Scam Exposed – Linked “Social Influencing” Scam Revealed!!

Cash 4 Clickz ( is a trending social influencing income scam.

Claiming to have paid out over $68,000,000 (since their undisclosed inception on October 22nd, 2019), Cash4Clickz is the latest get-rich-quick scam wrecking havoc across social networks.

As much as a blow as this information may come to you, the evidence we disclose to you throughout the course of our investigative review reveal that Cash 4 Clickz reflects an indisputable history of scam within their newly confined social influencing income scams.

To learn the truth behind the Cash 4 Clickz Scam please keep reading our honest review.

About Scam

Cash 4 Clicks is nothing more than a sophisticated-appearing get-rich-quick scam.

Every component of the site was formulated with an increasing sensation of hype, endless possibilities and the ever-illusive promise of rich reward through minimum work on your behalf.

Claiming that what makes them difference is a slight and modest $68,000,000 paid to over 225,000 members… become the #1 influencer network…

Everything is theatric and makes you feel like you are part of a special opportunity.

Little suspicion is aroused since Cash 4 Clickz claims to pay users with BTC, Western Union, CashApp, mailed checks and PayPay, so immediately consumers are more prone to believe they are legitimate.

Among their humble, unfounded claims would be how they claim to generate users an easy $2,000 per month, as if it is as easy as turning on a light switch.

Additionally Cash 4 Clicks integrates banners of popular corporate entities such as McDonalds, Targets, Wendy’s, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts and Fortnight Battle Royale when in actuality this there is no affiliation between these popular entities and

Back-tracing testimonial images of their “members” will reveal that these users are nothing more than stock photos taken likely from some online image back like ShutterStock.

More on how Cash 4 Click “works” below..

Linked Cash 4 Clickz Scams

Below are previous scam iterations of what is now the Cash4Clickz Scam: (07/12/2019 – Discontinued)

Viral phishing scam that reflected a nearly identical site template, just different theme colors. (08/31/2019 – Still Active)

Emote Pay affiliation with these scams are indisputable. (08/05/2019 – Still Active)

An active and easily linkable scam affiliated with the Cash4Click Scam.

The site shared identical site widgets, templates, page policies and aesthetics.

We don’t have a list compiled yet but we are familiar with similar social influencing scams taken root within the e-gaming industry as well, so tread with caution.

How do “Social Influencing” Scams Work?

As we have pointed out to you, there is a fair bit of theatrics involved with these scams.

Fake hype spreads quickly though social networks and since over 35% of all their site traffic is social based that is a significant volume we are talking about (roughly 38,500 visitors/month).

The promise of rich reward is ever-present with these phishing scams.

The sole objective of these scams would be to gather as much sensitive information as possible from public users (such as emails, passwords, birthdays, social, payment cards information, etc).

No one is ever being paid and the photos that you do see are just photoshopped.

There is an extreme amount of deception in the works as Complaints

Behind all the fake reviews are real reviews regarding the truth behind Cash4Clickz.

Just like every prior scam iteration, the operators behind these phishing scams never pay out their members as promised and do nothing more than operate as big data harvesting scams.

Submitted emails, passwords, credit card information or anything submitted on their site can and could be monitored so be careful and be warned.

Site Background was a privately acquired site created on October 22nd, 2019.

The site is set to expire on October 22nd, 2020.

Cash4Clickz has become a trending online income.

The site received over 109,000 visitors last month.

Shared below are targeted demographics of this scam: US (14.82%), Brazil (14.66%), Singapore (8.28%), Germany (7.57%) and Indonesia (6.88%).

19.19% of all the site traffics stems as referral traffic from

35.85% of all the sites traffic is social based.

Of all social traffic, Facebook accounts for 74.11% of all traffic while Twitter (10.75%, YouTube (10.39%) and VKontakte (4.75%) are the 3 next biggest social contributors.

Cash4Clickz Reviews

A good portion of review portals have begun to reveal Cash4Clickz as a scam.

However, since this is a social and referral based scam, it is hard to stop the creation of fake positive reviews that are used to sway unsuspecting users into soliciting their personal information.

Many of these fake reviews can be found on Facebook and YouTube.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is a scam.

Cash4Clickz Scam Review is a deceptive phishing scam operating as a social influencing scam.

The income assertions are exaggerated while the evidence speaks for itself.

Do not waste your time, or others, with the Cash4Clickz Scam.

If you have an experience or insight to share please leave your feedback below.

Outcome: Cash4Clickz is a SCAM!


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