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100Lenders (100Lenders.com) is an active online loan matching network that allows US citizens to apply for loans up to $35,000. Offering their loan matching service nationwide, applicants who are eligible to receive a loan offer are connected with a network of lenders who have approved their loan application request. To date 100Lenders has allegedly helped over 741,000 consumers request a loan and functions as a no obligation, free of charge loan connection platform.

For those of you who have been hoping to secure a loan online for various reasons we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased review to acquire a better understanding of how the 100Lenders operation functions and if their platform is advisable for you to use or not.

About 100Lenders

100Lenders portrays their operation as the ideal service platform where US consumers of all credit histories are able to utilize their service to determine if they are eligible to receive a personal loan online. Supporting loan amounts that vary between $100 to $35,000, 100Lenders provides a broad scope of loan solutions for applicants inquiring about obtaining an online loan. Allegedly a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA), 100Lenders has aided thousands of consumers in the loan acquiring process since 2006.

100Lenders Offer & Features

100Lenders unfortunately does not provide much information regarding their operational model. While it is clear in the Terms of Service page that only applicants 18 years of age or older are the only known eligibility requirement, we are not sure if a debt-to-income ratio, active employment status along with a particular credit history length are required for eligibility. No mention of loan durations or APRs are disclosed, although they likely vary depending upon which lenders have approved your loan request.

Due to the lack of information pertaining to 100Lender’s business model, we feel that it is appropriate to disclose some average loan criteria that are considered as competitive amongst other loan matching networks. Typically APRs among reasonable lending networks vary between 5.99% to 35.99% APR while loan durations can last between 3 to 60 months in length. If you apply for a loan through 100Lenders and receive offers outside these competitive norms then you may want to consider more competitive offers through other networks.

Who is Behind 100Lenders?

100Lenders does not make an apparent effort to disclose information regarding their owners and operators. According to their About Us page, the operator of their site can be reached by mail at 100 Lenders, 6709 W. 199th Street #338, Overland Park, Kansas 66209 or through the contact submission form featured on their Contact Us page. According to the 100Lenders Terms of Service page, their operation is overseen by Search ROI, LLC which reflects the same corporate address that we just disclosed.

No other information of value can be found in their site to shed more light on this lack of transparency. According to a WHOIS report, 100Lenders.com was registered on October 25th, 2011 by Search ROI, LLC and had a disclose telephone number of 1 (866) 829-4551. The only other contact method we found was webmaster@searchroi.com, so if consumers are looking to obtain immediate contact with the operator behind 100Lenders we would recommend trying their corporate phone number and email address.


100Lenders.com showed a SimilarWeb global rank of 204,107 with a US rank of 41,095 as of January 31st, 2018. According to the report, the site averaged over 352,000 visitors while over 85% of all the sites traffic originated from users within the United States. 100 Lenders has endured roughly a 19.45% drop in traffic from their preceding month while over 50% of the sites cumulative traffic originates from referral based sources.

100Lenders Spec Report

  • Not a lender, broker, or representative
  • Under supervision of Search ROI, LLC
  • Site functions as an online loan matching service
  • Active military members are not eligible to apply
  • Allegedly a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA)
  • Has supposedly been in operation since 2006 yet the domain was registered in 2011
  • Not available to residents of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Washington, or Vermont
  • Physical address of 100 Lenders, 6709 W. 199th Street #338, Overland Park, Kansas 66209

Can 100Lenders be Trusted?

100Lenders is a rather minimalistic loan matching platform that appears to prefer operating with a simple lack of operational integrity. Failing to provide a functional FAQ page while not disclosing ANY information regarding their lenders, loan criteria and providing any efficient contact methods are areas that need to be address with their operation but not enough to classify them as completely untrustworthy.

A considerable portion of the consumer feedback regarding 100Lenders appeared outdated and controversial. Many consumers reports reflected positive experiences while others appear quite stern in their position against 100Lenders and declared their operation a scam. Due to the lack of relevancy these consumer reviews possessed we did not disclose them but to learn about other consumers experiences you can do so by visiting TrustPilot.

100Lenders.com Review Conclusion

100Lenders appears to be a viable nationwide lending service for consumers who reside within the United States. Although we do not feel that they meet the competitive standards set forth by other loan matching networks, nevertheless, they appear to be a genuine loan matching platform. Perhaps if you have been unlucky with other loan connection networks then 100Lenders is worth a shot, otherwise we feel that other loan connection services yield better services and transparency.

Do you have any questions, feedback or insight to share regarding 100Lenders? Please feel free to drop a comment below for other members of our growing community to learn and take advantage of!

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