Freedom Checks Review – WARNING! Fake Check SCAM!

Freedom Checks ( is nothing more than another online investment scheme meant to swindle consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Employing traceable stocks images into the framework of their site claiming that their users have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars and that you can to through minimum effort on your end is absolute rubbish.

Created by an entity known as Matt Badiali and reflecting a 67% negative customer review rating, as we will make abundantly clear, Freedom Check is not a credible investment solution.

About Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks employs a dull promotional video featuring numerous fabricated testimonials while promoting the ludicrous assertions of being able to collect thousands of dollars every month by taking advantage of what Freedom Checks has to offer.

Portraying their site more as an investment geared operation opposed to an online editorial, Freedom Checks composes puff piece publications on the natural resource sector, how to beat the IRS and supposedly provides access to Matt’s model portfolio which has helped some of his readers allegedly generate 262% to 575% returns.

Who is Behind Freedom Checks?

Freedom Checks is supposedly operated by an entity known as Matt Badiali.

According to the promotional video, Matt has been researching natural resources for over 2 decades and is a well-known financial strategist.

Offering a variety of newsletter publications, Matt provides financial investment recommendations through his editorials along with valuable market research insight.

What we found interesting though would be that if Matt is such as well-known strategist in the financial markets would be why he doesn’t possess any signs of an existence outside his affiliation with Freedom Checks?

Surely a respected individual of his stature would reflect some hint of existence beyond the limits of his Freedom Checks operation.

Freedom Checks Subscriptions

Currently, there are 3 different subscriptions offered through

Ranging from a price tag of $47 to $129 per year, the alleged focus of these publications would be to provide financial investing insight generated by Matt Badiali.

Listed below are there 3 subscriptions currently available:

Standard Subscription

  • Cost: $47 annually
  • Includes digital only subscription to Real Wealth Strategist

Deluxe Subscription

  • Cost: $129 annually
  • Includes digital and print subscription to Real Wealth Strategist

Premium Subscription

  • Cost: $79 annually
  • Receive Legal Ways to Beat the IRS Report
  • Includes digital and print subscription to Real Wealth Strategist
  • Receive How to Get Extra Social Security Checks Many People Don’t Even Know Exist
  • Receive 7 Free Ironclad Tools for Protecting Your Money & Privacy in Today’s Digital World

Inconsistencies and Red Flags

Freedom Checks promotes the illusive assertion that they can help everyday consumers collect hundreds of thousands of dollars annually while providing no transparent proof or evidence.

Having to rely upon stock images to pose as their user testimonials, it is evident that the alleged Matt Badiali does not possess an ethical set of morals nor renders a legitimate service.

In addition to operating unethically through the incorporation of fictitious testimonials, Freedom Checks overseeing corporate entity, Banyan Hill, is not a BBB accredited business and possesses a 67% negative customer experience rating.

Furthermore, as experienced as Matt Badiali may be in the financial markets, there is no reference to his qualifications and whether or not he is legally licensed to provide financial investment recommendations, which probably means that he is not.

Domain Inquiry & Reputation was registered on June 14th, 2014 by an entity known as Jason Pell from the organization 14 West Global Technologies.

While no other entity or domain information is revealed in the WHOIS report, according to SimilarWeb their site possessed a global rank of 683,215 with a US rank of 155,536 as of February 2018.

As reflected in the report, Freedom Checks appears to be showing inorganic signs of site growth while approximately 97.2% of all the sites traffic originates from users within the United States.

Can Freedom Checks be Trusted?

Freedom Checks corporate entity possesses an overall negative rating at the Better Business Bureau while the incorporation of fictitious user testimonials as stock images indicates to us that Freedom Checks is not a trustworthy operation. Review – Our Ruling

Functioning as an online financial investment editorial, Freedom Checks operates in a deceptive and illusive manner.

Implementing phony testimonials of their users who have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars is misleading and eradicates any credibility this operation may had possessed.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this puff piece editorial and any financial services that are affiliated with Matt Badiali.

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  1. Edward C Rolfsmeyer

    I need a number to cancel subscription anybody have it out there?

  2. Edward C Rolfsmeyer

    Trying to get the number to cancel subscription anybody out there have it?

  3. Lori Brown

    While I’ll agree that Matt Badaili and his financial advice is a bit sketchy, isn’t there a ring of truth to investing in MLPs? It seems like any other stock market quest; you just need to know what you’re doing and take a risk.

  4. Dr. Joey

    Here is another sign
    Long boring repetitious videos
    Banyon and money press et al; including
    Memberships that tout passed what you missed. Daily emails from them once you inquire to an add your email address
    Many out of a Baltimore or palm beavh address.
    Same with the two brothers. In Virginia
    They picked all the winners. Think twice

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