Freedom Checks Review – WARNING! Fake Check SCAM!

Freedom Checks ( is nothing more than another online investment scheme meant to swindle consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Employing traceable stocks images into the framework of their site claiming that their users have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars and that you can to through minimum effort on your end is absolute rubbish.

Created by an entity known as Matt Badiali and reflecting a 67% negative customer review rating, as we will make abundantly clear, Freedom Check is not a credible investment solution.

About Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks employs a dull promotional video featuring numerous fabricated testimonials while promoting the ludicrous assertions of being able to collect thousands of dollars every month by taking advantage of what Freedom Checks has to offer.

Portraying their site more as an investment geared operation opposed to an online editorial, Freedom Checks composes puff piece publications on the natural resource sector, how to beat the IRS and supposedly provides access to Matt’s model portfolio which has helped some of his readers allegedly generate 262% to 575% returns.

Who is Behind Freedom Checks?

Freedom Checks is supposedly operated by an entity known as Matt Badiali.

According to the promotional video, Matt has been researching natural resources for over 2 decades and is a well-known financial strategist.

Offering a variety of newsletter publications, Matt provides financial investment recommendations through his editorials along with valuable market research insight.

What we found interesting though would be that if Matt is such as well-known strategist in the financial markets would be why he doesn’t possess any signs of an existence outside his affiliation with Freedom Checks?

Surely a respected individual of his stature would reflect some hint of existence beyond the limits of his Freedom Checks operation.

Freedom Checks Subscriptions

Currently, there are 3 different subscriptions offered through

Ranging from a price tag of $47 to $129 per year, the alleged focus of these publications would be to provide financial investing insight generated by Matt Badiali.

Listed below are there 3 subscriptions currently available:

Standard Subscription

  • Cost: $47 annually
  • Includes digital only subscription to Real Wealth Strategist

Deluxe Subscription

  • Cost: $129 annually
  • Includes digital and print subscription to Real Wealth Strategist

Premium Subscription

  • Cost: $79 annually
  • Receive Legal Ways to Beat the IRS Report
  • Includes digital and print subscription to Real Wealth Strategist
  • Receive How to Get Extra Social Security Checks Many People Don’t Even Know Exist
  • Receive 7 Free Ironclad Tools for Protecting Your Money & Privacy in Today’s Digital World

Inconsistencies and Red Flags

Freedom Checks promotes the illusive assertion that they can help everyday consumers collect hundreds of thousands of dollars annually while providing no transparent proof or evidence.

Having to rely upon stock images to pose as their user testimonials, it is evident that the alleged Matt Badiali does not possess an ethical set of morals nor renders a legitimate service.

In addition to operating unethically through the incorporation of fictitious testimonials, Freedom Checks overseeing corporate entity, Banyan Hill, is not a BBB accredited business and possesses a 67% negative customer experience rating.

Furthermore, as experienced as Matt Badiali may be in the financial markets, there is no reference to his qualifications and whether or not he is legally licensed to provide financial investment recommendations, which probably means that he is not.

Domain Inquiry & Reputation was registered on June 14th, 2014 by an entity known as Jason Pell from the organization 14 West Global Technologies.

While no other entity or domain information is revealed in the WHOIS report, according to SimilarWeb their site possessed a global rank of 683,215 with a US rank of 155,536 as of February 2018.

As reflected in the report, Freedom Checks appears to be showing inorganic signs of site growth while approximately 97.2% of all the sites traffic originates from users within the United States.

Can Freedom Checks be Trusted?

Freedom Checks corporate entity possesses an overall negative rating at the Better Business Bureau while the incorporation of fictitious user testimonials as stock images indicates to us that Freedom Checks is not a trustworthy operation. Review – Our Ruling

Functioning as an online financial investment editorial, Freedom Checks operates in a deceptive and illusive manner.

Implementing phony testimonials of their users who have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars is misleading and eradicates any credibility this operation may had possessed.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this puff piece editorial and any financial services that are affiliated with Matt Badiali.

Do you have relevant feedback to share regarding Freedom Checks? Please share your wisdom and experience below by leaving a comment!


  1. Edward C Rolfsmeyer

    I need a number to cancel subscription anybody have it out there?

