Timothy Sykes Review

The overall objective of our investigative review is to provide unrestricted insight into the Timothy Sykes (TimothySykes.com) operation with the intentions of helping you determine whether or not this investment opportunity is a scam or something worth investing in. Serving as the one of the primary subjects of discussion amongst the online penny stock industry, Timothy Sykes has been a viral day trading sensation that has taken the online investment community by storm.

As you will soon learn throughout our honest review, there are many factors that must be taken under due consideration prior to committing with this unique investment endeavor. Among one of the focuses of today’s composition is to couple the collection of consumer feedback with the elements featured at TimothySykes.com with the intentions of providing you with the ability to make a more educated decision as to whether or not this opportunity is one that will help you fulfill your investment goals.

About Timothy Skyes

Timothy Sykes became a self-made millionaire by the age of 22 through the online investment of penny stocks and stock trading. Being granted the opportunity to invest his Bar Mitzvah money while he was a student in high school, Timothy Sykes’s parents thought it would be a good learning experience for him if he was to lose his acquired funds as his parents predicted he would do.

However, this certainly wasn’t the case, as revealed in Timothy Sykes interview with Larry King. As stated in his Larry King interview, Timothy Sykes was able to turn his $11,500 Bar Mitzvah money to a little over $100,000 by the time he was entering his senior year in high school. Then by the time we has in college he had turned that $100,000 into over $1 million. Having started his own foundation, Timothy Sykes has even found a way of giving back to the community by raising over $2 million for charities.

Perhaps more impressive than Timothy Sykes inspiring story would be his thorough credentials. While we came into this review with the strong prediction that Timothy Sykes wasn’t a legitimate opportunity, the further we dug into his operation the more concrete evidence we found to support his obtained legitimacy. Apart from having an insightful interview with Larry King, Timothy Sykes also had a solid interview with Steve Harvey from the Today Show which not only shined light on Timothy Sykes but also a couple of his students who have experienced monumental success.

Serving as an active mentor in the online investment community, Timothy Sykes is a full-time teacher to over 6,000 students who have enrolled with his program. Having being aired in interviews in over 20 countries while being such a renowned entity in the online investment community, it is difficult for anyone to argue with Timothy Sykes legitimacy, which in fact is a rare discovery this day and age in regards to the online day trading sphere.

Timothy Sykes Offer

Timothy Sykes operation functions with open transparency and with the overall mission of helping both novice and experienced investors earn money through online trading. Featuring 3 separate investment plans, investors can choose from receiving trading alerts, access to an educational plan plus trading alerts or enroll with the highly acclaimed millionaire stock trading challenge. Disclosed below are the current plans offered at TimothySykes.com:


  • Real-time Trading Alerts
  • Daily 5-10 stock watch-list
  • Alerts via SMS, Email and Push notifications
  • $74.95/month or annual subscription saves 33%
  • Access to chatroom with over 1,000 active traders

PennyStocking Silver

  • Real-time Trading Alerts
  • Bi-weekly video lessons
  • 5,000+ video lesson library
  • Daily 5-10 stock watchlist
  • Alerts via SMS, Email and Push notifications
  • $149.95/month or annual subscription saves 38%
  • Access to chatroom with over 1,000 active traders

Tim’s Stock Trading Challenge (Millionaire Challenge)

  • Learn Tim’s secret strategies
  • Have the opportunity to talk with Tim himself
  • Become a featured success story on Tim’s site
  • Take your investing and income to the next level

Community Feedback

There is a concerning number of negative consumer feedback blasting Timothy Sykes and his operation on RipOffReport. While most of the complaints filed against Timothy Sykes appears to be dated back between 2008 to 2014, there are still some negative dated complaints within the past couple of years.

Timothy Sykes Testimonials

For every negative consumer complaint filed against Tim Sykes we must have found roughly a dozen positive testimonials building to the overall credibility of his operation. Featured on the Testimonial page of TimothySykes.com are hundreds of user testimonials reflecting positive experiences regarding his operation. However, it doesn’t stop there, don’t forget that Tim Sykes was featured on talk shows with Larry King and Steve Harvey and was also featured on numerous news channels like FoxNews, NYSE Floor, CNBC and Wall Street Warriors.

