AWOL Academy Review

If you have been researching into AWOL Academy, chances are you have encountered a great deal of debate regarding the so-called legitimacy of this marketing program. Operated from, AWOL Academy is short for Another Way of Life Academy, which functions as a web-based platform geared towards helpings everyday normal individuals become crafty and successful online marketers.

Hosting an array of online marketing packages, consumers looking to get involved in the affiliate marketplace are able to specify which areas of marketing they wish to pursue then purchase a marketing plan that fits their parameters. While many review sites take an inconclusive stance regarding the legitimacy of AWOL Academy, only then redirect their readers to their alternatives, we feel a more concrete and practical approach is required in the case of AWOL Academy.

As you continue to read our unbiased and insightful review, we will incorporate all the need-to-knows regarding AWOL Academy while rendering our honest opinion on their platform. Weighing community feedback while investigating into the murky depths is what lies ahead for those who continue reading our investigative composition.

About AWOL Academy

The vision of AWOL Academy, as specified on their About Us page, would be to provide people with the resources and ability to embark upon their own opportunities. Creating opportunities within the online marketing sphere, AWOL Academy functions as a web-based platform that currently offers 5 separate marketing plans that are all geared towards aiding consumers with the know-how and structure required to become a successful affiliate marketer. Covering subjects ranging from email marketing, coveted conversion secrets, marketing strategies along with keyword density targeted traffic, AWOL Academy has much to offer.

Who is Behind AWOL Academy? was created by Kameron George and Keala Kanae. Currently owned and operated two corporate entities known as AWOL Academy, Inc and AWOL Academy Limited, is operated from both a US and UK based corporation. AWOL Academy, Inc is the US corporate entity of AWOL Academy and is headquartered from 4530 S. Decatur Blvd, STE 202, Las Vegas, NV 89103-5239 and can reached at the telephone number (702) 522-0738, according to the Better Business Bureau.

AWOL Academy, Inc has been a BBB accredited business since June 29th, 2017 and currently reflects a B+ rating. AWOL Academy Limited, which according to CompaniesHouse, was incorporated on November 15th, 2016 and is registered under company number 10479730. Reflecting a registered office address of Minshull House, 67 Wellington Road North, Stockport, Cheshire, United Kingdom, SK4 2LP, AWOL Academy Limited is showing a company status of Active proposal to strike off and is directed by Kameron George.

AWOL Academy Offer

AWOL Academy offers 4 separate online marketing plans that are are designed to provide consumers with the resources and knowledge needed to effectively utilize their platform. Ranging from $99 to $5,497, AWOL Academy is not an inexpensive opportunity for one to participate with. Disclosed below are the 5 marketing packages available along with their inherited perks:

Pro Academy

  • Costs $99 (Become a Pro Internet Marketer)
  • Step-by-step guide to creating your own sales funnel
  • Receive access to every tool in their marketing arsenal
  • Acquire email marketing, lead-capture pages and more
  • Learn how to generate traffic, leads and customers for your business
  • Receive your own website and domain & conversion tracking system

Inbox Academy

  • Costs $447 (Capitalize Your Email Campaigns)
  • Discover secret strategies used by the world’s best email marketers
  • Learn how to effectively promote your message, offers and promotions

Conversion Academy

  • Costs $1,797 (How to Better Convert Your Traffic)
  • Unearth their most coveted conversion secrets for more conversions
  • Learn hypnotic language, live presentations, story telling & persuasive copy

Traffic Academy

  • Costs $2,997 (Acquire More Leads)
  • Learn how to employ marketing research techniques to better target traffic
  • Learn the secrets to generating a flood of website visitors that turn into your customers

Master Academy

  • Costs $5,497 (Create Your Own Success)
  • Includes lessons from some of the world’s greatest minds
  • Learn to how employ money management and strategies tax planning
  • Receive valuable insight regarding investing and other techniques to groom your business

Community Consensus

Both positive and negative feedback plague the AWOL Academy operation. While most review sites are currently endorsing AWOL Academy blindly while conducting minimum research into their operation, we decided to take a more thorough approach. According to the Better Business Bureau, reflects a 65% positive customer review rating while 35% of it is negative. Provided below is some of the feedback we came across:

I’ve been on the phone for almost half an hour for a concierge to come to the phone and assure me that a refund is on the way. They have a 14-day money back guarantee. I purchased the course last night and today I realize I just don’t have enough money in my pocket to make my bills this month. So they require you to submit a written request asking for refund, I did that already. I even told them I will be willing to purchase it at a later date, and no one has responded to me yet.

