Review: A Scam Retailer or Legit Discount Store? (Red Flags Exposed)

Naketano Unique operates as a fake Naketano discount retail site.

Recently debuting their platform, NaketanoUnique masquerades their site as a trustworthy discount Naketano retailer.

The simple truth of the matter would be that Naketano Unique is NOT associated with the Naketano brand and we have the evidence to back it up.

To learn more red flags regarding the Naketano Unique retailer we invite you to read our honest review.


Naketano Unique operates without transparency.

When you visit Naketano Unique you may notice how the site lacks information regarding who they are, where they are located or what their alleged mission may be.

The site,, is structured as a minimally invasive retail site.

Featured products are found on the home page under the difficult-too-miss 40% to 60% DISCOUNT site element.

Both men and women Naketano brand apparel goods are allegedly available for retail.

These apparel goods can be further broken down into long sleeve shirts, hoodies, pull-overs and select outerwear gear.

Every item featured at Naketano Unique is discounted and marketed as on sale.

Men sweatshirts once retailing for €90 and €72 and be found reduced to €37 and €30.

The whole site is structured with the intentions of misleading online shoppers on their platform to conduct a transactions with what they believe to be a trustworthy retailer – but as we know, and as you are beginning to understand, Naketano Unique is NOT a trustworthy retailer.

Contacting Naketano Unique

Transparency is an absolute must when it comes to the retail industry.

Knowing who is behind a site (a corporate or overseeing entity) is a necessity.

Couple that with a verifiable physical address and viable contact methods and you are starting to get on the right track.

The last step should be compiling consumer reviews and evaluating them for relevant shopping experiences, if they aren’t what you are looking for then simply exist the site you are on and go to a more trusted alternative.

Among of the chief ideologies while shopping online amongst consumers would be that you can save money online opposed to going into a store, and this is TRUE more often than not, however do not put yourself and your personal/financial information at risk by shopping with an unknown entity because you may save a handful of bucks – the risk is simply not worth it.

Now as you may have narrowed down for yourself, the few factors that we disclosed regarding what you should be seeking when shopping online are ALL traits that Naketano Unique lacked, in full.

The only contact method provided by Naketano Unique would be the email address but evidence soon will reveal that trying to contact this email address is pointless.

Payments, Shipping & Returns

The shipping, return and exchange policies found at Naketano Unique are incomplete.

Processing times can take up to 2 business days while delivery of purchased goods are estimated within the 5 to 6 business day range.

No reference to shipping costs are disclosed while all orders of €50+ are said to come with free shipping.

JCB, MasterCard and Visa credit cards are among the accepted payment methods.

DHL, EMS and UPS are alleged shipping carriers used by Naketano Unique.

No reference to exchanges, refunds or returns can be found.

Naketano Unique Reviews

Naketano Unique does not reflect many consumer reviews across the web, not yet atleast.

The handful of reviews that we shared below are in affiliation with the support email address ( of Naketano Unique.

Naketano Unique is not the only retail option created by the entities responsible for this fraudulent and shady online retailer (but more on that shortly).

Panscrub – “They have done the same to me. Charged me twice for 1 order and not replied to any of my emails. Definite scammers.”

Dgit1982 – “Exactly the same to me… I tried to dispute it in the bank, but since I don’t have “proof of purchase” it did not go through. I paid $0.01 for the offer and received a receipt for $55 dlls. That’s the only receipt I have.”

Ming – “…was for a plevo luggages for a $0.01. I went through the same process except the decline me citing Insufficient Funds. I used my prepaid mastercard which I have about $80 USD. The total payment was $4.95, looked like they were trying to charge over $80 from my card and failed.”

Asim – “I lost $ 67 with this scam. Cheaters. If any way to get the money back please let me know as well.”

“Various things to buy, Disney merchandise was the one that was trying to be purchased. Noticed on my account history they tried to charge me three times two fail and one pending.”

These user experiences are real shopping experiences shared by consumers who were scammed by other fraudulent discount “retailers” created by the entities behind the email.

Site Background Check was privately registered on September 10th, 2018.

According to the WHOIS report, Naketano Unique was registered by an undisclosed entity based out of Hong Kong.

As a whole, Naketano Unique does not appear reputable. reflected a Czech Republic SimiliarWeb rank of 381,221 as of November 26th, 2019.

This may indicate that the operators behind Naketano Unique are targeting shoppers who reside within the Czech Republic.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. Operates with blatant anonymity
  2. Fails to provide a real contact method
  3. Site asserts a false affiliation with the Naketano brand
  4. Contact email address has a long history of consumer complaints
  5. The site fails to disclose a refund or exchange policy
  6. Naketano Unique reflects a web-atmosphere of scam

Is Trustworthy?

No, Naketano Unique is not a trustworthy online retailer. Scam Review

Naketano Unique is a misleading discount retail trap.

The operators behind Naketano Unique appear determined to line their pockets through your deception.

The multiple consumer complaints we encountered with the affiliated email address on record for Naketano Unique are not only unprofessional but define what a malicious scam operation acts like.

Make no mistake, a purchase through Naketano Unique will result in the theft of your hard-earned money.

Reports of overcharges are a common complaint registered while consumers scammed by related scam iterations state that they never received any goods to begin with.

The holidays are fast approaching and with them more deceptive retailers.

Only shop with transparent, user-back and verified shopping entities!

Outcome: Naketano Unique is NOT a Safe Online Retailer!


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