Combsdrum.Top Scam Exposed – (Linked with OkHomeOnline)

Avoid the scam!

Launched by the same criminals responsible for the viral OKHomeOnline scam, Combsdrum is just another scam iteration in the works crafted to swindle online shoppers out of their hard-earned money!

Every product that you see featured on the site reflects a discount while you may notice how all of the image’s pixelation seems a bit fuzzy, this is likely a deliberate attempt to avoid backtracing images through Google (however, that didn’t work for them).

To get the full scoop on the combsdrum top scam please read our honest review!

Affiliation with OkHomeOnline Scam

Combsdrum shares the same About Us template used in the OKHomeOnline scam.

In our OKHomeOnline Scam Review, we went on to reveal additional sites also using an identical about us template, all of which were shady and likely scam sites apart from the legitimate retail site they stole it from in the first place (

Perhaps what’s more pitiful regarding the Combsdrum scam would be how the con-artists didn’t even put forth the effort to conceal or comb over their site to make sure that their pages didn’t match with others, such as the example below:

“Cabfashion is a small but cutting-edge company dedicated to sourcing and offering the coolest gadgets for guys all in one place.”

To make matters more interesting, there are a few more additions to this site that are incorporated in the attempt to make these con-artists appear more credible but, in the end, it only goes on to reveal how the Combsdrum scam is affiliated with more retail scams.

An addition that displays this occurrence perfectly would be a reference to their alleged company known as Scabfashion Technology Limited.

You can copy and paste that company into a Google search and you will notice how a few other discount retail scam sites also populate the search results.

One scam site ( is an identical scam site with

Another site that shares this affiliation would be KeyJams.Top.

While the reference of a company was supposed to be levied as a credibility-crutch it has all but diminished what seemingly appearing legitimacy that this company possessed.

About Combsdrum.Top Scam is structured as a discount retail scam site.

Products that they pretend to retail include home workout goods, tool sets, wood chests, nifty-looking home goods, furniture, and pet goods.

To sum up, the con-artists behind this site are targeting people like us who are being heroes and practicing self-isolation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic we all are facing.

We’ve exposed numerous discount retail scams that pretend to sell similar goods or goods in high demand as a result of the Coronavirus but sadly, we have to admit, the volume of shady scam sites has drastically increased in the wake of COVID-19.

Additionally, fails to provide any verifiable information.

Their corporate entity, ScabFashion Technology Limited, cannot be verified while they fail to include a physical address or telephone number.

The only contact method we are provided would be

Notice how the URL of the email doesn’t match

Analysis of Site was a privately registered site that was created on February 23rd, 2020.

The site is set to expire on 02/24/2021 and since the operators used a privacy package when registered their site we are unable to discover any identifying information regarding who may be responsible for the scam.

Warning Signs

  • Fabricated corporate entity
  • Affiliation with multiple retail scam sites
  • Contact method does not reflect the same site URL
  • Product prices are too good to be true
  • Operates with blatant anonymity Scam Review

The simple fact of the matter is is a scam.

Their discrepancies serve as a testament to the type of ‘retailer’ they are.

If you’ve been scammed by make sure you visit our Scam Fighting Guide and follow the steps shared that way you put yourself in the best position to recover your hard-earned money.

The ONLY thing for sale at would be your deception – do NOT shop with the scam.

What do you believe, is a scam?

We invite you to share your feedback and thoughts below!

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  1. Bary L Davis

    also shows there company name as scabfasion tech limited

    paid ad on facebook

    just trying to help others not get scammed

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