NKCP.Red Scam Exposed – Discount Nike Scheme!

NKCP.Red is the latest discount Nike scam.

Operating as a rogue discount retailer, NKCP Red is nothing more than yet ANOTHER fake Nike retailer pretending to offer discounted Adidas and Nike footwear.

Operating with complete anonymity while pretending to offer greatly discounted name brand footwear, NKCP.Red is not an online site you want to affiliate yourself with.

To learn more regarding the other scams affiliated with NKCP.Red we invite you to read our honest review.

About NKCP.Red

NKCP.Red may appear too most as a legitimate online retailer.

The site reflects a minimalist nature and features many of their ‘discounted goods’ on the home page.

The Nike, Adidas and New Balance logos are incorporated into the header of NKCP Red which implies a possible partnership or affiliation with these name brands.

Consumers should be well-informed, however, that NKCP.Red does not possess affiliation with these name brands in any way, shape or form.

Every item featured at NKCP.Red reflects online savings up to 80% off.

Adidas footwear once retailing for $121.06 can be found marked down to $36.89.

These varying price reductions hold true on all footwear featured at NKCP.Red.

According to the Shipping & Return Policy, NKCP.Red is:

“We Are A Uk Company With Regional Warehouses In London, United Kingdom, Berlin, Germany And Barcelona, Spain. With 24 Localized Websites Delivering To Over 220 Countries, Our 2,50 Employees Work Together Every Day To Meet Your Needs.”

This is the same About Us template used in over 3 dozen retail scams we’ve exposed.

NKCP.Red amounts to the 10th fake Nike/Adidas footwear we’ve exposed within the past 5 months alone.

Other Nike scam iterations we’ve exposed include:

  1. Adssk.com
  2. NikeKW.com
  3. NikePY.com
  4. NikePX.com
  5. NikeBS.com
  6. NikeBT.com
  7. NikeZB.com
  8. NikeDB.Site
  9. NikeXK.com

As you can see, the operators behind these fake retail scams have a proclivity for attracting consumers to their retail scams through the promise of heavily discounted name brand goods.

Other commonly targeted name brands include Vans, Keen, The North Face, Garmin, Converse, Adidas, Yeezy, Air Jordan, RayBan, Salomon, Birkenstock and Ralph Polo Lauren.

Additionally these sites pretty much reflect the same structure too.

Contacting NKCP.Red

NKCP.Red fails to provide any identifying or contact information.

There is a contact submission form featured on their Contact Us page but previously linked scams have been exploited in regards to their failure to reply to consumer inquiries.

Compile that knowledge with how NKCP Red fails to provide a physical address, a corporate or overseeing entity and no viably disclosed contact methods and it is beyond evident that NKCP.Red does not wish to be contacted, or identified.

Now imagine if Amazon operated within the same capacity.

They simply would NOT be the Amazon we know of today…

Transparency is an absolute must within the retail arena, do not shop with unverified retailers who possess little to no history of satisfied consumer reviews.

Payments, Shipping & Returns

The Shipping & Return Policy is identical to other retail scams we’ve exposed in affiliation with the email: support@jdonline.info.

This constitutes a total of over 50 discount retail scams that we know of.

With this knowledge in mind, it is easier to understand how NKCP.Red existence amounts to nothing more than yet another discount scam iteration.

Site Background Check

NKCP.Red was a privately registered site created 3 days ago on November 24th, 2019.

Due to NKCP.Red recent inception they do not appear to be trending quite yet.

Taking a page out of our older scam reviews, the operators behind NKCP.Red will likely rely mostly upon misleading advertisements through Facebook and Google AdWords to funnel unsuspecting consumers into their retail traps.

Ads have also been reportedly seen on Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

The demographics most commonly targeted include US and UK shoppers.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. Anonymously operated
  2. No disclosed contact methods
  3. Claims to be a UK company with no proof
  4. Identical Shipping & Return Policies with multiple sites
  5. Reflects a history of name brand discount retail scams

Is NKCP.Red a Scam?

Yes, the evidence suggests that NKCP.Red is a scam.

NKCP.Red Scam Review

NKCP.Red is a misleading retail scam.

Pretending to offer discounted Nike, Adidas and New Balance footwear, NKCP Red is the 10th fake Nike scam iteration we’ve encountered within half a year.

It is evident that the operators behind this ever-growing string of discount retail scams do not plan to stop anytime soon, especially not with the holidays coming around the corner.

With this information in mind it is more imperative than ever that you only conduct your online shopping with transparent and user-backed retail entities such as Amazon.

If you have been scammed we invite you to share your experiences with us below.

Do you know of a scam site not listed here? Enlighten us by sharing your valuable insight with us below!

Outcome: NKCP.Red is a SCAM!


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