cloth Scam Review: Discount Shopping Fraud!

Annie Cloth is being declared a scam!

Hundreds of negative reviews and complaints have surfaced regarding a deceptive discount retail ‘store’ known as Annie Cloth.

Well-documented as a “rip-off” across review panels, the aim of our investigative review is to render you honest insight into what are calling the Annie Cloth Scam.

To learn more we invite you to continue reading our honest review.

About Annie Cloth

Annie Cloth presents their retail site as your one-stop shop for the freshest and edgy fashion apparel and accessories.

Detailed in their vision statement would be how they strive to provide exceptional value, quality and “superb customer service” but consumer reviews reveal an entirely different truth upon further observation.

Among the category of retail options include:

  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Sweaters & Cardigans
  • Outerwear
  • Bottoms
  • Plus Size/Petites
  • Shoes & Accessories
  • Lingeries
  • 2019 Fall/Winter

Every product featured for retail at reflects online savings.

These online savings average between 24% to 47% off.

As you can deduce, Annie Cloth pretends to function as a discount online retailer.

However, you should know, the only things available for purchase would be your deception and theft of your hard-earned money.

No products are actually being created or tailored at Annie Cloth like they imply.

In fact, no products are being sold at all if half of consumer reviews are to be believed – and there are hundreds of complaints so the evidence is not lacking.

Back-tracing product images will reveal that product images derive from other established online retailers.

So as you have begun to notice, you can’t place much stock into what Annie Cloth claims.

Matters only worsen for Annie Cloth the further we dig, moving forward now.

Contacting Annie Cloth

Transparency is an absolute must within the retail industry.

Transparency of which Annie Cloth significantly lacks.

The only contact method disclosed at would be a contact submission form.

No reference to a physical address, email address or telephone number are revealed.

In addition, there is no disclosure of an overseeing or corporate entity.

We scrounged the sites Terms of Service and Privacy Policy but we came no closer to discovering an entity who may be responsible for Annie Cloth.

Annie Cloth Reviews

There is an armada of negative reviews at TrustPilot regarding Annie Cloth.

Remember how the Annie Cloth vision statement claimed that their take pride in their superb customer service, well take a look at the 5 most recent negative reviews we found:

Rosyln Blue – “I am so disappointed, it’s been 30 since I ordered my items. However, my bank asured me they could get my money back. I have never ran into this before. The banjy will handle writing a fraud claim.”

Ginny Lehner – “I ordered five items and have received two so far. The coat isn’t ANYTHING like the picture on their website. It’s an ugly cheap teal knit fabric (instead of green) with a blurry pattern PRINTED on instead of machine embroidered as pictured. The label “MISLOOK was even sewn in the neck upside down. The scarf is worse if that’s possible. Instead of leaf appliqués as shown, it had leaves printed on the same ugly fabric the coat was made of. Part of the leaf pattern was actually cut off and the main seam at the bottom of the scarf had a six inch seam that hadn’t been sewn shut. I have repeatedly tried to get ahold of Anniecloth and I get shuffled back to the same page that I started with. I have sent messages through their customer service webpage and have heard NOTHING from them. They send one item every two weeks knowing that you won’t spend the high shipping cost to send one item at a time back to them and they only have a two weeks return policy. Do NOT buy from this company!Their items are cheap poorly made knockoffs. If I could give them minus five stars I would. This is a scam!”

Lily Langtree – “I have also had problems with this company and just filed a complaint against them with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 877-382-4357. The more people that file complaints will help the FTC with their investigation of this sham company and their unsavory business practices. Report each and every problem that you have had to provide the FTC with the most ammunition to shut these scammers down. As part of my complaint, I told the FTC about this website and asked them to look into it and add the reviews on the website to their investigation. REPORT THESE SCAMMERS!”

Joy Diamond – “Waited almost a month for My item. Very disappointed in quality of item. Overpriced and not as described. Will never order from them again. Comes from China not Britain as inferred”

Mary Pat Jones – “I had my doubts – you get what you pay for – and my doubts were correct. The sweaters I ordered were way too small. There is no way I can wear them.”

These reviews we found at TrustPilot.

Site History

AnnieCloth was registered on October 27th, 2018.

