JustFashionNow.com Scam Review – 1000’s of Complaints!!

Do NOT BUY and AVOID Just Fashion Now (JustFashionNow.com) Scam!

Operating as a fraudulent online retailer, Just Fashion Now has made it common practice is mislead and swindle innocent online consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Just Fashion Now is operating as a trending discount retail scam where the majority of the traffic stems from display advertisement sources along with referral based sources.

Sadly it isn’t until consumers have been already swindled that they learn that JustFashionNow is not a legitimate retail organization and their money has been stolen.

To learn what consumers are saying regarding the JustFashionNow Scam we invite you to read our unbiased review.

JustFashionNow.com Scam

Just Fashion Now is a trending discount retail scam based overseas, according to research we believe their headquarters to be based out of Hong Kong.

Just Fashion Now primarily targets female demographics and pretends to support inventory such as women tops, shoes, dresses, bottoms, outerwear and accessories.

The site is littered with a multitude of incentives to further encourage consumers to purchase retail goods from their site.

Site claims such as:

“Sign up and Get 15% OFF Coupon!.”

“Free Shipping on US $99+”

“$10 Order 99+”

“$25 Order 139+”

“$35 Order $189+”

Back tracing some of the inventory images will reveal that the retail images shown as the product images are actually taken from a multitude of different online retailers.

“JustFashionNow offers fast fashion at designer boutique quality. Our team of professional buyers identify all the latest fashion trends, at the same time examine every detail of product quality.”

To save you some time, this is a nearly identical About Us template incorporated in previous launched scam campaigns, two of them we have exposed as viral retail scams previously: Noracora.com and Nokula.com.

JustFashionNow Complaints

At SiteJabber.com, JustFashionNow reflected a 2 out of 5 star rating out of 1,056 reviews.

792 of the consumer reviews left were 1 star reviews.

Shared below are some of the most recent complaints we found:

Emma M. – “I bought some clothes from the website. Terrible quality and fit. I returned them following instructions (to China which involved considerable cost) but have not received a refund. I have attempted twice to contact the company with no response. It is obviously a complete scam, lousy quality, service and I warn everyone to stay away from this company.”

Jon K. – “You could return your order, but they never ever receive the returned parcel! That’s mean , they willing to return your money but never receive the parcel back to them!”

Timothea S. – “This has been the worse experience I have ever had with an on-line purchase! The return policy of requiring things to be returned within 15 days of delivery can require you to make several SEPARATE returns because what you order is shipped in numerous different shipments that arrive days/weeks apart. On top of that items need to be returned to…”

Susan P. – “The product you receive isn’t what you see on the website. Upon asking for a refund, they give you excuses and don’t actually give you one. You get such a fun around. If you send an email to customer service they give you the same automated response so you actually don’t get anywhere.”

Sandy S. – “I ordered 7 items and was only an keep 5, due to quality issues and fit issues. This company and others like them that advertise low prices on FB and PINTEREST make it impossible for you to find out they are shipping from China until you have already purchased the items, and that is when you find out you will…”

JustFashionNow.com Reviews

The reviews regarding JustFashionNow are just as offsetting as the complaints.

To add both SiteJabber and TrustPilot have also issued warnings that there are a large number of fake reviews regarding JustFashionNow.com, while most of them were removed it doesn’t mean that some of the reviews you see now are genuine.

JustFashionNow has been exploited with offering product exchanges, coupons and discount codes with consumers in exchange for positive reviews.

Shared below are few of the most genuine reviews we found:

“VERY BAD quality clothing, see through bad quality fabric. Nothing like in pictures. Takes months to receive. Company does not reply to your queries. You will not get your money back even when you have followed their return policy to the dot. DO NOT USE! I would have given no stars but that is not an option.”

“My stuff hasn’t turned up after a month. The Beaulite site is a scam. They’re now not responding to my Facebook messages and their contact page on their website doesn’t work. I spent £70 with them which I’ll never see again.”

“Ordered 3 dresses from this company Cost £72 They Arrived in 3 separate parcels. Over the next month. Quality was very poor and fit far too small. I Attempted to return them Royal Mail First to China Guandong. Cost was over £13. Firm has denied receipt of dresses and claimed I should have had them fully tracked The cost would have been nearly as much as the original purchase. Paypal declined my request for a refund. Not impressed with Paypal guarantee! I think the JustFashionNow firm is a total scam and dishonest. Look at other reviewers opinion. I wish I had AVOID this company at all cost”

These reviews can be found at TrustPilot.

Is JustFashionNow.com a Scam?

Yes, JustFashionNow.com is a scam.

Domain Insight

JustFashionNow.com was registered on December 20th, 2016 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

Chicv International Holding Limited of Hong Kong, HK is disclosed as the registrant contact – the same registrars behind the Noracora.com and Nokula.com scams we exposed.

Detailed in a SimiliarWeb report, JustFashionNow.com reflected a global rank of 34,164 with a US rank of 21,298 as of September 6th, 2019.

Demographics most targeted would be: US (28.21%), UK (11.45%), Israel (9.71%), Greece (6.60%) and Italy (5.68%).

Approximately 46.48% of the sites traffic stems from display advertisement sources while over 11% originates from referral based sources.

Just Fashion Now Scam Review

JustFashionNow.com is a trending retail scam that misleads consumers into believing that they are shopping trendy, ultra-affordable clothing when in reality it is just one giant mask of deception.

None of the products that you see available for retail are really available for purchase.

Let’s not forget that the people who created JustFashionNow are also responsible for other discount retail scams such as Noracora and Nokula, which when combined, scammed hundreds of consumers out of their money.

Just Fashion Now is nothing more but another scam iteration.

If you have been scammed we invite you to share your insight with us below!


  1. Pat Hill

    I ordered a dress back in December. Was told it was out of stock. Would send once it became available.!Offered to give me 15% of my money back.

  2. Donna Murray

    I’m getting very nervous. I don’t usually fall for scams, but the Christmas tops they were offering were so cute and just my style. I’m 72 years old and thought it would be fun to be a little sparkly for the holiday. This was about a month ago. I haven’t heard anything about my order, but they’re sending me marketing emails at least a couple of times a day. Keeping my fingers crossed, but not feeling hopeful

  3. S I D

    My experience is similar to others on here. I ordered a bunch of stuff. Most don’t fit and the coloring of one is very different. I had no idea that they were from China and was fooled by the simple return policy. I did get answers to my emails telling them how different the clothes were and how bad the fit was. They gave me a little more off the few items I specifically complained about, but I can’t wear quite a few of the tops. Paypal did refund my money but I got a strange voice mail message that I’m wondering if its from them threatening a lawsuit. Has anyone been sued by them? I tried calling back the # on the caller id and it wasn’t taking calls. Just wondering…

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