ToonBooster Scam Review (Trending Scam!)

This is a warning regarding a virtual phishing scam known as the ToonBooster Scam.

ToonBooster, hosted at, is a deceptive data harvesting scam that looks to gather as much pertinent information regarding their site visitors as possible.

To what ends collected consumers data are used for we are uncertain – but you bet that they aren’t inspired with good-natured intentions.

To learn more regarding what many consumers are coining the “ToonBooster Scam” we invite you to read our honest, investigative review below. Scam

To put it simply, Toon Booster is a phishing scam that aims to acquire your information.

Information Sought After

  • First & Last Names
  • Physical Addresses
  • Email Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Credit Card Information
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Username/Passwords
  • Date of Births

When visiting ToonBooster we are immediately confronted with a straight-forward prompt that states, “Before we can start generating your Coins & Lives, please enter your ToonBlast Username and select the platform that you use.”

Site visitors are prompted to enter their username, select their platform (Android or iOS) then right-click on “Proceed.”

How does ToonBooster Work?

From there you will be ask how many lives you wish to have generated followed by how many coins you wish to have generated.

After you select both, click “Generate” you will notice this loading prompt taking over the page.

Where it states that it successfully connected to a “username” – which in this case we obviously made one up but all the same this scam says it connected to the “username.”

HOWEVER, before you can claim your free lives and coins, and yes this is the catch, you have to complete some “quick human verification.”

You have 3 minutes to click on “Verify Now” and from there you will be prompted to complete no less than 4 of the “offers to unlock the content.”

These offers appear to us in the form of surveys that you need to complete in order to eligible to “win” the offer at hand.

It should be noted that no consumers have reported any winnings or successful attempts with

Domain Insight

ToonBooster was a privately registered domain that was created through the DreamHost, LLC registrar on July 20th, 2019.

SimiliarWeb reveals that reflects a US rank of 117,205 while over 44% of the sites traffic stems from the keyword searches: “toonbooster com, toonbooster & reviews.”

The strong US ranking of in the United States suggests that Toon Booster is a trending scam targeting consumers residing within the United States.

We imagine that the operators behind the ToonBooster scam are relying upon misleading advertisement campaigns conducted through social hubs like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram and Twitter to attract consumers into their illusive veil of deceit.

What To Do if Mislead

If you have been mislead by the ToonBooster scam there are a few different avenues that you can exercise to cork the leaks in your submitted information.

Remember, is solely a phishing scam, meaning that the sole objective is to gather AS MUCH information about you as possible.

Any information you submit while visiting their sites, or associated sites, are at risk of being utilized without your knowledge and utilized in means that are unknown.

It is important that if you have shared any financial information (such as credit card numbers, direct deposit banking information, PayPal information, etc) that you contact the appropriate financial institutions and payment mediators while conducting cautionary measures.

Meaning that if you used a credit or debit card, begin the process of requesting a new payment card – the hassle of waiting for a new payment card will outweigh the dread or financial consequences you may face when dealing with anonymous entities who have your payment information.

For more information on how to get your money back make sure to visit our ChargeBack Guide nested under the Recover Stolen Money menu.

Is a Scam?

Yes, we believe to be a dangerous phishing scam. Scam Review

Toon Booster is a deceptive data harvesting scam.

Do NOT submit ANY information at

If you have an experience to share we invite you to share your feedback with us below!


  1. Anonymous

    Will the verification process alone give them my information?

  2. Anonymous

    The way they are doing it now is to have you download a app. The app on OS platforms always verifies payment. So they may be trying to get information that way. Even though the apps are free apps. Hopefully apple gives some security! It’s they’re way of verifying hunan status.

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