If Timothy Sykes was a scam or if his investment plans were scams, he obviously wouldn’t have been invited to have interviews on major talk shows and news channels. Whether some of the negative community feedback was fictitious in a deliberate attempt to wither away his strong reputability and credibility we are uncertain, but we are quite certain that he is the real deal.

Popularity & Domain History

TimothySykes.com had a strong SimilarWeb global rank of 113,701 with a US rank of 31,686 as of February 10th, 2018. Reflecting a 528th rank in the Finance Investing category, Timothy Syke’s site supported over 930,000 visitors last month alone and generates an estimated annual revenue between $1 million to $10 million. Brought into existence over a decade ago on March 12th, 2007, TimothySykes.com was registered by Tim Sykes according to a WHOIS domain report.

TimothySykes.com Review Conclusion

As our review history will indicate, the majority of times we encounter operations similar to Tim Sykes platform, they turn out to be scams constructed by fake entities who possess zero credibility. However, once in a blue moon do we come across a wide scale operation that is not only transparent but possesses more credibility than half the sites we have reviewed.

Fortunately for us, Timothy Sykes operation is one of those operations, functioning with open transparency while possessing ample amounts of verified user testimonials, it is evident that if you are serious about making money online through trading then getting started with one of Timothy Sykes investment plans is a good option.

Do you have relevant and up-to-date insight or an experience to share regarding Timothy Sykes? Please disclose your wisdom and feedback with us by leaving a comment below!


  1. Randall

    I have been in the weekend profits program for approx 5 weeks or so. Two of the weeks there was no buy recommendation. He offered 2 other buy recommendations, but by the time I opened my app (a whopping 3 minutes since the notification) to initiate his trade recommendations, the price was above his buy price, so i did not trade. So far I have been unable to do anything but watch and read his comments. I have spent approx 1700 for his service…thinking of requesting a refund soon….

  2. Alex

    For most people, this is a big red flag. Trading penny stocks may work for him and some of his students, but will be very account draining if you are not an experienced trader and familiar with the pump and dump characteristics of chasing penny stocks. What bothers me is Larry “King Pin” teaming up with Timothy “Yikes” and scamming old people, retirees, with the hope they can do this and enhance their retirement money is just plain wrong, greedy, and seedy. Listening to King Pin and Yikes spewing non-sense about predetermined dates that stocks have run up on certain days is just pure BS, check those stocks mentioned on those days and where was the trade? Taking advantage of ignorant and uninformed retirees and baby boomers is not cool. You will part with your money and/or drain your account, be warned.

  3. Craig Hurt

    I have found Tim Sykes hype to be over-the-top and less than truthful. He states not to chase a particular (penny) stock, tells you the maximum buy price which has seldom been available and then just as quickly tells you to sell at a non-existent profit. Were you to actually be able to execute trades at the numbers he throws out then you probably could profit. . .but those prices are rarely realized by you. The subscription to “Weekly Fortunes” means you only need to profit by $57.70 per week to break even. My subscription started on January 27 and I’ve yet to experience a single week in which I surpassed this nominal goal, not to mention some of the dogs I’ve been stuck with, unable to unload at the price Mr. Sykes told you to bail. In my household, his service is known as “WeAkly Fortunes” because I think Agora Financial is the entity that’s cleaning up at its subscribers expense.

  4. r. thomas ulrich

    how do i get my $3000.00 fee back ?? i find this system not to my liking… at 83 years old, i do not have the knowlage to be doing this, or the money…i really did not know what i was doing…please help me…thank you..

    • Steve

      Hi Thomas,
      I was reading your post on Scam Finance about getting your $3000 back from the Sykes fiasco and I think I can help you get your money back and I am not a lawyer.

      • Ricko

        I’m interested in getting my money back also?

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