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Click Funnels ( possesses a considerable amount of hype and appears widely endorsed across the web. Created by a viral internet marketer known as Russell Brunson, Click Funnels serves as an affiliates one-stop-shop for creating the most versatile and desirable landing pages. Used by millions of online marketers across the world, there is no arguing the legitimacy of Click Funnels and it’s effectiveness within the online affiliate community.

To learn the fundamentals regarding Click Funnels and how this innovative marketing platform can help transform your current marketing predicament, we recommend that you keep reading our educational review.

What is Click Funnels?

Click Funnels is a powerful marketing software that enables users to construct aesthetically pleasing and comprehensive sales and landing pages. In addition to be able to develop intuitive campaign pages, users are also able to build and operate membership based sites while being both mobile and desktop friendly. If you are an online marketer struggling to create effective sales funnels then Click Funnels was designed specifically for you.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is a well-known internet marketer who has accumulated a following of over a million entrepreneurs. In addition to being one of the most renowned online marketers, Russell Brunson has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books:

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online,

Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Finding Your Message, Building a Tribe, and Changing the World

along with DotCom Secrets: How to Get 100 Customers in 100 Days Online.

In addition to being the co-founder behind Click Funnels, Russell Brunson also operates another site known as

What does Click Funnels Offer?

Click Funnels provides users with an expansive bundle of marketing tools designed to help them achieve the most with their online marketing. Supporting website hosting, landing page and sales funnels, auto-responder email and split testing softwares, a real-time affiliate tracking software along with employing programmers and designers, Click Funnels is an online affiliates must have if you are looking to optimize your campaigns. Provided below are the types of funnels that users can create with the Click Funnels program:

Supported Funnel Modules

Sales Funnel

The sales funnels program featured at Click Funnels is engineered to help marketers construct effective landing pages. It also enables marketers to collect submitted emails where they are then immediately able to sell their service or product.

Launch Funnel

Click Funnels launch funnel program helps product and service developing create and effectively launch a product system. Can be utilized for consumers patiently awaiting to purchase said products, services or goods or by affiliates who are edging closer to being ready to promote the campaign.

Webinar Funnel

A widely used funnel module in the Click Funnels arsenal would be their webinar funnel. Prompting people to sign up using a lead page where they will be able to get notified for an upcoming webinar. This funnel offers a landing page for webinar sign ups which then leads to a live webinar page, which then leads to a sales page.

Opt-In Lead Capture Funnel

A minimally invasive funnel that composes of a single landing people where people can submit their email address to opt-in and receive email alerts. Featured into the framework on the Opt-In Lead Capture funnel program would be an auto responder that further accumulates email addresses registered by leads.

Membership Funnel

A powerful program featured at Click Funnels which allows users to target any niche of their choosing in order to accrue an income based upon recurring payments due their membership based site.

Auto-Webinar Funnel

Similar to the Webinar funnel, the auto-webinar funnel permits users to include pre-recorded webinars instead of having to orchestrate live webinars. Upload a collection of previously recorded webinars that can be used to save time while still collecting lead email addresses.

Custom Funnel

A manipulatable funnel system that allows consumers to employ any of the disclosed funnel modules above but with the ability to customize the funnel to their liking. Generate your own landing pages, template designs and lead acquirement methods through the Custom Funnel module.

Community Consensus

The community feedback regarding Click Funnels is not only positive but highly encouraging. Used by millions of marketers worldwide, Click Funnels renders a valuable service platform for online marketers who are trying to optimize their campaigns. Although we feel that the price tag of $97 per month is a little steep, Click Funnels offers a free 14 day trial and if it is as effective as it is made out to be then their subscription should be a minimum business expense if you can capitalize your campaigns more effectively.

Popularity & Domain History was registered on October 2nd, 2013 by Russel Brunson through the organization Possessing a SimilarWeb global rank of 4,137 with a US rank of 1,586, Click Funnels reflects a current rank of 194 in the Business and Industry category. Supporting nearly 20 million monthly visitors, Click Funnels is a viral operation that receives over 50% of their traffic from referral, social and email based sources. Review Conclusion

Click Funnels provides affiliates with a valuable marketing tool that helps optimize every element of their campaigns. If you are an online marketer struggling to create more effective sales funnels or if you are trying to acquire more leads, Click Funnels could be a service of value looking into. Prior to committing your hard-earned money though, we advise that you participate in their 14 day free trial to determine whether or not their marketing program is one that is suited for your needs.

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