Review – Is it a SCAM? is a company which claims to “stand on the cutting edge of the field […] sourcing and offering the coolest gadgets.” Located at FLAT/RM 1902 EASEY COMM. BLDG. 253-261 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, the company behind, Starlink Technology Co., Limited, is allegedly a “team of experts” keeping you “ahead of the cutting edge of technology.”

The website itself seems to have nothing to do however with gadgets. Rather, it is an online store selling clothing, , including tops, bottoms, dresses, animal shirts, butterfly skirts, accessories, and shoes.

With beautiful merchandise, free shipping on orders over $79, and a $5 discount, buying from Comfyrs may seem like a great opportunity. Is it however? Or is just another Chinese retail scam? This is what we try to discover in the below review.

Contact Information

Email addresses:


Address: RM 1902 EASEY COMM BLDG 253-261 HENNESSY ROAD WANCHAI Hong Kong SAR 999077

Telephone Number: +852 60869069

Comfyrs on Social Networks

Most victims of Comfyrs become acquainted with the brand via social network ads. Facebook and Instagram are notorious for allowing all kinds of scammers to advertise on their platform. Even outright scams, which are not allowed to advertise on FB, are able to utilize what’s known as CLOAKING to show a different persona to the Facebook bots, thereby allowing them to advertise freely, even gambling and drug-related content.

On Facebook, Comfyrs has 5,745 likers. Who would blame them? The pictures of the merchandise are beautiful. But if you are careful, you will notice they have disabled reviews on their Facebook page.

Still, some people leave reviews as a response to posts on the page. So don’t just look at the pictures. Read the comments and watch for those angry faces.

The bottom line here is to be very careful with any social media ads. Never buy anything you see on FB without getting a recommendation from someone you know and trust.

Online Reviews

Comfyrs’s TrustPilot page says their rating is BAD (1.5 stars) based on 48 reviews. Here is what some of the reviewers had to say:

Put in an order for several pretty shirts over a week ago. I sent money. Then I rcvd an order number. Haven’t received a confirm email, since the moment they took the money. They say there’s one way to contact them. Email. However their email system rejected my inquiry And it was bounced back.

It has been more than 2 months and while comfyrs collected their money, I never received my order. I requested updated emails on the order and only got one that said the order was processing. Beware of this company.

I was enthusiastic to order some beautiful shirts from this company. As I completed the order form I noticed the shipping charge was $9.99 “International Shipping” which was a red flag. Exactly the same price and phrase as a company called Newchic ….. the order took 36 days to arrive and only one item was as nice as the picture in the ad. Then I googled to check on this company. Based on experience, DO NOT order from these companies, they carry the same items, mislead and misrepresent their locations (Newchic website was in German, they are in China).

There is no customer service. They send out form letters. They don’t even address the problem. The clothes look nothing like the website. Incredibly cheap. On the website they look beautiful and well made. I agree with all the reviews. It took about 6 weeks to get here. I’d forgotten that I’d ordered it. In the meantime I ordered another tshirt and even though I contacted them to cancel the order shortly after they said a lot of people like their clothes and would I please reconsider almost like a guilt trip. Again I said no I want to cancel this order. One week later they send me an email it has shipped. Bad company!!!!!

It is a total scam. The three dresses I ordered are really low quality, all polyester instead of cotton and linen.

I purchased a butterfly print dress. It looked and was explained on the website in a very flattering way. No where on the ad did it say it was coming from china. I received the item and it is nothing less than a sheath made from curtain material. Very low value and poorly made. Not a good value for anyone. They do ot refund and do not back their product.

The company doesn’t have return policy. I ordered 2XL items however they must be children’s size as they definitely are not adult. Now I am stuck with product that I can’t return. Be mindful before ordering from this company

In summary, according to these reviews:

  • Email address doesn’t work. (No customer service)
  • Some orders are never received
  • Those that are received may take a very long time to arrive
  • Some of the items do not look like the pictures
  • Bad quality
  • Can’t cancel. Can’t get a refund even if you receive something different than what you ordered Site Analysis was registered on April 9, 2020 for one year. If it would have been a legitimate site, we would expect them to register the domain for longer than just 1 year.

Since their inception, they have been steadily growing in popularity and currently their Alexa rating is #144,056 (as of August 4, 2020).

Review Conclusion

The conclusion of this review is that based on customer reviews, we would recommend to avoid Comfyrs like fire. It may indeed be a scam, or at the least, a very untrustworthy vendor.

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