  2. Edward C Rolfsmeyer

    Trying to get the number to cancel subscription anybody out there have it?

  3. Lori Brown

    While I’ll agree that Matt Badaili and his financial advice is a bit sketchy, isn’t there a ring of truth to investing in MLPs? It seems like any other stock market quest; you just need to know what you’re doing and take a risk.

  4. Dr. Joey

    Here is another sign
    Long boring repetitious videos
    Banyon and money press et al; including
    Memberships that tout passed what you missed. Daily emails from them once you inquire to an add your email address
    Many out of a Baltimore or palm beavh address.
    Same with the two brothers. In Virginia
    They picked all the winners. Think twice



  6. John

    So I joined for the $47 before I read this article. I have received a basic education on trading in the stock market. I have seen some nice gains but that was through my own research of MLPs that I did myself. When I ask any question to Real Wealth Strategists they say they cant provide financial advice? Also after joining RWS, Matt will sends multiple emails asking me to join a guaranteed money make strategies, the latest being trading options with no investment and he’ll send a free laptop for just 1995.00 that contains everything I need to make a guaranteed 4 k a day.

    All I can say is for 47 dollars I did get an education I didn’t have on trading, and I have made over 500 dollars in freedom checks in two months using the strategy I learned fro him. I invested in stocks not recommended by him which I made money from, and also ones he recommended. I am not so sure its a rip off based on what I have gotten & learned, although there is a lot of hype in what they offer. Applying the principles has been profitable for me with investing a very small amount of money but I had to find some of the MLPs to invest in on my own. It has been worth 47 dollars…

    Hope this helps…

  7. Jimmy Yamaimai

    Thanks. Your posts has saved me my $ 47 hard earned money. Really appreciate.

  8. sam moneybucks

    Ilistened for 20 minuets only about you are going to make soooo much money, but i waiting how do i do it please stop talking and tell me how to do it . after 20 minuets i knew it was 100 % fake.

  9. Carter Burer

    The irritating radio commercials turned me off of this and raised a red flag that they were not above board.

  10. Dru Schmidt

    I found this on Face Book. Really?You’d think Facebook with it’s already problems would be more careful about this kind of I listened I became more and more sure it was probably a scam.So while I listened I checked the web for more info.Thanks to all who wrote for your opinions.It’s good to know we can share to help keep others from making big mistakes.Especially for us oldsters who are on fixed incomes.We keep hoping for a better income so could easily be snookered into something like this.As has been said ,I always remember if it sounds to good to be true it surely will take your money.Thank you to all who wrote and please keep doing so.I am sure you have saved many of us from being scam by this sharlaton.

  11. Joel Vess

    Just one question…If he has and is making so much money in the stock market…why is he trying to sucker vulnerable people for $47.00 a pop? He should have made enough to just give the crap away.

  12. Ken Kinakin

    Buying ice as an eskimo is a better deal with more of a return than what youll get with this bullshit. I know i bought into it..bad mistake..any one wanna buy used ice. Its second hand and only the second owner great deal half price..if you have any questions feel free to call santa.

  13. Jean Marlene Rogers

    This is a Total SCAM. There are NO freedom checks. Those companies pay a small dividend and that is all.

  14. Gary Gordon

    I know this; If I were George Noory or Clyde Lewis,I wouldn’t want to be associated with anything like this in any way,shape,or form!!!

    • Annelle

      I contacted my local radio station that carries both programs and was running the annoying ad. I went to the site and watched about 10 minutes. Red flags everywhere for me. My local station said it was from the national outlet carrying the programs – Premier Radio. I e-mailed them but didn’t hear anything. One glaring tipoff to me was the “HURRY! YOU MUST DO THIS BY: March 1st. April 1st. May 1st. Sure. Perhaps they have gone away. Or will go away. I didn’t get involved.

  15. Ben

    Why pay to subscribe for something when you can do your own research and invest in stocks which pay distributions or dividends? It takes money to make money…it doesn’t magically come out of thin are and it’s not for free.

  16. Brian

    The investments he is recommending are legitimate Limited Partnerships and they may be beneficial to some investors. Any stockbroker can tell you about them. You don’t need to pay anybody for this information.