Chicv International Holding Limited is the corporate entity responsible for the registration of

Chicv International Holding Limited is based out of Hong Kong., and were also registered by Chicv International Holding Limited (you can read all 3 reviews by using our search toolbar).

We exposed all sites as discount retail scams, which combined to scam thousands of online shoppers out of their hard-earned money. is a trending site according to SimiliarWeb on November 1st, 2019.

Reflecting a US web rank of 9,137, Annie Cloth has gone viral.

The site has experienced over a 230% increase in site traffic over 2 months.

Over 90% of all the sites traffic stems from online visitors located in the US.

Annie Cloth is a good example of how fraudulent retail sites become viral.

You see, over 40% of the sites traffic stems cumulatively from referral (15.54%) and display advertisement sources (26.18%).

Through effective and misleading advertisement campaigns conducted through reputable and widely visited news funnels, social outlets, and search engine ads, sites such as Annie Cloth can conduct insanely specific marketing practices.

You see over 90% of the sites traffic stems from visitor within the US.

So they are targeting US demographics, further refine that to young females primarily between the ages of 18 to 35 along with estimated income restrictions (to target more budget conscience consumers) Annie Cloth is able to effectively market, mislead and fleece consumers out of their money.

AND here is the kicker, Annie Cloth is NOT the first retail fraud site to do this.

There are hundreds of misleading and fraudulent scam retail sites doing these practices!

Additionally another 7% of the sites traffic stems from social media and e-mail based sources.

Annie Cloth Complaints

Annie Cloth reflects a 1 out of 5 star rating at SiteJabber.

Out of 71 reviews, only 3 were positive (likely fake reviews).

Shared below are some relative complaints we came across:

Connee S. – “I placed an order a week ago. Never received it. Only received a paypal receipt. The receipt is to an individual at another company “*****”. Never received an email from stating that: we confirmed your order, here is your order number, your order has been shipped, your tracking number. Nothing. I sent an email to and got the runaround. What is your order number? If I had an order number, I’d give it to them. They have not responded to additional emails. SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE; DON’T ORDER FROM THEM. Copy the URL above and share with your family and friends. Mommy used to say “if it looks to good to be true, it usually isn’t” – true dat”


Margaret B. – “This is a Chinese site scamming US customers. Items that customers receive, if they receive them at all, are not the items pictured.”

These complaints were found at

Is a Trustworthy Store?

Given the community feedback and other multiple discrepancies we do not feel that Annie Cloth is a trustworthy online store.

Annie Cloth Scam Review

Annie Cloth is cut from the same cloth as the viral Noracora scam that fleeced several hundred US consumers out of their hard-earned money.

We predict that Chicv International Holding Limited is nothing more than a shell company to further conceal the entities responsible for these retail scams.

Since these shell companies reside outside of US jurisdiction it is beyond our manpower (obviously) to shut these sites down.

Which is why if you have any experiences or insight to share we ask that you please leave it below, the more documented feedback we have regarding Annie Cloth the sooner we can eradicate this scam from existence!

With this in mind, thank you for taking the time to read this review!

If you found this review helpful, feel free to share it so others can be warned against this misleading retail scam.


  1. Hollis Zelinsky

    Another person that got scammed by this sleazy outfit that engages in unethical and deceptive practices when it comes to returns. Not to mention that the quality of the clothing is total crap and not as advertised. Stay away. FAR, FAR away!

  2. Laurie Wernick

    ***Warning*** Do NOT order from Annie Cloth I spent approximately $150 on 8 items and all but 1 item did NOT fit. After approximately 15 emails (Back & Forth) I was given a return address in China. Per the post office my package will cost approximately $127 to ship back and with the Corona Virus cannot guarantee when they will receive. Bad enough I am out of $150 dollars……. not setting myself up to be out $277 plus add’l money for insurance. Annie Cloth offered me a 30% refund to keep the clothes but they do NOT fit . I requested clothes that fit and 30% for the stress & aggrevation and or full refund which their response was to mail it back. Not sure how this will end up but I can assure you I will NEVER order from them again & suggest you don’t either.
    Kudos to the photographer for making there CRAP look good.

  3. Charlotte Garcia

    I purchased 2 dresses and a pair of earrings from them. They were delivered but do not fit . I want to return them for a reimbursement to my credit card. I don’t have any information on how to do this. There is no receipt in the package. There are two different return addresses on the packages, but I am sure if I should send them to either. Are there any suggestions?

