Review – An Anonymous Discount Scam?

This honest review is a public warning announcement regarding an anonymously operated discount retailer known as Bogseoutlet, which can be found at

Incepted less than 2 months ago, Bogseoutlet is the latest online retailer promoting name brand discounts on Bogs footwear.

Most of the inventory featured at reflects ‘online savings’ of up to 80% off but the deception doesn’t stop there.

To learn more regarding the red flags we uncovered when investigating into the wavering legitimacy of Bogseoutlet we invite you to read this unbiased review.

About Bogseoutlet

Bogseoutlet markets themselves as a professional and reliable online shopping center that provides hot selling products at reasonable prices.

Further investigation will reveal, however, that the only supported inventory featured at would be the name brand Bogs boots.

Not much of a diversification in regards to their hot selling products.

This affiliation is further solicited through the Bogs banner integrated into the header of

This integration is likely meant to make site visitors believe that Bogseoutlet is affiliated or partnered with Bogs name brand but we doubt that this is the case.

We state that because Bogseoutlet fails to provide any identifying information in regards to who they are, where they are located or what their real intentions within the retail niche consist of.

They claim to provide excellent and comprehensive customer service yet they fail to provide any contact methods such as an email address, live chat or telephone number – so much for customer service.

The inventory listed for sale at consist of men, women and children Bogs boots.

Bogs being a retail name brand tends to carry higher price tags which is undoubtedly where the creators behind Bogseoutlet are looking to capitalize on (by misleading you into their scam site by promoting discounted name brand goods for a fraction of their retail price, the sole objective of these operators would be for you to conduct a transaction on their platform to fleece you out of your money and further line their pockets).

Bogseoutlet is likely no different in this regard.

The lack of operational transparency is stifling to say the least.


As previously stated, Bogseoutlet fails to provide viable contact methods.

Sure they incorporate a contact submission form but whether that form is actively operating with a real email address we cannot be certain. claims to be professional shopping center yet they fail to include any information regarding who they are, seems a bit odd, doesn’t it?

No reference to a corporate entity, physical address or identifying information can be found.

All-in-all, operates with blatant anonymity.

Now why would a professional and legitimate retailer do that?

You don’t see Amazon, eBay, Walmart or Alibaba operating with intentional anonymity.

That would be because they don’t have anything to hide, unlike Bogseoutlet.

Lastly, Bogseoutlet integrates social widgets near the footer of their site but they are not connected with any social media profiles.

Payments, Shipping & Returns

Accepted payment methods include Visa and MasterCard.

No reference to processing times, delivery times or shipping carriers can be found.

Tracking is said to come with each order but we doubt that these tracking numbers are affiliated with purchase orders conducted on their site.

There is no reference to returns, refunds or exchanges.

Site Background Check was privately registered on October 19th, 2019 through the Shinjiru Technology Sdn Bhd registrar.

Due to Bogseoutlet being registered with a registrar based out of Malaysia, we suspect that the operators behind this site to reside within that nation. reflected a US rank of 927,186 as of November 27th, 2019.

This may indicate that the operators behind Bogseoutlet are targeting US demographics, a trait commonly employed by oversea operated discount retail scams.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. Operates anonymously
  2. Provides an unverified contact method
  3. Reflects a Too Good To Be True persona
  4. Asserts unfound affiliation with Bogs name brand
  5. Fails to provide complete shipping, return and payment policies
  6. States to follow them on social yet fail to integrate their social profiles

Is a Trustworthy Online Retailer?

No, Bogseoutlet is NOT a trustworthy Bogs discount retailer.

Bogseoutlet Scam Review serves as a textbook example of the type of online retailers you should be avoiding when looking to save money when shopping online.

You don’t see reliable or legitimate retail entities hiding their corporate entities, physical addresses and contact information from their own shoppers (because if they did they would likely be out of business).

Transparency is a necessity when it comes to conducting business online.

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas vastly approaching, the sum of retail scams will only continue to thicken and further crowd of the retail arena.

Shop with caution and if you are uncertain whether a site is legit, when in doubt avoid them and pursue a more credible alternative for your shopping ventures.

We invite you to share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have!

Outcome: is NOT a Trustworthy Retailer!


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