    Limited Partnerships are not for poor people. Although you might accumulate shares slowly by investing perhaps $100 a month, do not expect to receive large dividend checks any time soon. After 20 years or so you might have a nice little supplemental income.

    I own shares in Energy Transfer Partners and Allied Resource Partners. Currently they are paying out about 4 – 5 percent annually. That means that on a $100,000 investment I received a $5000 payout. (I did not receive a “freedom check” because I elected to reinvest.)

    There are some complicated tax issues here which can be good for someone who has substantial tax liability. Most people will not benefit, however.

    The risk here is slight but you should understand that you could lose some or all of your investment. When CD’s are paying 1-2% I think the risk is in line with the higher return of 5%. If CD”s were paying 5% I would sell the LP’s and put the money in CD’s.

    ETP is a pipeline company. What do you suppose would happen if they had a massive oil spill and were found to be criminally negligent?

    Fluctuations in the oil markets will affect most of these stocks, as will federal regulations, natural disasters, rumors of war, interest rates, and many other things.

    BEWARE of organizations which offer to let you “invest with their money,” or “leverage your capital.” They are proposing to lend you money at a high rate of interest so that you can gamble with it. Your returns are not likely to be enough to pay the margin fees and you can quickly lose all your investment plus money you do not have.

  17. Lund

    Advertising on AM Radio channels saying “this opportunity can change your life if you sign up by May 1st”. Of course those of u a in debt had to check it out but it’s just a scam so that fake Matt bandaili gutcan try to sell his gay magazine subscription…. Fuck you guy we work hard for our money,
    Get your own job prick

  18. EriK

    They have been using radio advertisements during AM radio broadcasts such as Ground Zero saying it is imperative to get in on it by May, funny his domain expires in June. Sounded too good to be true but Im a broke ass so I had to check it out, obviously fake and he’s the only one cashing large checks from all the suckers reeled in. F**K that guy.

  19. Ken

    Based upon my review of the video I believe that he is possibly the ONLY graduate of Trump University!

  20. jawtekblog

    I am amazed that the name alone – HugeFreedomChecks – is not enough to let folks know that this is a scam! What kind of name is THAT?!? Also, who is going to pay thousands (tens of thousands?) or dollars to run radio ads just to give away money? Why not just collect it all themselves? Makes me sad that anyone is so gullible.

  21. B.T. Dawgh

    All I needed when I began to read about frèedom checks was to read T Pickens ……. I did not read another word!!! I saw what happened in the Oil Business…….1980’s. Enough said

  22. cardsharky

    The checks people receiving may be true. What is not disclosed is you need a small fortune to buy enough stock shares in these companies to get those large dividend “freedom” checks. I’m waiting to see if on April 1st I at least get some paltry dividends.

  23. Chaudson Caliente

    These annoying radio ads started in February with the statement, “But you must get your dicks in a row by March 1st!”. Near the end of Feb. it changed to, “But you must get your ducks in a row by April 1st!”

    Today I heard it change to, “But you must have your ducks in a row by May 1st!”

    In his video he says there is a deadline to get on the roles of these 26-F companies in order to get a check and the ads seems to confirm this with their deadline, but since the deadline keeps changing I smell a rat.

    This is clearly a sham, but I sooooo wish these stupid radio ads would go away. They’re almost as annoying as the zyppah spots. I only hear them on conservative radio shows so I presume that the conservative hosts think of their audience members as fools who deserve to be fleeced.

    • Dennis Johnson

      Did they really say “dicks” in a row?? LOL

  24. Jan

    My mother fell for this scam and thinks she will be making bokoo bucks!!!

  25. barb

    Thanks to all of you!!….I was just getting ready to buy into the BS.

  26. William Sommerwerck

    Mr Biadali struck me as a bloviating gasbag. These “freedom check” payouts might be legitimate, but what it all comes down to is that he wants you to buy something before he tells you everything you need to know. The presentation could have been 1/10 as long, focusing strictly on freedom checks, and have given you the straight poop. Instead, I was “treated” to a crashingly boring lecture that, the further it went, the more suspicious I grew. I’m going to ask a knowledgeable person at my bank, who’s currently trying to help me get a home-equity loan, about this. If it’s legitimate, it won’t go away tomorrow.

