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Daily Finance Group (DailyFinanceGroup.com) is an online loan connection service that specializes in aiding consumers obtain cash advance loans. Available to consumers who reside within the United States, Daily Finance Group provides a simplistic site template with a quick loan application process that typically takes no longer than a few minutes to render an approval or denial verdict. Although cash advance operations and payday loan destinations like Daily Finance Group should only be used as a last resort, this platform could serve as a suitable variable to bridge any temporary financial gaps that may emerge in your everyday life.

Feel free to continue reading our honest review regarding the Daily Finance Group and determine for yourself whether their platform is a viable loan matching service for you or if you are better off with other loan connection networks.

What is Daily Finance Group?

Daily Finance Group is an online loan matching platform that enables US consumers to apply for quick cash loans between $100 to $1,000. Sending approved loans as payday loans, oftentimes accepted borrowers will receive their loan request as quickly as the next business day. Consumers who are interested in acquiring a short-term loan are able to fulfill the application process at DailyFinanceGroup.com, where if approved will be connected with the lenders who approved their offer. Applicants who are not accepted are redirected toward other lenders who may approve their loan request.

How does Daily Finance Group Work?

Daily Finance Group enables consumers the ability to receive multiple loan offers from supported lenders to create a more competitive atmosphere. US citizens or permanent residents who are looking to acquire a fast payday loan are able to complete the no obligation and free loan process application. If consumers fulfill the eligibility requirements disclosed below and are approved with lenders, they are able to complete the loan application process by electronically signing their loan offer, where they will be sent money as soon as next day in accordance to their designated payment method.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must be actively employed
  • Must possess a bank account
  • Generate no less than $800 per month

It is important to understand that Daily Finance Group is not a lender, but an online service provider that connects consumers in need of obtaining loans with a network of lenders. Although Daily Finance Group does not run credit reports on applicants, lenders may reach out to Experian, Equifax, Trans Union or other undisclosed credit reporting bureaus to determine an applicants credit worthiness.

Who is Liable for Daily Finance Group?

DailyFinanceGroup.com does not possess an About Us page which made us resort to their Terms of Website to figure out who is responsible for their operation. According to their Terms of Website, Daily Finance Group is acting as their own active entity and does no accept any responsibility in regards to how your disclosed information may be processed or for any unfortunate circumstances that may arise between you and an approved lender.

While the Daily Finance Group site failed to enlighten us much in regards to their ownership details, we did run a WHOIS report on their site and discovered that the registrar behind their site was Moniker Online Services LLC. Reflecting a filed address of 9218 Metcalf Ave, Suite 318, Overland Park, KS 66212, no factual entity is disclosed because a title of “System Administrator” was used to register the domain. While Daily Finance Group fails to make any reference to Moniker Online Services LLC, it appears that this limited liability corporation created the domain.

Question Marks and Red Flags

The lack of transparency and insight regarding their ownership and operational model are factors that need to be addressed by Daily Finance Group. Unfortunately, the site does not possess much of an online presence and no consumer feedback can be found at all regarding this operation which means we have little information to go off of. The only other characteristic that we believe accounts for a partial red flag would be how none of their lenders are disclosed upon their site.

First Premier Lending

FirstPremierLending.DailyFinanceGroup.com is a landing page affiliated with DailyFinanceGroup.com. According to the landing page, First Premier Lending functions as a short-term loan connection service that supports flexible payments, all credit types and like Daily Finance Group is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA).

Lending periods range between 14 days to 24 months while loan sizes between $100 to $1,000 are supported. Average APR fluctuates between 261% to 1,304% and if applicants aren’t accepted through Daily Finance Group, they are likely redirected to First Premier Lending since they are more acceptive of consumers of all credit histories.


DailyFinanceGroup possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 27,339 with a US rank of 5,065 as of January 29th, 2018. Ranking in the 155th spot underneath the Financial Investing category, Daily Finance Group received approximately 2.74 million visitors last month while over 97% of all their visitors originated from users within the United States. Over 51% of all their traffic was referral based while Email based sources account for an additional 12.87%.

Can Daily Finance Group be Trusted?

Daily Finance Group does not possess any outright characteristics or flaws that require us to blacklist their loan matching platform as a scam. What we don’t understand though would be how their site appears so popular yet fails to possess any relevant consumer feedback. Surely, their platform has been used by many consumers, but as to why there is no feedback, one cannot be certain. For the time being we do believe Daily Finance Group to be a trustworthy loan matching service.

DailyFinanceGroup.com Review Conclusion

Daily Finance Group operates as a seemingly anonymous loan connection service tailored towards US citizens. Despite their blatant lack of insight regarding ownership and operational information, the site appears to be quite popular, does not possess any negative feedback and can serve as a suitable outlet for consumers looking to quickly acquire payday loans. To learn more about their operation and your probability of being approved, feel free to apply for their free, no obligation loan application.

Are you searching for a more verified loan matching platform that provides more transparent loan criteria than Daily Finance Group? If so, we advise you to take a peek at 24/7 Dollar Loan or for those of you who possess below average to poor credit history, we recommend BadCreditLoans.

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    This is a business running out of a UPS Mailbox location; must be someone running out of their home. Be cautious about submitting data through them.

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