Investing in foreign real estate can be a rewarding yet dangerous business venture. Whether it be buying prime real estate properties to live in or to purchase housing developments, there are definitely a vast amount of angles to cover before committing. One such foreign real estate platform would be Buy Belize (, operating as an online marketplace for Belize properties, consumers looking to expand their real estate portfolio amongst foreign countries or simple looking to procure a secondary home with numerous touristic attractions are encouraged to browse Buy Belize.

While many consumers have been openly invited to utilize the Buy Belize marketplace, we have encountered a disturbing number of complaints and off-putting consumer feedback that has caused us to spark an investigation into Buy Belize. To learn more about Buy Belize and whether or not this online real estate platform is one worth trusting, we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased review.

About Buy Belize

Properties ranging from beach villas, mountain real estate, jungle bungalows and condos, it seems like Buy Belize is offering a tremendous service for international consumers. Furthermore, allegedly Buy Belize has the ability to render legal and structural advice regarding purchasing real estate in Belize. While of course a consumer should never purchase a real estate property without first hiring a lawyer, conducting thorough research, purchasing title insurance along with visiting the location beforehand, it has appeared that some consumers were too eager to wait.

Consumers looking to get started with Buy Belize must complete the application form featured on their site to receive their free guide. Your first and last name, telephone number, email address and a question answering “How did you hear about us,” will need to be submitted next, followed by clicking on “Send My Free Guide.” Once you complete the above, you will then receive an email from Buy Belize, which in our case happened to end up in our SPAM folder.

As you can see in the image above, the email utilized by Buy Belize appears to be untrustworthy. Likely employing spyware into their email that has been used to steal peoples personal information is unacceptable no matter the potential business advantages that may be available with their platform. While their email does include a special promotional offer regarding a Belize Tour, whether or not this tour is legitimate or not we are uncertain, which is where we rely upon consumer feedback to fill in the void.

Community Feedback

What we found most odd when investigating into Buy Belize would be the overall lack of consumer feedback regarding this operation. Created over a decade ago, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume than far more than a dozen consumer experiences would be found throughout the web. Even more bizarre would be how most of the complaints or praise regarding Buy Belize took place over the site Pissed Consumer. Featured below is some of the feedback we came across when researching into Buy Belize:

Nice that you exchange false reviews for friendship.But, my experience with Buy Belize was not good…This is not about Belize, it’s supposed to be about the company that is selling property there.They are scammers and should be avoided

Unbelievable that buybelize is allowed to operate.Nothing but troubled area. Americans are NOT welcome and the safety of Americans should fall on the shoulders of buybelize…Called them and asked what happens if taken back by Guatemala and was told you would loose what you bought into.Great answer?!

No  credit check sounds scammy to me….

I’m glad you had a good experience.These people are scammy and contacted me. I told him I had not been to Belize and 25 of us were planning to go in January 2018. That’s when I wanted to look at property. But, he told me I needed to be there for 4 days to look at property and when I started to ask questions about the security, he got very agitated and began acting like a ***, putting me down, saying I don’t know anything because I haven’t been there, and just really childish actions that you would never expect from a grown man, much less a person selling real estate. It was a real eye opener for me and I will warn anyone about these people…They seem bent on selling to a certain type of gullible people and if you start asking questions, you’re not a fit!Normal, honest real estate people don’t act like this anywhere, on any plane.

Domain Inquiry & Popularity was created on August 16th, 2004 under the registrant entity of IT Admin. According to the WHOIS report, Buy Belize is set to expire on August 16th, 2021 and was registered by the IT Admin from Global Property Alliance Inc. As revealed in a SimilarWeb report, Buy Belize reflects a global rank of 809,684 with a US rank of 188,053 as of February 2018. Approximately 93.79% of the sites cumulative traffic originates from the United States while the site has experienced nearly a 68.7% loss in visitor traffic since October 2017.

Can Buy Belize be Trusted?

If you take the time to review the swelling number of comments found at Pissed Consumer underneath consumers reviews then you will begin to realize rather quickly that Buy Belize is not a trustworthy operation. Incorporating spyware that has been known to steals people identity to those who sign up with a free guide from their site while also soliciting mainly US consumers into purchasing property that may not even exist is a gigantic red flag. Before you commit it is essential that you hire a lawyer, purchase title insurance, visit the location and read all of feedback at Pissed Consumer regarding Buy Belize. Review – The Ruling

Buy Belize would have been an amazing investment opportunity if it was legitimate. However, due to the lack of information regarding their corporate entity that registered the domain, the overwhelming number of negative consumer feedback along with the suspicious practices employed by Buy Belize, we cannot endorse or advice that any consumer conduct any business through

When it comes to investing online with real estate, make sure you only consider investing with upfront platforms that provide an abundant amount of corporate information, possesses a strong and positive consumer track record and does not exhibit any unethical or questionable characteristics. Always conduct some research on your end as well, it can save you not only your hard-earned money but from heart-ache as well.

Do you have knowledge or an experience to share regarding Buy Belize? Please provide any valuable insight or share your story with us by leaving a comment below!


  1. TSG

    We were just scammed out of $350 from BuyBelize for their Sanctuary Belize development. They tried to get more from us, but when we didn’t “take the bait” they cancelled our “free tour.”

  2. Roxanne Field

    Just came back from the Buy Belize tour. It was a great vacation get away, Beach front villa accommodations. Sales pitch was typically of the usual timesharish sales pitch. I don’t really know how trustworthy the company is, but the really do provide a good time in an attempt to sale their land.

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