AWOL is a genuine business that cares about their customers. They supply an exceptional platform backed by a team of expert coaches. I don’t know where my life would be without AWOL.

Hands down the best training platform for online affiliate marketing!

this was a total scam i was lead to beleive that the 99 dollars cost on the webinar was all that was required for there mentoring. what i got was hours of set=up for the sales pitch were they required 10,000 dollars for this information! during the webinar they said repeatedly that this was a guaranteed one time coast of 99.00 to get information on how to be a digital marketer and all i got was a long drawn out sales pitch for an over priced set of cd’s

AWOL training is second to none. If someone says it’s a scam ask yourself 2 questions: 1) are they linking you to a competitor? and 2) Did they even purchase any of the training to be in a position to judge or complain?

While there are various customer reviews that reflect both positive and negative experiences, what we did find slightly impressive in regards to their BBB profile would be how all their customer complaints have been settled within a reasonable duration of time. Perhaps this is why AWOL Academy has received an accreditation and reflects a B+ rating at BBB.

AWOL Academy Landing Pages

Due to AWOL Academy functioning as an online affiliate program, naturally those who enroll with one of their marketing plans are able to effectively market the AWOL Academy program in addition to their other marketing campaigns. One such example would be landing pages designed to entice those looking for a way to generate income online like the one allegedly created by one of the creators, Keala Kanae. Found at, Keala Kanae goes on to market Freelance Marketing Secrets by posting countless pictures of him visiting foreign countries and posting pictures of exotic vehicles.

Serving as one of the campaigns surely offered through the AWOL Academy marketing platform,  Freelance Marketing Secrets is one of the campaigns supported through their affiliate marketplace. As with all the AWOL Academy pages we have come across, near the footer of their site they have been quite open about their identity and disclosed the following contact details:,, (702) 978-7807, (800) 921-4991 and (800) 721-2517.

Can AWOL Academy be Trusted?

AWOL Academy appears to be an upfront and transparent online marketing system that is designed to help consumers excel as an affiliate marketer. The controversy regarding this operation would be the fact that AWOL Academy doesn’t produce all the work deemed necessary for a consumer to reap rewards or become successful, merely providing the resources and insight on techniques widely used while providing a marketing platform can only take consumers so far.

This leads us to believe that some of the negative complaints we have found filed against AWOL Academy could have possibly been from consumers who didn’t try hard enough or thought it was going to be much easier than they originally assumed. Offering a 14 day money back guarantee while confronting and settling all the complaints filed against them at the Better Business Bureau leads us to believe that AWOL Academy is a legitimate and trustworthy operation.

Popularity & Domain History had a SimilarWeb global rank of 256,276 with a US rank of 60,182 as of February 11th, 2018. Receiving almost 250,000 visitors last month, AWOL Academy receives approximately 88.32% of their visitor traffic from users with the United States while over 42% of the sites traffic is derived from referral and email based sources. Review Conclusion

AWOL Academy is not structured to fulfill the goals of those who aren’t willing to put in the work. Operating with transparency and providing sound corporate and ownership information, has provided more verifiable information and insight into their operation than a considerable portion of other competing platforms. If you are looking to acquire valuable insight, the know-how along with receive the marketing structure needed and have the capital to finance your plan, then and only then do we recommend you to embark with AWOL Academy.

Do you have an experience or insight to share pertaining to AWOL Academy? Please share your wisdom and feedback with us by leaving a comment below!


  1. Robert Ibert

    This is just like MOBE, these companies are doing nothing more than selling memberships, expensive ones at that…and if you don’t already have thousands of dollars a month or even tens of thousands of dollars a month to spend on advertising, you’ll never make it with these types of schemes…

  2. john bedker

    The 14 day money back guarantee, is also a scam. If you want your money back. The sales person directs you to AWOL This is not a place to find your refund. I’m still searching all of AWOL web pages for the refund site.

  3. mike

    Michael .k yes i also lost the $99 i paid just to find out you have to have alot of money likre10,000 to buy this and that etc scammers

  4. jeremy meier

    Yes my name is Jeremy, and the things being said here are very true. The $99 you pay, is only a ploy to get you to listen to a sales pitch, I’m not even kidding. He shows you a little information about what the company offers, and then he goes into his upsell scam. $10,000!!!!! and then he wants to make you feel bad, just because you don’t have the money doesn’t mean that, that should stop you. He tries to guilt trip you into basically going out and getting a loan to pay for his system, because after all, if your serious, and not a looser like everyone else, you’ll do it. I was very aggravated when I wasted my money just to hear his insults and sells pitch. I DO NOT RECROMEND. unless you just have tons of money to throw at this.

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