FHA Rate Guide Review

FHA Rate Guide (FHARateGuide.com) renders a unique service for prospective consumers who are looking to acquire a loan online for property financing. Actively functioning as an online news and information service that provides editorial content and directory information about mortgages and loans, FHA Rate Guide essentially acts as an online platform that can help consumers get connected to the most suitable lenders based upon their submitted loan criteria and credit worthiness.

Operating with open transparency while disclosing all their available lenders, consumers who reflect a poor credit history are still eligible to apply for property financing through FHA Rate Guide. Supporting property financing for single family, multi family, condominium and town homes, FHA Rate Guide is suitable for prospective applicants who are looking to acquire refinancing options or loan equity to put towards the purchase of one of the supported property types above.

To gather a better understanding of the opportunities that await for you at FHARateGuide.com, we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased and insightful review.

About FHA Rate Guide

FHA Rate Guide, short for Federal Housing Administration Rate Guide, is a platform that functions as an online directory for consumers looking to acquire mortgages and loans. Providing a brief application process, consumers searching for property financing are able to begin the loan process by providing the type of loan, property description and an approximation of their credit score. They will then be redirected to RateZip.com.

Once redirected to RateZip, applicants can continue the loan application process by verifying their previously submitted loan criteria where they will then be connected to a variety of transparent lenders. Due to RateZip and FHA Rate Guide functioning as loan directories opposed to a loan matching network, both operations are able to be more upfront with their prospective applicants about their supported lenders while ensuring a better probability of loan request acceptance due to operating with more lenders that are geared towards an applicants credit worthiness.

From that point on it is down for the consumer to determine which lending platform they wish to complete their loan application process with. Since FHA Rate Guide does not function as a loan matching network, none of the lenders who appear in the end result have approved loan offers for consumers, which appears to be the only downside with online loan directories since more work on the applicants end is required.

According the Contact US page featured at FHARateGuide.com, the FHA Rate Guide directory is operated by a corporation known as LeadPoint, Inc. Disclosing a physical address of 2045 S. Barrington Ave., Suite A, Los Angeles, CA 90025, LeadPoint Inc appears to be an active and accredited corporation according to the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, according to a WHOIS report, Joshua Kindervater is listed as the registrant behind FHARateGuide.com.

Linked Operations

RateZip.com wasn’t the only operation we found associated with FHARateGuide.com, according to the Privacy Policy featured at FHA Rate Guide, a domain disclosed as WebLoanDeals.com has also shown correlation with this loan directory. According to our findings, Web Loan Deals acts as a loan connection service that supports many of the same lenders that FHA Rate Guide does. This leads us to believe that Web Loan Deals is just another offspring operation from the creators behind FHA Rate Guide except for that they employ a more thorough service by rendering loan connection services.

FHA Rate Guide Spec Report

  • Created on July 26th, 2013
  • Registered under an entity known as Joshua Kindervater
  • Currently functions as an online loan and mortgage directory
  • Possesses the same exact Privacy Policy as WebLoanDeals.com
  • Only available to consumers who reside within the United States
  • Provides a transparent and legitimate network of supported lenders
  • Operated by a BBB Accredited corporation known as LeadPoint, Inc
  • FHA Rate Guide is short for Federal Housing Administration Rate Guide
  • Physical address of 2045 S. Barrington Ave., Suite A, Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • LeadPoint, Inc reflects a current BBB business rating of A+ (no active complaints)
  • Operates as a lending platform to acquire applicant loan info then redirects to RateZip


FHARateGuide.com showcased a SimilarWeb global rank of 78,510 with a US rank of 14,585 as of February 8th, 2017. Ranked 101st in the Credit, Loans and Mortgage niche, it is evident in the market intelligence report that FHA Rate Guide has been experiencing drastic fluctuations in visitor traffic over the past few months. According to the report, 98.88% of all the sites traffic originates from the United States while both referral and email based sources account for over 40% of the sites traffic sources.

FHARateGuide.com Review Conclusion

FHA Rate Guide is an active online loan and mortgage directory that aids consumers by helping them get connected with transparent and verified lenders. Unlike loan matching networks, Federal Housing Administration Rate Guide is open about their ownership information, makes it quite clear on their site they are not a loan connection platform and provides a valuable service for consumers who only wish to get connected with the best available lenders.

Although more work is needed in the long run by the consumer, the lenders supported in the loan application process are geared towards each consumer depending upon their submitted information and are more likely to approve their loan requests for property financing. For those of you seeking to obtain online loans for property financing, we advise you to give FHA Rate Guide an opportunity as it will be difficult to find a more transparent operation than theirs.

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