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5K Funds (5KFunds.com) provides a loan connection service through their online platform. Accessible only to consumers who reside within the United States, 5K Funds is a functional service provider that renders a loan connection service for individuals looking to obtain a personal loan online with reasonable rates. Most loan applications are completed within a 5 minute window while the verdict determining their approval or denial are oftentimes delivered within a couple minutes of submitting your application.

While conventionally speaking 5K Funds sounds like a promising platform, we did come across a couple strong discrepancies that we feel like needs to be addressed by those currently responsible for their operation. With this in mind, we will be providing our readers with an unbiased review highlighting all the needs-to-knows and whether or not you can trust your personal and financial information with this service provider.

About 5K Funds

5K Funds functions as a loan matching network that provides consumers with a valuable service that yields more competitive rates for loan offers. Compared to traditional methods of obtaining loans through lenders, 5K Funds currently hosts a broad network of supported lenders which allow loan applicants to have their loan application process approved by more than one lender at a time. This saves not only time but will render more competitive rates amongst the supporting lenders which enables the consumer to get the best bang for their buck.

Those looking to obtain a personal loan through their site must complete the brief application process. If eligible and approved, 5K Funds connects the applicant with the lenders who approved the loan offer where they can go on to finalize the loan process by electronically signing the loan offer. Once completed the requested loan funds will be sent as quickly as the next business day while applicants who were unsuccessful in obtaining an approval verdict will be given other alternatives to select from.

Who is Liable for 5K Funds?

According to the 5K Funds site, there is no disclosed corporate entity that currently owns and operates their site. In essence, 5K Funds is acting as their sole entity yet fails to accept responsibility for any circumstances that may occur on their site. According to the Better Business Bureau, 5K funds is allegedly operated by a corporation known as Salem Capital Investment Group LLC d/b/a 5K Loans.

While the report will go on to reveal that their corporation is not BBB Accredited and reflects an overall F rating, those red flags weren’t the only discrepancies that we discovered at the BBB. To learn more about the alleged illicit practices being conducted at 5KFunds.com, we urge you to continue reading.

5K Funds Offer

According to the site, 5K Funds will always provide a service free of charge. Their service encompasses aiding consumers looking to obtain quick personal loans for a variety of reasons, the ability to secure a loan by one of their supported lenders. Loans tend to average between an APR of 5.99% to 35.99% while the repayment term ranges between 61 days to 72 months. The available loan amounts featured at 5K Funds fluctuate between $1,000 to $35,000 and your credit worthiness will dictate your ability to secure your specific loan request.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Coming back to the Better Business Bureau report, we couldn’t overlook some of the complaints that are filed against 5K Funds. Under the sites reviews and complaints, consumers are reporting that 5K Funds essentially operates as an advanced fee brokerage. Offering loans to consumers and requesting an upfront fee to guarantee the loan, these fees are depicted as “insurance,” “good faith payments,” “taxes,” or “first installment,” when in reality they are nothing of the sort. Disclosed below is the feedback we found circulating 5K Funds at the Better Business Bureau:

Consumers tell the BBB that company representatives instruct them to purchase a Vanilla Pre-Paid credit card (re-loadable) for varying amounts ($120 – $400+) and to provide 5K Loan with the pin numbers to pay the upfront fees. Consumers that make these payments as instructed are reporting to the BBB that they are not receiving the loans they applied for. Consumers also tell the BBB that when they contact 5K Loans to inquire about the status of their loan application, they are given excuses about the delay in receiving the money. Or, if they try to cancel the loan application and request a refund of the advance fees paid, they are denied by 5K Loan representatives. Most of the complaints being filed with the BBB against 5K Loans have gone unanswered.


5KFunds.com had a SimilarWeb global rank of 434,875 with a US rank of 98,622 as of February 2nd, 2018. As stated in the report, 92.01% of the incoming traffic received originated from users who resided with the United States while both referral and email based sources accounted for over 80% of the sites traffic.

