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Canary Cash ( does not function as a direct lender or brokerage but rather as an online platform that enables UK residents to request for loans up to £1,000. Providing a user-friendly loan connection platform, Canary Cash renders a valuable loan matching service that enables consumers the ability to submit their loan application to a host of qualified lenders supported on their lending network. Not only does this enable the consumer to receive better approval odds but also more competitive loan offers.

To gain insight into the Canary Cash loan matching network and whether or not this lending operation is optimal for you we encourage you to continue reading our detailed review.

About Canary Cash prioritizes their platform to serve as a viable and simplistic outlet for UK based consumers to request personal loans online. Supporting a reassuring no obligation, free of charge loan application atmosphere, Canary Cash allows consumers to rest assured knowing that they are not obligated to fulfill any unaccepted loan offers or complete the application process if they do not wish too.

While the acquirement and utilization of payday loans should only be considered as a last resort, we understand that from time to time situations may arise where cash advance loans may effectively be used to bridge a momentary financial gap. With this in mind, Canary Cash allows prospective borrowers to request cash advance loans that range between £100 to £1,000 and renders an approval or denial notice within a few minutes of successfully completing the application process.

Canary Cash Loan Process

Canary Cash only requires applicants to possess 4 eligibility requirements before being considered as an eligible loan applicant. These 4 eligibility requirements would be that consumers must be over 18 years of age, live in the UK, have a valid UK bank account along with a regular source of income. Prospective borrowers who meet this criteria are encouraged to apply for a quick online cash advance loan for up to £1,000 where, if approved, can receive their loan as soon as the next business day.

After applicants have completed the application process, which on average only takes a couple minutes to complete, their application goes through Canary Cash’s ping tree searching technology that integrates their application with real lenders. If a lender decides they want to lend to you then you will be connected with that lender where you will be able to go over the loan terms and electronically sign and receive your loan if you wish to do so.

Applicants who do not receive an approval for their request will be directed toward solutions where consumers can receive debt help to improve their financial position and probability of success for acquiring an online loan in the future. All-in-all the application process takes a little less than 5 minutes to complete and can save you quite a bit of time compared to singularly applying with individual lenders.

Who is Behind Canary Cash?

Canary Cash is a registered trading name of Ineffable Ltd, a limited liability corporation registered in England and Wales under company number 10662200. According to a CompaniesHouse report, Ineffable Ltd was incorporated on March 9th, 2017 and has a registered office address of 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU.  The listed active director behind Ineffable Ltd is Jack Fuller while a WHOIS report reveals that the registrar who created the site on April 29th, 2016 was Michael Waylett.

According to the footer of the Canary Cash site, Ineffable Ltd is an appointed representative of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under reference number 773975 and is licensed by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) under reference number ZA239340. Furthermore, Ineffable Ltd also functions as an appointed representative of North West Affiliates Limited, which is an active UK corporation registered under company number 8984658. North West Affiliates Limited is also authorized by the FCA (#672064) and licensed by the ICO (#ZA232429).

Popularity reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 674,490 with a US rank of 2,966,049 as of January 30th, 2018. According to the market intelligence report, Canary Cash received a 34.28% surge of traffic growth from the previous month which resulted in their site supporting over 100,000 visitors. In addition, 100% of the sites traffic is derived from visitors who reside with the United Kingdom and United States while over 90% of all their traffic sources originated from email based sources.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Consider all the information disclosed above and one may logically presume that Canary Cash operates as a transparent and legitimate loan matching platform. While this conclusion may seem incontestable we did discover one somewhat unethical finding that makes us question the authenticity and motive behind the creators of Canary Cash. This discovery would be that the current operators behind Canary Cash are also the same operators behind numerous other loan matching platforms.

Ineffable Limited Associated Domains

Disclosed in the Ineffable Ltd ICO report and below would be other active operations that are currently being operated by Ineffable Ltd:

Active Cash incorporates the same web template as Canary Cash while also functioning as a loan connection service. Created on July 4th, 2016 according to a WHOIS report, Active Cash possesses a SimilarWeb global rank of 911,996 with a respectable UK rank of 80,820.

Car Cash Direct operates as an online loan matching platform that enables consumers who reside within the United Kingdom to receive personal loans between £5,000 to £50,000 with the intention of purchasing an automative vehicle. Created on July 11th, 2016, Car Cash Direct is not a popular site according to a SimilarWeb report since it fails to reflect any site rankings.

Chosen Money is another tactless variation of the Canary Cash and Active Cash lending platform. Operating as another loan matching network with the same web template, Chosen Money was created on July 4th, 2016 by Michael Waylett and reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 2,862,013 with a UK rank of 273,987.

Clear Money functions as an online loan comparison brokerage where consumers can request loans between £100 to £2,000. Created on September 19th, 2016, Clear Money reflected a SimiliarWeb global rank of 424,481 with a UK rank of 29,937 indicating to us that Clear Money is becoming quite popular within the United Kingdom.

