ShopLauer Scam Review – Shady Business Ethics Shown

Is a true retail scam?

This is the answer you should be able to determine by the end of this review.

As many of you know, ShopLauer is truly an anonymously operated overseas retail site whose disclosed ownership information cannot be verified.

Not only that but the site has already started to gain notoriety for being a shady online site that should not be trusted, with these facts in mind let’s investigate further into what some critics are calling the ShopLauer scam.

Unverifiable Ownership Details

To the untrained eye, ShopLauer probably reflects what would appear to be a relatively sleek retail site that offers eye and face makeup, tops, hats, and bottoms.

However, for those of us who have been playing this game long enough, it is evident from the get-go that the ShopLauer scam is likely not a legitimate retail site.

Unlike the vast majority of online shopping scams that we’ve been exposing, ShopLauer does not drastically discount their product goods and reside within the realm of what we feel are competitive prices.

When navigating through the site’s various pages, we noticed how there was no About Us page or a page that revealed any information regarding the mission behind ShopLauer.

Detailed on their Contact Us page would be the following:


Phone: +86 15892435447

Entity: Xie Xuanmei

Address: No. 3858, Donghai Avenue, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, 233010 China

When you run a background check on the physical address through Google Maps you may notice how the address computes to an address that does not reflect the disclosed address.

There are variances in the location number, city, and province.

To add, the Terms & Conditions of the site imply that ShopLauer is acting on its own behalf, no reference to the disclosed entity can be found in the site’s Terms & Conditions and that is where it truly matters.

Considering how none of the information we’ve been given on the site is verifiable that leaves Shop Lauer to be an anonymously operated retail site.

Bad Online Trust Rating

If you went ahead and searched ShopLauer scam into a Google search you may be surprised by what you find, and coincidentally, that may be part of the reason why you landed on this review today.

You see, there is a strong animosity bubbling out against Shop Lauer.

The site reflects a 1% trust rating with ScamDoc while the top search queries on Google reveal that the ShopLauer scam is not trustworthy. 

Analysis of Site was created on December 17th, 2019.

Unfortunately, the site was privately registered so we are no closer to pinpointing who may be responsible for the ShopLauer scam.

Red Flags & Warning Signs

  • Unverifiable ownership information
  • Social network widgets do not redirect to a profile
  • The site was privately created and is no older than 6 months old
  • The physical address of ShopLauer scam does not pan out as credible
  • The shoplauer scam reflects an abysmal online trust rating
  • ShopLauer has a negative consensus surrounding its operation

ShopLauer Scam Review

The ShopLauer scam is an untrustworthy retail site.

There is no history of consumer shopping experiences documented while the site fails to disclose one shred of information that can be verified.

As a whole, ShopLauer operates with intentional anonymity and the online retail industry has shown its verdict regarding the unproven and unverifiable ShopLauer scam.

We predict that it won’t be long until consumers report being fleeced by this scam which is why we invite you to leverage your voice and experiences by sharing a comment below.

What do you believe, is ShopLauer a scam?

We invite you to share your feedback and thoughts below.


  1. quarantined & scammed

    I was also scammed and they took me for $99.94 for a kids playhouse. Also received shipment information from UPS showing it was delivered 4 days ago but I have never received anything. I have written emails to ShopLauer requesting order confirmation and shipping information. I received fraud shipping info and nothing else.


  2. Tj

    I fell for it… 27 gallon dewalt air compressor for 99 dollars. Didnt realize it was coming from china before I ordered been about 4 days still says processing. I dont think im going to get my money back. So… they got my information probably need to get a new card.

  3. Daniel Cardenas

    Luckily, I didn’t buy anything yet from but I must say
    that $94 SE OM Flyer bike deal almost got me. But it was just too good to be true.

  4. Michael

    They got me too, on a coffee grinder. Was also a bit leery since the price was rather low – $100 for a $130 machine. Turns out I was way off, because the model they were quoting is actually $200.
    PayPal receipt has a different name than the seller, and the email address is one that’s been associated with scammers ( PayPal has no record of the transaction.
    Email today claiming the package has been shipped via UPS and is out for delivery. PayPal transaction ID is bogus, UPs tracking number has different shipper and not even going to my ZIP code.

  5. Dan

    I got duped as well. UPS shows they delivered a 0.6lb package but never received anything. Should have known it was too good to be true.

  6. K h

    My husband bought a weight bench from this website and he hasn’t heard anything back from them in like 4 days. We then found this page. The website doesn’t even have workout gear on it for sale. I’m not sure how this happened. Going to file a claim with PayPal to get our money back.

  7. Nat

    The tracking number the seller gave me shows delivered, but I didn’t receive anything.I bought a outdoor playhouse but the UPS proof of delivery shows that the package only 0.6lbs

  8. Jp

    They got me. Like. Dumbass I was looking for weight lifting equipment (everywhere is sold out)
    Found something and bought it. After trying to go back and look at my purchase and looking around the site I figured it was a scam. Cannot contact Anyone and no updates on what I bought.
    I would recommend staying away from this site.

    • JR

      Same here they got me with the lifting equipment as well gave the wrong tracking im disputing with pqaypal.

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