  27. Amy Brooks

    Glad I checked the reviews before I bought. Incidentally I prayed and ask the Holy Spirit to tell me what to do. After a while I heard in my Spirit Goggle Freedom checks I did and read your reviews. Praise Yah for His love. Thanks to all those who shared their comments it saved me money.

  28. Lorraine Maria Holst

    Thanks for the review Tim. I am a 73 year old widow living on SS and a very small pension so this Freedom Check presentation was tempting EXCEPT I have always told my children not to worry about me regarding scams on the phone, TV, Internet etc. While visions of draining my 401K of the few remaining dollars I have danced in my head I was also thinking of the money I could leave for my kids.

    I have always prided myself on my sound mind in my old age and my ability to never, ever be scammed by anyone. I used to watch the news and see these women losing their money to Nigerian scams or some Lothario and I’d wonder how they were SO dumb. Proof that any of us can be scammed! This guy practically had me in his pocket and, as I listened, I went to my purse for my credit card. I think the ghost of my husband ‘smacked me upside the head with a brick’ cause I actually shook like a wet dog caught in the rain to rid myself of the fantasy of getting…well….not rich, just not staying ‘almost’ poor.

    I wish it were true and, of course, it’s not, but for that half hour when I listened to his BS I almost thought I’d be getting face lifts and Brazilian butt lifts with my dividends. LOL Since it isn’t true, and thanks for bringing me back down to earth, I’d like to find that fat faker and take my saggy butt to wherever he is and beat the hell out of him and his minions who lied about their windfall…they too deserve some karma! Now that would make me feel better than money!

    • jane jill

      You’re hilarious Lorraine, you’re post brightened my day.Stay the same always!

  29. Karen Long

    Why don’t they shut these scams down? I am immune to them (because I know better) but there are plenty of folks out there, especially seniors, who could be bilked out of what little disposable income they have. Why isn’t the government protecting such folks by regulating internet activity more closely? I think this is as important as the school shootings, why isn’t the Trump administration doing something about it? (I know… blasted politics and their special interest groups…. Blah.)

    • Wayne Howarth

      There is an old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, It is!”

  30. LCW

    I should of looked up this information before I signed up for the information from Real Wealth Strategist. I just called them to cancel my subscription and get a refund. While reading/listening to his web-site I wasn’t completely sure if it was a scam so I did receive the so called free booklets and printed them out.
    Thank you so much for your input.

  31. Jeri

    The only one making any real money is Matt. Because the economy is so bad, the hard-working middle class have little to no job security, and many living month-to-month hand-to-mouth hoping for a break-a little breather. Also targetef are seniors & the disabled who are struggling to get by on fixed incomes. This scam artist posing as someone legitimate targets those who are the most financially vulnerable—those who can’t afford to give away any of their money since its earmarked for bills & such. Yet, these innocent people will go out on a limb trusting this fraud because he “sounds intelligent. The end result—these innocent people wind up losing their money & Matt the Fraud has their money & credit card information. I hope that anyone who fell for this scammers BS will be able to get their refunds. Regardless, they should contact their credit card companies & file a charge dispute. Banks have departments that handle just these kinds of cases. They should also report him to the SEC, FTC, and BBB.

    • Ptknight

      I and everyone I know personally are in the middle class and we are not suffering and the economy is not bad and we are paying less taxes this next year and less taxes are being taken out and I got a raise so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

      • MARS MAN

        lol wait till u file taxes next yr for this years windfall and u have less deductions,, poof raise is GONE ! LOL

  32. Sddd

    You have to invest before April 1st, so that he can say it was just a joke – April fools. Lol

  33. Adrian Gall

    I’m glad I stopped here first. Being an unemployed oil worker, I can’t afford to be scammed out of 50 pesos. Thank You!

    • Kim

      I’m unemployed as well and I always research these type of get rich quick scheme. They just don’t make since or it’s more to there story. Like how much is it going to cost me a month.

  34. Dan Delgado

    All these scam artists pretend they want to help others become rich, like they are. Just, well, because…. they, uh, want to. Then, even though they imply that they’re rich beyond belief and raking more every month, they still want to sell you something. I guess because they’re so anxious to help you out? Well, if they’re that rich and that anxious make other people rich, why do always want to charge money? I mean — what’s $47 for someone THAT rich?