EZ Loans functions as another spawn of Canary Cash and reflects little variation with the site format. Operating as another cash advance loan matching service, EZ Loans was incepted on January 12th, 2016 and had a SimilarWeb global rank of 578,525 and a UK rank of 43,957. According to the report, EZ Loans has suffered about a 42.57% decrease in visitor traffic from last month and appears to be less popular.

Happy Cash is an online loan matching network that is tailored towards aiding UK consumers obtain a fast loan online for up to £1,000. Registered on January 12th, 2016, Happy Cash reflects a SimilarWeb global rank of 444,940 and has experienced a significant surge in traffic growth from last month of about 182.8%. Supporting over 140,000 visitors last month alone, it appears that Happy Cash is growing in popularity.

Mini Advance operates as a loan matching platform that allows UK consumers to apply for loans up to £5,000. Created on December 2nd, 2015, Mini Advance was registered by a corporation known as Identity Protect Limited and appears to be an unpopular site that receives little to no traffic since it fails to reflect any web rankings according to SimilarWeb.

Created on January 12th, 2016, Quick Coin functions as an online loan connection service that allows consumers to request for payday loans for up to £1,000. Quick Coin appears to be growing in popularity and had a SimilarWeb global rank of 488,654 while ranking 4,225th in the Marketing niche.

According to a WHOIS report, was incepted on April 29th, 2016 by Michael Waylett and currently functions as a service provider that specializes in matching borrowers with lenders. Loan requests up to £1,000 are supported while consumers of all credit types are encouraged to apply. Reflecting a SimiliarWeb global rank of 393,795 with a UK rank of 26,514, Tower Money is exhibiting signs of inorganic site growth.

Another spawn of Canary Cash that was yet again created on January 12th, 2016, Wizz Money operates as another loan connection platform that helps consumers match with supported lenders. Reflecting the same web template as Canary Cash with just a slight variation, Wizz Money reflected a SimiliarWeb global rank of 892,076 with a UK rank of 71,529.

Zip Finance is an online platform that renders a loan matching service that connects potential borrowers with approved lenders. Applicants must be UK citizens and can request loans for up to £1,000. Created on July 4th, 2016, Zip Finance possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 1,007,437 and a UK rank of 82,687.

Canary Cash Spec Report

  • Registered on April 29th, 2016
  • Only available for UK consumers
  • Functions as an online loan matching service platform
  • APRs well above industry average, between 292% to 1,270%
  • Prospective borrowers can request loans between £100 to £1,000
  • Actively operating as a registered trading name of Ineffable Limited

Corporate Entity Spec Report

  • Ineffable Ltd is authorized with the FCA (#773975)
  • Ineffable Ltd is registered with the ICO (#ZA239340)
  • Ineffable Ltd is filed under company number 10662200
  • Ineffable Ltd address is 20-22Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU
  • North West Affiliates Ltd address is 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU
  • Ineffable Ltd functions as an Appointed Representative of North West Affiliates Ltd
  • North West Affiliates Ltd is filed under company number 8984658
  • North West Affiliates Ltd is registered with the ICO (#ZA232429)
  • North West Affiliates Ltd is regulated by the FCA (#672064)

Can Canary Cash be Trusted?

Despite the excess operations currently being operated by Ineffable Ltd we do believe Canary Cash to be a trustworthy service. Operating with upfront transparency while being operated by a corporate entity that is not only regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority but also licensed by the Information Commissioner’s Office, consumers would be hard-pressed to find a more verified and genuine loan matching platform. Review Conclusion

Transparency and regulation are a couple of characteristics that aren’t oftentimes seen amongst loan matching networks. Compared to most loan connection services that operate as their sole entity while lacking regulation and licensing, Canary Cash exceeds expectations by operating under the supervision of a corporation that possesses both. While the nature of their operation does arouse suspicion as to why they need to oversee such a quantity of operations, one cannot justifiably contest the legitimacy of the Canary Cash platform without sufficient incriminating evidence.

Since no such evidence currently exists and while no negative consumer feedback is plaguing the Canary Cash loan matching network we feel comfortable with recommending the Canary Cash loan matching service for any consumer based within the United Kingdom who is in need of obtaining a quick online loan through a verified and transparent platform.

Do you have a Canary Cash story or insight to share? Please feel free to leave a comment below including any knowledge, insight or relevant questions you may possess.

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  1. Pat West

    I applied to make an application and part of the process was taking a £1 from my bank account via my debit card which was done by a company named Switch Tech Ltd, Switch Tech also debited a further £23.99 at the same time.i have emailed Ineffable who assured me they did not charge for their services and asked for details, of which I sent to them. The money has not been returned, Ineffables contact phone number is permanently engaged and I have raised a complaint in the hope of it being resolved. This is theft.

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