Scam Bouquet

Calling this one a whole “bouquet” of scams is not far-fetched at all. The two URLs mentioned in the title ( and are obviously both owned by scammers, and they have both been used for a number of different scams.

Depending on your “luck”/geographic location maybe (?), they redirect to different sites, which all try to collect your personal data, while delivering generous promises of too-good-to-be-true riches.

The scams run through this genuine scam-hub take up a mind-boggling range of shapes and sizes.

What’s more or less the same about them though is the fact that they are rather easy to identify as scams, even at first glance.

This “operation” is obviously aimed at the most gullible of the internet, and it looks to achieve its goals by volume and not by quality. /

The domain which is heavily promoted at the moment (June 26, 2018) by the perpetrator of this scam appears to be, which redirects to a landing page on the domain

Amazon Cash Websites (

One of its more pure forms (available here: is one posing as an Amazon work-from-home program.

This scam uses long-winded and rather expertly written copy to convince you to get on board an Amazon program, which will enable you to earn hundreds of dollars a day from your home, by essentially doing nothing.

The copy makes every efforts to sell the deal as one peddled by Amazon.

The company itself is hyped, and even a picture of Jeff Bezos is used to convince users that this is indeed the real deal.

The fine-print at the bottom of the page (made out to be as difficult to read as possible) then essentially gives away the whole scam.

It states that the above content is nothing more than an advertorial, set up to receive payment for the clicks dropped by suckers visitors.

It also says the offer has nothing to do with Amazon itself, completely deflating its own hype that is pushed full-force a couple of paragraphs above.

The page nets visitors in dubious ways too.

Potential victims are actively lured to the site, in the hopes that they will give up their personal details for the scammers.

Abusively obtained phone numbers have been used to send people messages, inviting them to the site.

Those looking for jobs are especially targeted by the perpetrators of the above described scam-variety.

Another scam run through the same URLs is a “money sucking website” scheme, which is so basic and barebones, that it is downright ridiculous.

Then again, the objective of the scam is to grab your name and email address, so its perpetrators figured they didn’t need much finesse to convince victims to give up that information.

You can find the page here:

The centerpiece of this effort is a ridiculous YouTube video (which – you’ve guessed it – is blocked for comments and rating and excluded from search), that may as well be a blueprint on how not to run such a data-sucking scam.

Take Surveys for Cash

The third type of scam perpetrated through, that we are currently aware of is a cash-for-surveys setup, which also makes lofty promises of $500 paid for a single survey, and which is also after the same thing: your name and valid email address.

Like the other two scams discussed above, this one too is a bit rough around the edges, but since no immediate payments are involved on the part of the victim, this too may suffice in what it is trying to accomplish.

This scam runs on a URL to which AmazonDataJobs redirects too:

The bottom line

DO NOT FALL FOR any of the above discussed sophomoric pitches.

These are all directed towards inexperienced and gullible users, perhaps people with impaired vision (who will find it impossible to read their tricky fine-print).

No one, and we repeat: NO ONE, will ever give you $500 per day for “doing absolutely nothing and knowing absolutely nothing” as one of their promotional videos stresses.


  1. 69hitit

    Hering all the information about scam finance, but, what about how to or how does one collect there monies back from these scamming money scavengers?
    Can someone give me information on how to go about trying to collect my funes back.

  2. RB

    I have a resumai online every once in a while through email and voice mail I received phone call for working online, but always I step Back and I want to find out how much about what they say it’s true, too much scam out their that I am not sure the legitimate one is exist or not, few days ago I receive a voice mail about working on Amazon online with a picture of Jeff Bezos on the website I am like I am not so sure let me check out. the web site is So check out this site and let me know if it’s scam or not.

  3. Nooroa Makirere

    I am a Follower of the Prophet Bahaullah who taught us that LOVE is the most powerful WORD.

    When mandkind learns to LOVE, Everlasting PEACE, the whole world will be a better
    place to live.

    • Nikki Mauch

      Ive been taken 3 times on this work from home scam. How do i get my money back? I shouldve known better, too good too be true. Im such an idiot sometimes.

  4. Nooroa Makirere

    Hello Folks,
    I have just finished viewing these helpful infos regarding scammers. I cannot believe this is actually going on. It is so, so sad when there are people who do things such as “What I have just read from emails deposited in my Inbox…” So very SAD, I am from the Pacific and we were taught to help others that needs it, Not Destroy, we are on Internet, on Planet Earth! HELP NOT DESTROY!!

  5. jay somaratne


  6. jay somaratne


  7. jay somaratne

    I am retired my ambition is helping the FAMILY TO OVER FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. AMAZON HAS CREATED GREAT CONCEPT HELP THE PEOPLE I want to be a part of it

  8. Andrea Schmitt

    I actually received a call that left a voicemail telling me to “complete my application at”. As soon as I went out of curiosity to see what scam they were coming up with now, it directed me to that Amazon Cash Websites scam page above. I figured any company that’s willing to offer you $6000 a month for “data entry” is too good to be true. Not to mention I read the fine print and immediately saw they were in no shape or form associated with Amazon… Then who, I wonder was going to sign my $14,000/a month checks, I wonder….? Lol I hate scammers.

  9. Robert Trevino

    Thank you for the information it was very helpful it open my eyes

  10. Toni

    I had been suckered into the “get paid to take surveys” scam. I only tried this ONCE. I signed on and began to take the survery, then another, then another, then another, and I had several windows opened from having answering the second question. It was a never-ending survey. There was no way that I was going to finish taking the very first survey, plus it took close to 4 hours just to answer all the surveys derived from the first survey. I’m getting sick and tired of these scammers! They need to be put in prison.

  11. izu chukwunwike

    I already dropped my email and phone number, hope I’m not so much at their risk by with this informations I’ve given out..thanks for this information

  12. Beverly Ann Brown

    Is Amazon aware of this? Amazon one of the largest companies in the world and they do not know and they should have this site pulled down. Thank you for this valuable information.

  13. Melinda Tagorda

    Thank you so much for this information. So are there legitimate work from home websites? How will I know if it’s legitimate. Or how do we determine the scammers?

  14. Katie

    I am also glad to see this because I received a voicemail today regarding this. I’m not going to that site now

  15. Roni Mclean

    I’m super thankful for your review, i am one of the suckers looking for a job that i can do from home until i can afford sitters. They left a voice mail and when i went to look up the datajobs website i saw your review come up second. Though i am not savvy, not even a little bit when it comes to the internet and technology, i would never give money to a “business” like that. I think that more people need to hear about this because i know at least 2 other people who are waiting to get paid for taking surveys

    • shelleyowens

      That’s how I found this excellent website too. Let’s keep posting our comments and complaints and help the Scam Finance owner/blogger/reviewer stay at the top of search results. Hopefully fewer people will lose money online.

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