  35. Donald king

    I purchased two of the Freedom Check recommended company stocks at the end of Jan 2018 based upon the promise of a a freedom check payout in Feb 2018. The checks did not show up in Feb as promised, so I waited for the company ex-dividend dates in Feb 2018 with company dividend pay dates in March 2018. I did receive the STANDARD advertised company dividend of a few cents per share, but no Freedom Checks. Proof that this whole promotion is a scam. I sent at least two messages to the Bauman Letter people regarding the promises of the checks in Feb, March and in April, if I had the recommended shares by the first of the stated months. I got one response that stated that the actual payout dates would be contained in a document titled “The $34.6 Billion Payout”. Obviously the information was not there. Luckily I did get a full refund of my subscription funds. Bottom Line: The Freedom Check promotion is a clever scam. Recommend everyone stay away from it.

  36. DAWN

    HE SAYS ITS free AND THEN ITS $47.00 AND UP! hmmm…

  37. Steve H

    How many of these scams have there been over the years, and nobody is ever held accountable.
    Just incredible.

  38. Karen Pickett

    These appear to be treasury checks – I thought the government was operating on a deficit? Um, I have seen these types of ads before popping up on Facebook and knew it was a gimmick. Besides that, if you really did receive those checks won’t the IRS be right behind them for their share?

    • Makste

      Although this “deal” is questionable… If they are distributions from MLFs some or all of the $$$ is not tax via the IRS. There is not enough space here to explain why but some is considered by IRS as from “depreciation or amortization”. Also if you want to sell the securities…. then you get hit with taxes… big time depending how much $$$$$ you earlier received the IRS believes was “depreciation”… Still a poor and sneaky advertisement… my opinion. Also none of the “distributions” are guaranteed….. Many MLP oil companies went belly up

  39. Nunya Bizness

    You have to be pretty stupid to fall for this. If you do, you deserve to lose your money.

    • Brenda

      No we are not stupid, we just want to be able to believe in true investing so we that are on a fixed income may be able to buy the things that we are not able to get due to our money going for rent, utilities, and just a few and I mean a few of the essentials not all but a few of them. And then we wait until next months check to see what we may buy this time. So stupid may be the wrong word when we all just want to get by a little more then we do. And if these scammers were put out of commission, maybe we would have trustworthy people actually helping us make everyone’s life a little more pleasant. Thank you nunya you blow hard goody smart butt head.appreciate your human kindness.

      • Joe lacy

        Unfortunately, investing is a slow process . It takes years to see real gains,and if anyone offers something that sounds to good to be true, it always is.

  40. Patricia Ray

    If There is One Thing I’ve Learned In My Almost 70 Years On This Earth It’s This: Money Is HARD TO EARN!! There is NO Easy Money To Be Had, Ok?? Anything You Hear on TV or Radio About Getting Rich Quick is BOGUS>>>>Pure and Simple!!

  41. Patricia Ray

    I listen to the radio a lot and at night, I hear these commercials about Big Freedom Check and how the “Deadline” is April 1st to “Get the Money”. The Spokesman for the ads sounds like a Southern Redneck and What’s Really Weird is That Each Time I Hear the Ad, The Website is Different. The First Time it was “Big Freedom Check.Com” and Then “I’ve Got a Freedom Check.Com” and Then “Give Me A Big Freedom Check.Com”. How Can ANYONE TRUST This Ad if The Website is Always Changing?? I Really DO Think It’s a Scam and I Refuse To Have Anything to Do With it!!

    • Susan

      While it’s certainly not what it’s presented as being, the changing website name isn’t an indication. That’s a marketing tool, used to let the advertising company know which ad placements are getting the most responses. The website name changes depending on where the ad is placed. Then they can track which site names get the most responses, and dump the programs that don’t perform well.

    • Casa Stephens

      Patricia you have a great point because I heard the ad on the radio this morning, I live in Louisiana and it said the website was It sounded to good to be true and I almost fell for it being I’m 24 and on disability and barely have money to buy the necessities I need, hoping it was a honest break but I’m so glad I did my research and thank you everyone for helping me not buy into this BS.

