Capital Money Review

Capital Money ( is a UK based credit broker that serves as an online loan matching network. Connecting UK based consumers in need of obtaining a loan with lenders, Capital Money operates under the supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 770925. Despite being an active operation since 2015, Capital Money has failed to accumulate consumer feedback on the web while falling short to acquire much of a web presence at all.

With this in mind, the aim of today’s unbiased review would be to fill this informational void while providing our readers with comprehensive insight into how the Capital Money operation functions. Learn for yourself whether Capital Money is truly as credibly of a credit brokerage as they appear to be or if they operate with unethical lending motives instead.

About Capital Money

Capital Money is an online loan connection platform that renders a loan matching service for UK based consumers. Providing UK citizens with an advantage of just having to fulfill one loan application process opposed to several, Capital Money connects approved borrowers with a network of lenders who have approved their short-term loan request.

It is important to understand that Capital Money is not a direct lender but instead a loan matching service. does not make inquiries into your credit history but some of their supported lenders may to determine your credit worthiness.

Capital Money Offer & Features

Capital Money enables UK residents to request payday loan amounts that vary between £100 to £5,000 that are accompanied with exceptional high APRs between 35.99% to 1,294%. Since Capital Money emphasizes their operation upon short-term loan agreements, borrowers are connected with lenders that offer loan lengths between 1 to 36 months. If applicants pass the loan process eligibility criteria and are approved, lenders will fund their designated payment method electronically as a payday loan as soon as the next day.

Loan Applicant Information Needed

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address
  • Income Details
  • E-mail Address
  • Residential Status
  • Telephone Number
  • Bank Account Details
  • Name and contact details of your employer

All prospective applicants must be 18 years of age and must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United Kingdom. If applicants who complete the loan process are not approved, then Capital Money will redirect said applicant to other 3rd parties who may approve their loan request.

Who is Behind Capital Money?

Capital Money is a registered Trading Name of MindFlow Marketing Limited, a firm registered in England and Wales. Reflecting an active registration number of 09645483, MindFlow Marketing Limited was incorporated on June 18th, 2015 and is actively directed by Heather Jean Bennett according to a CompaniesHouse report. MindFlow Marketing Limited has a registered office address of 80-83 Long Lane, London, England, EC1A 9ET, although Google Maps does not appear to be able to properly locate their disclosed address.

In addition to being the active corporation behind Capital Money, MindFlow Marketing Limited is authorized and regulated with the Financial Conduct Authority under reference number 770925. This indicates to us that MindFlow Marketing Limited is a regulated entity and is authorized as an active firm within the United Kingdom and in other EEA countries. MindFlow Marketing Limited is also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) under reference number ZA232696.

Furthermore, according to the Capital Money Privacy Policy, MindFlow Marketing Limited is an Appointed Representative of Maintain Marketing Ltd, a corporation also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the reference number 727520. In addition, Maintain Marketing Ltd is registered with the ICO under reference number ZA202297 and reflects an active company status at CompaniesHouse under the company number 09829835.

Capital Money can be contacted at 0800-2600-284 between Monday through Friday or can be reached at

Popularity possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 13,292,390 as of January 29th, 2018. According to the report, over 84% of the sites traffic sources is referral based while the site ranks 2,081,215 in the Business and Industry category. It is evident that Capital Money is not a popular loan matching destination for UK based consumers.

Question Marks and Red Flags

If a consumer was to take all of the information disclosed at, they would likely conclude that Capital Money was a legitimate operation. What we couldn’t understand though would be why the owners and operators behind Capital Money also employ numerous separate lending operations that exhibit unethical looking templates that lack essential site security.

Perhaps it is because all of their operations are relatively unpopular and they are looking to accrue as many commissions as possible for applicants that may stumble upon their various sites. Whatever the reasoning may be, it sure does raise some suspicion in regards to the legitimacy of the Capital Money operation.

