For first time visitors visiting GTA v Money Generator 2017, located at, believing they are about to generate an unlimited sum of virtual money for the video game Grand Theft Auto then think again.

As the vast majority of community feedback will indicate, most operations posing as some sort of hack generator are scams more often than not.

While this particular operation lacks relevant gamer feedback, a combination of research along with an overall community consensus will be employed to render a verdict regarding the legitimacy of this platform.

About portrays their operation as a straightforward and 100% safe and undetectable money generator for the Grand Theft Auto game.

Compatible with both the PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles, GTA v Money Generator 2017 allegedly works by users submitting their usernames, inputing a cumulative sum of money they wish to have generated then clicking on “Generate.”

Once the “Generate” button has been pushed, the site will employ a pop up that will require human verification.

First posing as a CAPTCHA completion form, the first GTA human verification form will require gamers to enroll in a variety of different sweepstakes depending upon the category that they select.

Being required to hand over sensitive personal information such as full name, telephone number, physical address and email address, it appears that GTA v Money Generator 2017 is essentially selling gamers sensitive information through the promotion of sweepstake applications.

Reflecting affiliate links in all the potential sweepstake or promotional verification methods enforced, gamers have to complete two human verification forms where they are handling over their personal information to unknown and unverified sources.

While this type of human verification may seem harmless to some, the sole motive would be to earn acquisition commissions from consumers who are gullible enough to fall for such traps.

Unfortunately, most of the sweepstakes and online promotional offers that acquire the obtainment of redirected gamers personal information do not operate with an overseeing corporate authority. Meaning that no one entity is held liable for how your personal information may be handled or distributed.

While a closer look at each sweepstakes and promotional site will provide more insight into how your submitted information may be handled, the question still remains as to whether or not accruing virtual currency for a video game outweighs the possible risks of identity theft.

Community Assessment

If you took the time to conduct a minor investigation into the legitimacy of such hacking exploits, or more specifically money generators for Grand Theft Auto, you’d come across a supportive quantity of feedback indicating that the risks involved do not equate to the potential advantages.

While it is asserted that there are 100% legit opportunities out there available for a gamer to utilize, it is even more heavily asserted to “not trust anyone, do your homework, be vigilant for red flags and first verify that they’re legit from someone else (or multiple people) first.”

Can GTA Money v Generator 2017 be Trusted?

If you take the overall scope and acquisition model utilized by, it becomes quite apparent that something suspicious is going on here.

Operating in compliance with untrustworthy and unverified promotional and sweepstake based sources that mostly operate without corporate supervision while not being upfront about how your submitted information may be handled is a big red flag in our books.

Domain Inquiry & Reputation was a privately registered domain that was created on September 18th, 2017.

According to the WHOIS report, the site was registered through PDR Ltd, Public Domain Registry and was last updated on January 30th, 2018.

According to a SimilarWeb report, the GTA v Money Generator site possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 57,979 with a US rank of 12,324 as of February 2018.

As detailed in the report, is reflecting signs of inorganic site growth from rising from 480,000 visitors in December 2017 to approximately 2.33 million in January 2018.

Approximately 72.56% of the sites cumulative traffic is derived from US visitors while an additional 24.36% originates from users with the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, almost 43% of the sites traffic is generated from social and display ad sources. Review – Our Ruling

Unfortunately, GTA Money v Generator 2017 is a relatively new operation so it has yet to acquire much verified user feedback.

Now, even though the site appears to be growing in popularity that does not indicate that is a legitimate operation.

Most of the traffic flooding into the site through social media outlets derive from YouTube videos that come from newly created user accounts that reflect highly mixed feedback.

While we lack conclusive and verifiable consumer feedback to accurately classify as a scam, through the discoveries disclosed in our review and their employed acquisition model, we do believe GTA Money v Generator 2017 to be an untrustworthy and unreliable gaming exploit that should not be toyed with unless you don’t mind the possibility of identity theft.

Review Decree: should be avoided!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Esteban

    Used it once, never got anything back in return. I wouldn’t trust any “free” money sites at all unless you want someone else to steal your gaming account, etc..

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