  4. KATHLEEN McQuown

    I ordered a pair of leather shoes, A thick cardigan sweater, a medium summer top, and a medium sweatshirt in late October. I received the top and sweatshirt in late November. They were not like the photo and one was too small the other too large. The cardigan I ordered looked thick and cozy in the photo online. The one I received was so thin I could see through it. The shoes were Not leather and I didn’t receive the last two items until December. The items in the photos online look fabulous, but what you receive is a VERY CHEAP version. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY..It’s a SCAM

  5. Lisa Riggs

    I ordered five items. 2 months later I have received four.
    I will never order from this company again. In fact, I’m worried about ordering clothes online period at this point, at least from a new source. This company has pictures of the clothes on their site that are not what you end up receiving. The clothes on the site look high quality. What I received was not only improper sizes but so poorly made I will never wear. NOTHING LIKE the PICTURES. After reading reviews on another site, I decided it would cost too much time, money and trouble to even bother to return, so I’m out 100+ dollars.

  6. Randall Underwood

    Dont do business with these jerks.
    They are nothing but a sorry scam outfit.
    I’ve tried to get a refund…..they keep sending me the same email , even tho I send them what they need , …..its as if they dont care about YOU. They DONT. NEVER AGAIN WILL I SPEND MONEY WITH THESE FLY BY NIGHT JERKS.

  7. Sue

    The first two orders I placed with them took almost 4 weeks to arrive, but at least I received what I ordered. I guess I just got lucky. Since I had no problem with my previous orders, I placed two orders in October 2019 which were never delivered. Emailed customer service three times and they responded with a form letter. Ordering from this site is very risky. There is no recourse if you have a problem. I will never order from them again. They took my money once and it will never happen again. Crooks!

  8. Gayle R Olson

    I ordered from them on Oct. 12 2019. Received 2 but not the third. They keep asking for a tracking number but I didn’t get one because they were never sent out. Order took over a month. Didn’t realize it was from China. Will not oderagain

  9. Sue Luna

    I ordered most of my Christmas presents from them this year! Ordered early December! They took all trying money I saved all year for presents! I’m So disappointed, and discouraged !! These folks took more than just my money, they too my Christmas!

  10. K. Fletcher

    I ordered 3 sweater tops in size large, totaling $67.00 and some change.
    What a joke!! They all had to be an extra small, and the quality was EXTRA CHEAP! Very Deceiving pictures on their website.
    I contacted them via email customer service. That was a joke too. They wouldn’t let me send them back for a refund, but would let me keep them for a 10% refund. We emailed back and forth, they finally agreed to a 35% refund and I keep the sweaters to donate to someone. I received $7.10.

  11. P fortney

    Saw two reviews after i ordered and…
    I truly want to rate them a Zero!!
    Saw two reviews after i ordered and became concerned. Sent a concerned letter and received a pre-printed response not addressing any issues.
    First Order 4 Sweaters
    Received 3, Not colors ordered and sizes were way off. One sweater was 11 inches bigger than the other sweater for the same size.
    Received 4th Sweater yesterday and Item is not as advertised.
    Showed a hand knitted sweater in Picture and what was received is no better than a cheap woven rag. Save your money and do not order from this company.
    They did an initial never response, Nothing since, and never ever want to make things right. Total waste of money and time.
    12-12-19 Now they what me to pay to ship the garments back to them. More a waste of my hard earned funds. they do not stand behind their products. I told Annie Cloth I was contacting the Better Business Bureau and Facebook. They are a scam.
    Facebook should be ashamed for the ads they keep running.

  12. L

    Ordered 4 pairs jeans not cheap so thought they’d be ok took 3 weeks for 1st pair to arrive terrible quality not like photo, cheap material painted and very homey …asked for refund they they said 15% off I said no I can send back they said yeah to China ….. then I complained offered 20% then 30% off of the rags they had sent, then they offered to fully refund 2 pairs and did so straight away I’m still $53 out of pocket and I think most of their stock is photoshopped and I wish I’d googled reviews before buying OH WELL U LIVE AND LEARN please stay away from these crooks

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