  42. BadDog

    You’ve probably seen or heard this nonsense on some talk radio show already or couldn’t sleep and watching late night paid advertisements on some obscure cable channel? Well, most of you know that I have made quite a few investments over the years and was asked about what I had thought…

    First let me straight out tell you about investments. You need to be in the right place at the right time. You need to poised and doing your research not listening to some half-assed investment strategist who wants to sell you a book or magazine subscription. Two points here. (1) In any book these clear set approaches will no longer work or can be trusted but they may teach you about algorithms. 200 pages in and you will say, WTF!

    (2) Magazine subscriptions are as good as the Wall Street Journal. The information you will receive are days, even weeks past so these stocks already happened and your buy-in price today will be much higher with gains already realized so you missed that boat including the pier which it was docked at has already been burned.

    Ask yourself, “Why would anyone teach me the tricks to master the stock market?” Exactly! No one investing in stocks wants you in their shares, no one! I’ve been asked many times about what looks good. People would have a few bucks to invest and looking for leverage. My reply will always be, I just don’t know whereas I would never take responsibility for your loses. You have to be lucky. It really is just that simple. Investments are a gamble with no guarantees of any type of return.

    ALWAYS invest money that you are willing to lose. Never invest with your rent/mortgage money or your kids college tuition on what you are being told as a “Sure Thing” or yet another “Get Rich Quick” scheme. REMEMBER in a scheme (SCAM), “If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!

    I also have a magazine subscription, so don’t be a dick!


  43. C.D

    Like an idiot I bought in. I signed up for the 47.00 service and got billed for the 79.00 one. I signed up about 6 days ago and since then I have been constantly bombarded via e-mail trying to get me to buy into other services. I expected investment advice and I get more sales pitches. Monday I am going to call and try to get a refund, yeah good luck with that huh. I probably just received a 79 dollar life lesson. Maybe my credit card company can get me off the hook but I am skeptical about that too.

    • Dean

      Call your card company and do a “charge back” for unauthorized charges ($79 vs. $47).

    • Mary

      The best thing is to contact your credit card company and put these amounts into dispute. You have to show your credit card company that you have made attempts to resolve the problem with dates, times, names of individuals and addresses. :Your credit card company may decide immediately in your favor but you may have to wait for a few days. Good luck. Remember the old saying: “If it sounds too good to be true, then it generally is false.”


    Have you listened to the radio ads airing during conservative talk radio shows? The spokesman sounds like the love child of Goober Pyle and Sarah Palin. That’s what the Salem Radio Network and this “Freedom Checks” scam think of you. And if Sean Hannity recommends it, he knows you’ll trust him instead of the news media or government institutions or the BBB, which also downgraded “My Pillow” — a Salem Radio Network fly-by-night sponsor — to a scam. Almost as foolish as drinking “Super Beets”. Right, Kilmeade? I weep for our future.

    • Dean

      “My Pillow” has TV ads as well for a simple product: a pillow.

      • Steven Upton

        No BBB affiliation and 67% negative reviews is all the convincing I need to avoid this. By-the-way, stop injecting ploitical bias into this product discussion. Sean Hannity (or other national hosts) do not personally recommend all the products advertised on local stations –that is why you have your very own brain –to assess the validity of what is out there. Since you are the targeted customer, you are responsible for what you buy –not some conservative talk show host. Also, Hannity can recommend a pillow or any other damned product he likes for that matter.

  45. Mark Bristow

    I was watching the video and since I am disabled any extra is a plus in my pocket. Then I noticed he kept repeating himself. After 15 minutes of watching him I deciding to hit the web and see what I could find out. Just as I thought. Murphy is tattooed on my forehead as in Murphy’s law. Hell if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. But there no sense in making my own bad luck over a scam. This is one 58 year old that isn’t going to fall into that BS. Thanks for the insite on this.

    Mark B

  46. Nonono

    Why is there any need to discuss this? I mean Really WTF.

    • GotYaCrazy

      Hi Nonono; just to let u NO people like you make me sick. Your the stupid one here…… not all the people putting in helpful info here for others. You insinuate that everyone putting in info here is stupid and your smarter than everyone, with your WTF ? Your obviously too dumb to realize that your STILL PARTICIPATING in this discussion while at the same time asking everyone else WTF is wrong with them that they are STILL PARTICIPATING in discussing this subject…HELLO ? Go somewhere and mind your own business, if people want to discuss this and help others they can— no one has to answer to YOU… whoever the hell u are. Go figure and see if your not to dumb to recognize what a hypocrite u r. Your just another thinks you know it all. How bout you shut-up if you don’t have any positive input…go away. Go find another site to show you have Nonono logic.