5K Funds Spec Report

  • Created on December 10th, 2015
  • Telephone number of (855) 899-1635
  • Enforced APRs vary between 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Contact email address of support@5kfunds.com
  • DV Marketing Inc is the disclosed registered agent
  • Loan repayment periods are between 61 days and 72 months
  • Current functions as an anonymous short-term loan matching platform
  • Blacklisted at the Better Business Bureau for unethical business practices
  • Disclosed address of DV Marketing Inc, 759 Bloomfield Ave. #244 West Caldwell, NJ 07006

Can 5K Funds be Trusted?

5K Funds does not appear to be a trustworthy or transparent operation, according the evidence disclosed above. Portraying their operation as a simplistic and credible loan connection service, the reports we found at the Better Business Bureau were disturbing and depicts the true nature of the 5K Funds operation.

5KFunds.com Review Conclusion

5K Funds appears to share DV Marketing, Inc as their designated agent like Fast 5K Funds, yet we could find no concrete evidence to accurately conclude that both sites are owned and operated by the same entities. Despite that lack of evidence, we found plenty of discrepancies regarding the 5K Funds operation, which is why we are not recommending U.S. consumers to utilize their platform due to being reported as an advance fee brokerage according to the Better Business Bureau.

When it comes to procuring a loan online, make sure you only divulge your personal and financial information with approved and trustworthy lenders. Conducting some basic research into a loan matching network or lenders can save you quite a bit of trouble down the road. For those of you who always need assistance as well, you can feel free to leave a comment below.

For consumers looking for more legitimate and verified loan matching services, we recommend reading our 24/7 Dollar Loans review. For prospective applicants who possess below average credit types, we recommend learning about BadCreditLoans, which specializes as a credible loan matching network tailored towards consumers with poor credit history.

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  1. I'm broke

    What pisses me off is the Penny Hoarder is promoting these companies via their blog and they dont normally align themselves with scam companies. These jerks are obviously out to take advantage of those of us who already are in the red. Nice try, but not today satan!!!!!

  2. Deborah Mitchell Bazemore

    I almost succumbed to the scam. I also felt guarded when they ask for my banking information before they tell me whether or not I am approved. Definitely look these companies up before giving too much personal information because when they want a prepaid Visa card for any amount it is a SCAM. I got scammed by another company with the same MO telling me because they are transferring funds from another state I have to pay taxes required by NC Boo! HISS!

  3. Matt

    They seem to reach out to “prepaid phone customers” as I did the research. They text me from a shady 5 digit number and said I could apply by clicking on the link provided in the text message. I will definitely be blocking their number


    I think this company is fake when I provided them with a bank account number I then got routed to another site as someone stated earlier but to dismay I provided them with an incorrect account number because they will not be getting any funds from my account .its a shame that everyone has to be scamming others out of money..I hope who is running 5K fastK and whatever else K’s they are using gets caught its just not fair for the legit companies that they portray to be a funding company ..#Scammers #takingpeoplemoney #Noloan but they will take a payment. Who ask for banking info before your being approved anyways.JA

  5. CS

    I applied and I can say for sure this is not a legitimate site. After applying I am receiving non stop email from clearly fake lending companies that have either no websites, no reviews, or a fake address. Not one email was from a legitimate company. I’m sure the only reason they have any positive reviews is because they make fake ones for themselves to seem legit and lure people in.

  6. GJV

    I did apply for a loan with 5kfunds, but in essence I felt like there was something missing from it, like a sense of legitimacy. What puzzles me the most, was when I was asked for my router bank numbers, that right there just threw me off…

  7. Josh

    Also I’d like to add this…there is another site called loansunder36.com it says at the top consumers advocate.org….anyways the point I’m trying to make is if you google the physical which is: 759 Bloomfield Ave. #244, West Caldwell, NJ, 07006, like 10 different ‘Loan Companies’ have the same address. 5K loans is one of them. Also one called turbo 5K loans, 24/7loans, fast5K loans, Rapid5K loans!, 24/7 loan pros, the list goes on and on…..my opinion, do not trust these people!!!

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