Lucktastic App Review (Updated Insight for 2018)

Does the Lucktastic App ( provide a legit avenue for virtually accruing earnings or has this latest smartphone app gone rogue and become a scam?

This is the question we will address throughout our factual and up-to-date review regarding the Lucktastic App.

About the Lucktastic App

The Lucktastic App is a smartphone app engineered to provide everyday users the ability to receive lottery based compensation through utilizing their app.

Compatible with both Apple and Android based operating systems, the Lucktastic App delivers an exciting and free opportunity to be the beneficiary of selective lottery drawings.

Essentially functioning as a scratch-off lottery app, the Lucktastic App was developed by a mobile app company known as Jump Ramp Games, which is quarterbacked from New York.

As research will confirm, Jump Ramp Games was developed by Tony Vartanian and Alex Betancur back in 2011.

The establishment and success of Jump Ramp Games paved the path towards the creation of the Lucktastic App, which became available to the public a few years ago in 2014.

During the time of composing this review (May 8th, 2018), the Lucktastic App parent company possessed an outstanding Better Business Bureau ranking while reflecting minimum negative feedback over the past 3 years.

Can I Make Money with Lucktastic App?

The Lucktastic App functions as a lottery scratch-off mobile app which means that everyday users are given the chance to win compensation through using their app.

While we are on the subject though, it is important to understand that the Lucktastic App does not provide users with an ability to earn consistent income through utilizing their app but instead receive compensation by winning scratch-offs through random, lucky selections.

One way to think of the Lucktastic App would be as the virtual and free model of tangible lottery scratch-offs.

Compensation Model

The Lucktastic App functions free of charge due to selling ads.

This means that in order for a user to obtain a free lottery scratch-off ticket, that user must first watch a brief advertisement video.

The process of obtaining lottery tickets is achieved through enduring ad displays.

Utilizing the Lucktastic App referral program delivers an additional way to partake in the opportunities available through Lucktastic.

Each successful referral (which is completed when your referral uses your referral information to download the app) accounts for a 1,000 token credit which is automatically accredited to your account.

Tokens accrued through the Lucktastic App referral program and through participating with their lottery tickets are able to be put towards buying additional tickets referred to as scratch games.

Scratch games fluctuate in value depending upon the probability to win coupled with the prize size.

Typically, scratch games possess a lottery pot between $1 to $10,000.

Example of a Scratch Game

  • In order to obtain the lottery pot of $500 your scratch card must match 3 out of 6 symbols. If you are fortunate enough to possess 3 or more matching symbols, you win the pot, whereas if you are unsuccessful then you will receive what is known as bonus tokens.

Bonus tokens are accumulated through participating with lottery tickets and scratch games.

These accrued bonus tokens can be later redeemed for cash prizes but cannot be substituted into a cash conversion.

Community Feedback

The community feedback surrounding the Lucktastic App is mostly positive and reflects an endorsive nature.

A minimum number of complaints can be found in regards to Jump Ramp Games, which is the parent company of Lucktastic while most user feedback across other review sites reflect an encouraging experience.

According to the Android PlayStore, the Lucktastic App has had over 10 million downloads and reflects a 4.2 star rating out of 299,445 reviews.

The only negative complaints we found regarding the Lucktastic App would be in regards to users not receiving particular payouts (which is rare), lack of censorship regarding some ad displays along with how “unlucky” some participants have been.

In addition, some users have accused Lucktastic as being a scam,” but failed to provide any definite evidence to support such accusations.

How to Contact Lucktastic App

The Lucktastic App does not explicitly provide a great number of ways to establishing communication with them.

If you are experiencing issues with the Lucktastic App you can establish contact with them through the app, or you can visit and contact their customer service through their contact form.

Although not verified as working communication methods, Lucktastic also provides the following social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Tumblr.


Market intelligence reports conducted through SimilarWeb indicates to us that the Lucktastic App is growing in popularity and appears to be widely used amongst US citizens.

Reflecting a global rank of 153,782 with a US rank of 31,295 as of May 8th, 2018, the Lucktastic App has experienced a nearly 50% increase in user traffic from March 2018 to April 2018.

Approximately 20.98% of Lucktastic’s traffic sources originate from email based sources while social media outlets account for an additional 8.96%.

Is the Lucktastic App a Scam?

While some users will blatantly state that the Lucktastic App is a scam, we have noticed that each accusation fails to provide adequate evidence to support such claims.

Furthermore, if you take under due consideration the rising popularity, the overwhelming number of positive reviews along with how the Lucktastic App has accrued a 4.2 star rating out of nearly 300,000 reviews and it becomes nearly comical to classify the Lucktastic App as a scam.

To directly address the question though, no the Lucktastic App is NOT a scam.

Lucktastic App Review Conclusion

The Lucktastic App provides a great outlet for lottery and gambling enthusiasts who are searching for ways to exercise their luck through the participation of free lottery scratch-offs.

Dealing with display ads is a small price to pay when you consider that fact that you can win up to $10,000 in a single scratch-off game.

To date, over $3 million in prizes and rewards have been awarded to users while over 220,000 winners have been documented since their launch in 2014.

Reputable and safe-to-use, the Lucktastic App has been seen on Yahoo, Reuters, Discovery Channel, AlleyWatch, VB and Crain’s.

If you need more convincing, we encourage to feel free to visit the thousands of reviews featured within your mobile app Playstore and ask that you please share any feedback or experience you may have in a comment below.

Thank you for taking the time to read our 2018 Lucktastic App review and if wish to stay in-the-loop regarding the legitimacy of online earning opportunities we encourage you subscribe and become a member of today!


  1. Gay Lankford

    Pitiful! Takes to long to load games. The switching back and forth from white screen to black screen is enough to put you in the twilight zone. Then theres the yellow X! Was notified i was a “lucky” winner and then i got a ‘oops” we made a mistake and gave me 500 tokens. Hurry up 199999 tokens and the Delete Delete Delete. I will keep playing lucky day!

  2. John Madden

    You can win as many tokens as you want but you won’t be able to redeem them because they never restock their prices and when they do they up the Annie so then you have to build up more tokens but by the time you get up to where they want you you won’t have any items to choose from because everything will be out of stock and when they restock if they ever do they up the ante again. The biggest cheating game on the internet

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