MindFlow Marketing Ltd Associated Domains

According to the MindFlow Marketing Ltd ICO report, their corporate entity is the overseeing body for a multitude of other lending domains. Disclosed below are the various associated lending operations backed by MindFlow Marketing Ltd:

Little Finance functions as another loan connection service just like Capital Money. Offering the same APRs, supported loan amounts along with probably the same lenders. Little Finance is a trading style of MindFlow Marketing Ltd, was registered on August 27th, 2015 and appears not to be a popular site because it fails to acquire any rankings on market intelligence sites like SimiliarWeb.

Mint Money operates as a loan matching platform that reflects the same loan term information as Little Finance and Capital Money. Created on March 14th, 2016, Mint Money appears to be a more popular site than Capital Money and possesses a SimilarWeb global rank of 5,784,062 with a UK rank of 451,666. Furthermore, over 76% of Mint Money’s traffic sources are referral based.

Smart Ping functions as an affiliate network that is geared towards marketers who operate within the loan, mortgage and credit niche. Affiliates are able to utilize their platform in order to get track of their commissions, impressions and campaign launches. Created on July 27th, 2016, Smart Ping appears not to receive much traffic since it does not possess a SimilarWeb site ranking.

Flash Finance operates as another short-term loan connection service that supports the same exact loan criteria as Capital Money, Little Finance and MintMoney. Flash Finance is not a popular site and does not possess any site rankings and was created on September 15th, 2015.


Cash One is another variation of Capital One, it functions as a short-term loan connection service that exhibits the same loan criteria as the other sites. Employing a different web template, Cash One does not possess any site rankings and was created on August 16th, 2016.

Consumers should be forewarned that if they go to visit some of MindFlow Marketing Limited other lending sites that some of them do not employ security protocols so they are unsafe to visit. Whether this is intentional or just a momentary lapse in some of the lending operations security safeguards, we are unsure for the time being.

Capital Money Spec Report

  • Established in 2015
  • Available for UK consumers
  • Offers loans between 1 to 36 months
  • Operates as a short-term loan matching platform
  • Borrowers can request loans between £100 to £5,000
  • APRs are exceptionally high, between 34.99% to 1294%
  • Operates as the Trading Name of MindFlow Marketing Limited

Corporate Entity Spec Report

  • MindFlow Marketing Ltd is filed under company number 09645483
  • MindFlow Marketing Ltd address is 80-83 Long Lane, London, England, EC1A 9ET
  • Maintain Marketing Ltd address is 26-32 Oxford Rd, Bouremouth, BH8 8EZ, England
  • MindFlow Marketing Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Maintain Marketing Ltd
  • Maintain Marketing Ltd is filed under company number 09829385
  • Maintain Marketing Ltd is registered with the ICO (#ZA202297)
  • Maintain Marketing Ltd is regulated by the FCA (#727520)

Can Capital Money be Trusted?

After quite a bit of consideration, we do believe Capital Money to be a trustworthy operation despite their other active operations. Being back by a corporate entity that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority while reflecting an active registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office enables Capital Money to operate with transparency and supervision. If Capital Money failed to reach the requirements set forth by the FCA then we would be predisposed to issue a different verdict. Review Conclusion

Despite Capital Money being just one of the several loan matching platforms powered by MindFlow Marketing Ltd, we believe it is hard to discredit their operation. Granted, operating as one of spawns of MindFlow Marketing Ltd does raise suspicion but since Capital Money is overseen by a corporation that is FCA regulated and registered with the ICO, we find it difficult to combat their transparency and credibility.

While the supported APRs could certainly use some tweaking to make approved loan request less of a disadvantage to prospective borrowers, all-in-all we are issuing the verdict that Capital Money is a legitimate operation. If in the future more evidence was to come to light regarding this operation partaking in any unethical or illicit business practices, then we’ll gladly come back and alter this review.

Capital Money is only available in the UK.

Do you possess any insight regarding Capital Money? Please share any opinions, knowledge or experience in a comment below!


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