Cash Advance USA Scam Review (HORRIBLE Ratings!)

Cash Advance USA is an online payday loan matching network that is being declared by a scam by many consumers.

Official Site:

Matching prospective borrowers with payday and personal online lenders, Cash Advance USA has managed to scrap up a 1 out of 5 star rating at ConsumerAffairs out of 257 consumer ratings.

To learn more regarding what consumers are calling the Cash Advance USA Scam we invite you to read our unbiased review.

Cash Advance USA Oversight

Cash Advance USA ( is an online loan matching network.

According to their site, Cash Advance USA offers a variety of loans ranging from:

  • Payday
  • Personal
  • Bad Credit
  • Consolidation
  • Cash Advance

You should be made aware, Cash Advance USA appears to primarily work with online payday lenders – a characteristic that you need to be exceptionally careful about due to their oftentimes inflated APRs and loan rates.

Cash Advance USA does not disclose ownership information such as an overseeing entity, physical office location or reference to a corporate entity.

As a whole, Cash Advance USA operates with anonymity (not an entirely uncommon trait amongst loan matching networks).

Loans ranging between $100 to $2,500 are offered through Cash Advance USA.

How does Cash Advance USA Work?

Cash Advance USA is a web-based loan matching network.

People who are looking to bypass traditional loan supplying outlets (such as banks and other undisclosed financial institutions) oftentimes resort to looking for loans online.

This is where Cash Advance USA tries to fills the gap.

Functioning as a loan matching network, consumers who land at are able to apply for payday loans through their network.

The application process is entirely online and is said to take up to 10 minutes to complete.

It is unknown whether Cash Advance USA lenders conduct soft or hard-credit check inquiries, which may affect your credit.

Additionally, Cash Advance USA fails to disclose a list of their online loan lenders.

One of the aggravating pitfalls that we encountered when investigating further into Cash Advance USA would be the lack of details rendered on their platform.

They have page topics labeled Before Applying, Find a Lender, How Easy & Direct Deposit at CashAdvanceUSA but they fail to provide any information of value.

The only eligibility criteria that we know of would be that loan applicants must be 18 years of age, must reside within the United States and must be actively employed.

No reference to a credit score it disclosed at Cash Advance USA.

Terms & APRs

There is no reference to any loan rates, annual percentage rates, origination fees, late fees, processing fees or prepayment fees shared at

Cash Advance USA Reviews

CashAdvanceUSA reflects just over a 1 out of 5 star overall satisfaction rating at

Shared below are a handful of the most relevant consumer reviews we found:

Xavier 08/17/2019 – “I received a call at 3:30 am (my time as I live in CST) from a “Kevin **” an obvious foreigner who cannot speak English very well and can barely type it. He stated that my loan had been approved for $5000 and he was calling from Cash Advance. I asked him for his company’s license and he proceeded to talk up his ease of borrowing. I verified my account number (and regretted it almost immediately) because he proceeded to deposit $1485.00 into my bank account and told me to go to a Walmart and get two gift cards and send them back. Upon receipt, they would deposit the $5000.00 as agreed. I asked about signing some document to make certain that this loan was legal and he said they would email me a PDF with forms for me to sign. Before I could even agree, he hung up and bothered me for hours. Since I was at work, I waited until much later to respond.”

Aaron 08/07/2019 – “I have been getting calls every few weeks from these guys. Every time, the same story. Robocall ** giving a spiel about how I need to call back about a loan. I called, told them, “DO NOT CALL ME.” They never listen. Today was the first time they used a Texas number, but previously had always been a Chicago number. Indian guy always picks up the phone, and will hang up once you say to be removed from the call list. After a few hours, the phone line that was provided will always be unreachable. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS. Do not trust them.”

Phil 07/29/2019 – “Some Governmental or Legal Authority needs to put this “Boiler Room” operation OUT OF BUSINESS IMMEDIATELY, IF NOT SOONER! I received an unsolicited “Offer” of an approved loan for $5000, complete with an approval code and a contact name of “Jack **” (the loan manager). The call came from a phone number based out of Clint, Texas. The number is 915-288-8923. SO, for all those other folks complaining about incessant calls based in Illinois, TAKE NOTE. Other phone numbers are now being generated out of Texas. I placed 1 call to the number & a foreign male answered the phone, claiming he was Jack **, then the phone connection became distorted. I cut the call off. I already knew this whole package was BOGUS. They need to be reported to DHS for FRAUD! ‘Nuff said.”

Misty 07/27/2019 – “This Arab guy name Kevin ** from California sent me letter in my email stating I was approved for a loan amount for 7500 and that he needed my full name, address, phone number, social security number, bank routing number, bank account number, debt card number, employers phone number, how long I’ve worked for them and how much I made a year and me being a stupid person I gave him all my information. And he called me for a week straight asking me did I receive the wire money and he kept on changing my username and passcode for my online banking. Every day now he is calling from different numbers all day everyday from 7am to 7pm. I will be filing a complaint against him and then sue him for harassment and emotional distress.”

Yolanda 06/15/2019 – “I felt it was fraud because one I could not get a pending fee for them. After waiting 8 hours then try asked me for my online password with username. Something that my bank accountant said they themselves don’t have access to ok. So cash advance was supposed to deposit 3000 amount that I never asked for then I had no return call saying how much was their pending fee. So next they return my call asking me what I changed my password and username so I ask them 1 why should they have it if I gave them my routing and account numbers and my employer phone number. With that information it should be enough to deposit my money so I even was questioned by the guy so he hung up then called back. Phone went straight to voicemail. 2 days they avoided my call so. I never got the loan.”

Cash Advance USA Complaints

Cash Advance USA does not reflect the best ratings at the Better Business Bureau.

As of August 19th, 2019, Cash Advance USA reflected a BBB rating of “F” and had 18 complaints filed against them over the past 3 years.

Shared below is the most recent complaint we found:

“Was led to believe that I was approved for a $5000 loan. Which was to be funded on Monday June 3,2019. Funding never finalized. As I mentioned above was approved for $5000 personal loan. Had to sign up for their insurance policy was they provided funding for. I was directed to go to best buy and buy 800 in gift cards which I did. Was told that anything left of the insurance payment I would have to refund this amount. Which I did. Yesterday I was informed that their was an addtional payment required of $500.00 To boost up credit score. Which I compiled to do so. The loan was supposed to be fund overnight to my checking account. Which was not done. I called the loan agent I was dealing with he told me that they were on the phone to my bank to get problem resolved. I need to day that I’m $1134.00 in the hole on this. I have been scammed. As of the writing of this compliant 6/419 at 1:30pm PST. No money has placed in my account. I called my bank and was informed that it was scam and there was nothing they could do to help me. I asked the loan company to mail me a paper check.”

This complaint, and more, can be found in the Complaint Section at

Is your Best Option?

Given the excessive volume of complaints and Cash Advance USA BBB poor business rating we do not believe is not the best platform for consumers looking to acquire a loan online.

Cash Advance USA Scam Review

If you are looking to secure a competitive and fair loan online then Cash Advance USA is not likely the best loan platform for you.

When trying to get a loan online you need to be selective and only rely upon a single good loan matching network.

If you have any experiences or insight to share we invite you to share your feedback below!


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