      • Chip Cogswelle

        I think he means, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is (a scam).”

      • sam moneybucks

        got y crzy know you r a crazy person with a very limited education and also a dirty mouth



    I’m glad I stopped by here to research this “opportunity” (LOL!). I’ve heard this Freedom Checks ad several times on radio and got an email from them. I listened to it, but was VERY skeptical. So, I Googled “Matt Badiali” and found just what I expected. I’m sorry so many people get hooked by these scams, but I always think of two things (i.e. MY Rules) whenever I encounter something like this:

    1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    2. “There’s a sucker born every minute.” – W.C. Fields

    • Chip Cogswelle

      1 more from W.C. Fields movie: “You can’t cheat an honest man”

  48. Sreven Hall

    Banyan is scam. They would not honor refund request. Lost money following their “bogus” recommendation, Losers, not professionals.

  49. Linda K

    Being skeptical I looked at one of the very first company’s mentioned in the advertisement,..Northern Dynasty. Its suppose to be a “Bullet Proof Company” with a “Track Record for Making Investors Rich”. Here is a quote from their unaudited September 30, 2017 Financial Statement:

    “There can be no assurances that the Group will be successful in obtaining additional financing. If the
    Group is unable to raise the necessary capital resources and generate sufficient cash flows to meet obligations as they come due, the Group may, at some point, consider reducing or curtailing its operations. As such there is material uncertainty that raises substantial doubt about the Group’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

    Gives pause to his claim for those substantial payouts by April.

  50. William Daniels

    Subscribed 2 days ago. Haven’t heard anything yet. Wish I would have checked here first. Also heard it on Hannity ad. Wish Sean would check his sponsers. Dan

    • Sue Mccormick

      Call your credit card company and have the charge cancelled…you have derived no benefit


      Sean Hannity and the Salem Radio Network hosts make huge money knowing that their viewers and listeners believe ONLY them, not the government; not the news media; not the FBI or Justice Department, because, of course, Donald Trump told the minions that these entities are “the enemy of the people”. You’d do better to invest with Trump’s Daddy Vladdy.

      • Gigi

        Hannity has no control over who buys air time on his show nor any other radio show.

      • Patricia

        Trump doesn’t have a daddy Vladdy…but Hillary does…to the tune of 150 million. Fact.

  51. Jeffrey Britt

    I am a subscriber of Matts’ Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill Publishing so I lose $50 (cancelled the renewal) – I did not buy any of his recommendations after researching theme – the stocks do not go up much and the Freedom Checks are small Dividend Checks. The testimonials touting large freedom checks must be FAKE – to earn a Div Check of $5K-$10k-$15K on these stocks you would need to invest $100K+.

    • Mo O Kanaio

      Thanks sooo much for everyones input. Real experiences speak much louder and clearer than mere touts and braggadosio , and outright deception.

  52. D. Gestri

    What’s this guys Next stop, “Jerry Springer?”….Sure, and Then he can fight with boondoggled investors…lol..

  53. MP

    What I cant believe the radio stations that play these commercials are willing to ruin their reputations for this type of scam.

    • David Moyer

      AGREED and Amen!!! I drove from the East coast to D/FW Texas, last week and listened to talk-radio the entire trip. I heard the nauseatingly fake “get rich quick” pitch on every single station i spent at least a half hour on. Shame on Salem Radio and it’s affiliates that whore out this scheisters scam. Sadly, I can assure them (Salem and other advertisers on their affiliates) ALL ads on the Salem network lose most any credibility when garbage like “Freedom Checks” is lent legitimacy by virtue of it’s ad rotation.

  54. J

    I listened to video after hearing multiple radio spots for Freed Checks. I have a background in equities and am a skeptical person, and this right away felt like the sketchy ‘buy my newsletter’ schemes that are a dime-a-dozen. It is simply investing in high dividend yield resource stocks – the yield may be high enough to generate such returns, but if it was truly this good we wouldn’t be hearing about it in such a used-car salesman pitch.

