CashUSA Loans (Is it a SCAM?) – Must-Read Review!

CashUSA ( operates as a free online platform that renders a loan matching service.

Available only to consumers to who reside within the United States, CashUSA functions as a necessary intermediary between borrowers and lenders and is not a direct lender or brokerage.

Providing their user-friendly and reputable lending services to over 1 million visitors monthly, it is difficult for any operation to argue the credibility established and evident with CashUSA.

About CashUSA

CashUSA is an online service that connects consumers looking to acquire personal loans with nationwide lenders.

Providing their service free of charge, CashUSA does not function as a direct lender, loan agent, representative or loan brokerage of any kind but instead an online service platform.

Consumers are able to complete the brief application process where they can request loan amounts between $500 to $10,000 and if eligible could receive their loans as quickly as the next business day.

CashUSA Offer & Features

CashUSA provides a broad loan service by allowing consumers to request for personal loans that range between short-term or long-term.

Loan repayment periods reside between 3 to 60 months and come with APRs that range between 5.99% to 35.99%.

Similar to most loan matching networks, CashUSA employs a user-friendly and quick application process that takes under 5 minutes to complete along with only a few minutes to receive an approval or denial verdict.

In order to become eligible, consumers must meet the requirements disclosed below.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Disclose proof of active income over $1,000/month after taxes
  • Must be able to provide work and home phone numbers and email address
  • Disclose personal checking account information (for loan delivery method)

If a borrower’s loan request has been approved, they will be connected with all of the supported lenders who approved the applied loan request.

Unlike singularly applying for loans through direct lenders, consumers can obtain more competitive loan offers from using CashUSA since it creates a competitive lending atmosphere.

Once a consumer has accepted a loan offer they can complete the loan process by electronically signing the agreement where their funds can be sent as quickly as the next business day.

Who is Behind CashUSA?

As stated in CashUSA’s Terms of Use, owns and operates the website located at This indicates to us that CashUSA operates as their sole entity and is not back by a registered corporate entity.

While oftentimes this may create transparency issues, CashUSA is known as a reputable loan matching service provider and is a common denominator we find amongst many loan matching platforms that render only service based offers.

CashUSA Contact Information

Cash USA can be reached through 4 separate contact methods.

Those looking to make inquiries but aren’t press under a particular time frame can mail letters to their physical post office address of 3315 E Russel Rd St A-4, Box #105, Las Vegas, Nevada 89120.

Consumers looking to receive more immediate answers can email, call their telephone number (866)-973-6587 or use their contact submission form featured on their Contact Us page. Popularity had a SimilarWeb global rank of 93,048 with a US rank of 18,613 as of July 4th, 2018.

Ranked 119th in the Credit, Loans and Mortgage niche, CashUSA supports over 600K monthly visitors while over 95% of their sites traffic originates from users within the United States.

Over 54% of the sites traffic is referral and email based and it is evident from the report that CashUSA is a popular loan matching network.

CashUSA Spec Report

  • Loans vary between 3 to 60 months
  • Telephone number: 1-(866)973 -6587
  • Email Address:
  • Application only takes a few minutes to complete
  • was registered on August 4th, 1997
  • Supports personal loan requests between $500 to $10,000
  • CashUSA operates as a US loan matching service provider
  • Reflected APRs amongst supported lenders vary between 5.99% to 35.99%

Can CashUSA be Trusted?

Oftentimes we don’t encourage our readers to commit with services or opportunities that are not backed by a verified corporation.

However, due to CashUSA’s popularity and strong web presence, we do believe that they are trustworthy operation. Review Conclusion

CashUSA effectively functions as an all-in-one quick personal loan matching service provider.

Connecting US consumers with reliable lenders that provide competitive APRs compared to most other lending connection services, CashUSA provides a more expansive loan criteria than the vast majority of loan matching networks.

If you are a US citizen looking to obtain a quick and legitimate personal loan, then we recommend checking out CashUSA.

Do you have any personal experience or knowledge to share regarding CashUSA? Please leave a comment below sharing your insight, thoughts and feedback!


  1. Sarah

    Gave them my number and immediately received a text request to verify my phone number, in which was a link that took me to Google Pay.

  2. JONES

    They are information collectors. Make sure you have unlimited texts if you give them your info. Expect lots of random contacts from usury lenders.

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