    Interestingly, I realized I know Matt Badiali…kind of. I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from 2002-2006 and took a geology class he taught (Violent Earth). He geology cred’s are legit, but this is a pumping operation. If it was so good, Matt would have no reason to sell $49 subscriptions for a newsletter. Instead he would have simply invested his own money from years as a corporate geologist and be swimming in his money.

  55. Jim b

    Like I was told when I was young if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Listened long enough to become wary.

  56. Alex Renchler

    Its OK though—he is only taking 1,000 people for their money! I’m sure that quota was met a long time ago and he is spending current ad money for nothing LOLOL

  57. Amy Sanders

    He’s hiding behind the Publishing exemption which gives him more latitude in what he says. In the fine print, they do disclose that they are Not a registered entity and do include standard disclaimer language about seeking the advice of a licensed financial adviser. Red flags are the repeated use of the word “guatantee” which licensed entities are prohibited from using (except to disclaim that they don’t guarantee anything) and the high pressure urgency to invest before the end of the month. This could be a “pump and dump” scheme in which someone advocates/pushes investment in certain securities to drive up the price so they can sell and take a big profit. If you are interested in investing in materials companies that are dividend growers (the legitimate part of what he talks about) speak to a licensed investment adviser or broker dealer.

  58. Tim

    Great article and truthful analysis. These slicksters rely on greedy suckers to con by their big promises of wealth. Once you send your money to them you will never see it again nor will you ever see one of their so called “freedom checks”! Thanks for the great article, Terrific!


    I watched this this man’s presentation for about 5 minutes. I continued to listen while doing some online research which was basically negative. Initially, i heard the ad on Sean Hannity’s radio show. Wonder why a man supposedly of high integrity such as Mr. Hannity would associate himself with this questionable company. I’m avoiding this company.

    • getalife2423

      Half the time the shows have no idea what ads they are even running.Several months ago I saw CNN running ads for their shows on the Fox News Channel. Curious as to why Fox News would run ads promoting their competitor I wrote to Fox News and asked. Apparently they have companies that sell blocks of ad time to various “ad brokers” who are paid to fill those slots with ads. Half the time the ad brokers have no idea which shows they are filling the ad slots for. I’m sure the Sean Hannity show is no different. They probably pay a company to fill ad slots to generate revenue. And that ad company, in turn, probably pay ad brokers to line up various ads to fill ad slots. I’m sure they also have their in-house ad people for the large accounts but to fill air time they outsource for smaller business ads. This guy likely bought ad time from a broker, who doesn’t care what you’re selling as long as he can get a slot filled, and then the broker turns around and sells a block of ads to various companies looking to fill their air time.n my example Fox News had no idea that they were running ads for CNN because of this and I’m sure Hannity similarly has no idea he’s running ads for this scheister. What’s ironic is that if they bothered to watch their own programming, they’d see the same things that we see.

      • Chip Cogswelle

        Some people would have the integrity to ensure they don’t endorse obvious scams–Hannity isn’t one of them. It will be interesting to see why Michael Cohen considered Hannity a client, while Hannity laughs it off…

  60. K.Nelson

    I bought into this program and found out in three weeks that it was a fraud. I invested in the stocks and get dividends, but absolutely zero freedom checks. It’s a con, a big fat con by a no neck fat guy who apparently must hide his throat that spews nothing but lies. Do NOT invest in this garbage. They con you with more and more ‘experts’ in the area who also want money for their digital garbage. Including Paul Mampilly, whose video presentation is identical to the Badiali scam. The SEC should put these liars out of business.

  61. dave

    I listened to 15 minutes of this speil and it didn’t tell me anything other than people making money, money, money. I would not ever waste my time or any of my money on somebody that rambles without giving any solid details.

  62. John jones

    Is this a scam. Like a lot of other marijuana penny stock scams

    • Tim

      Helly John,

      The employment of numerous stock photos and fictitious user testimonials certainly does arouse suspicions regarding Freedom Checks legitimacy. As indicated in the review though, we found Freedom Checks not to be trustworthy and advise all consumers to avoid their misleading editorial subscription services.

      Hope this review has helped you out.

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