Modern Millionaires Scam – Complaints, Facts, & Insights

Allegedly created by multi-million dollar entrepreneurs known as Abdul and Chance, The Modern Millionaires claims to provide the blueprint required to becoming more successful than your wildest dreams.

By offering a free training webinar along with access to their program, novice business operators can allegedly learn in the tricks of the trade and become a successful entrepreneur in the online advertising arena.

Declared by many to be a hoax and a scam, we’ll shed some insight into the legitimacy of the Modern Millionaires and help you decide whether the Modern Millionaire is a scam or legit.

About Modern Millionaires Scam

Fitting the bill as a get-rich-quick scheme, the Modern Millionaires program is the latest entrepreneurial hoax to plague the internet marketplace with unfound results, a notorious reputation of poor business etiquette, and complaints stemming back over half a year ago.

Employing what many consumers are deeming a “bait” tactic, the Modern Millionaires attempts to generate additional income by taking advantage of people’s naïveté.

The ideology of the Modern Millionaires is,” Cause Having a Boss, Sucks, Dude…”

Shortly beneath the mission statement found on the site, we encounter the Modern Millionaire’s success formula which includes The Drive To Succeed + Right Mentors + Modern Skills = Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

They state that they provide two out of the three, which leaves the site visitor with The Drive To Succeed part of the formula.

Labeled beneath is an About Us section that doesn’t delve deep into the details regarding Chance and Adbul, the founders behind the Modern Millionaires.

It states that they both have “created multi-millionaire dollar business from scratch by running simple ads online,” but no reference to these companies is shared.

The allege aim now behind the Modern Millionaires is to help hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs to become wildly successful in the online advertising niche that they state is $400 billion per year industry.

By employing the mixed-up adage, “Keep it stupid simple,” which isn’t even the correct saying, to begin with, it is K.I.S.S. and it stands for KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID.

Created by unverifiable entities (Chance and Abdul), the Modern Millionaires is likely an anonymously operated get-rich-quick scheme.

Who is Behind Modern Millionaires Scam?

The alias of Chance and Abdul are used as scapegoats to take credit as co-founding the Modern Millionaires program.

We are unable to find Chance and Abdul on social media outlets or having any existence outside of the Modern Millionaires project.

The site’s Terms and Conditions refer to The Modern Millionaires LLC but after searching multiple country business registrars we are no closer to verifying that limited liability company exists.

Furthermore, we’ve conducted multiple search queries on the co-founders of the Modern Millionaires program, Chance and Abdul, such as:

  • “Chance the Modern Millionaires”
  • “Abdul the Modern Millionaires”
  • “Who is Chance from the Modern Millionaires?”
  • “Chance Modern Millionaires Facebook”

The list goes on and no matter what search queries we inputted we had zero results to confirm the existence of Chance and Abdul.

To add, many of the sites supporting the Modern Millionaires are structured as suspicious and elemental landing pages that look significantly outdated and to put it bluntly, full of bullshit.

Perhaps this is why many consumers state that the Modern Millionaires should not be trusted.

Modern Millionaires Consensus

Below are some of the community feedback and thoughts surrounding The Modern Millionaires:

HybridDrone – “This is definitely what we call a “bait” tactic. These guys are just trying to make more money off of other peoples naivete. If I were you, I would try to reinvent the focus of your husband on something more productive. Typically, things like these are simply just scams because in reality, people succeed due to a lot of variables that they can not control that end up going their way; therefore, can not be replicated again in the exact same way at the same time and at the same place.”

KittyKat-WhereYouAt – “DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY… Listen – if you’re in a financially desperate situation, don’t be stupid – don’t buy this course! Don’t be me. Get a steady job somewhere, doesn’t matter where. Wait tables, pour coffee, bartend. Get your money situation STABLE. BE SMART. Slow and steady wins the race. Then, if you’re able to squirrel a little money away every month to pursue your dreams, do it that way! Don’t wreck your family, don’t ruin your relationships. Don’t buy this course and sacrifice all that. It’s not a magic pill. You’re only making a couple of strangers on the internet richer with YOUR money.”

Snoo_24508 – “Clearly you did not get involved with theses guys. It is a scam on so many levels!!! They charge people a different price for the same exact service. How much can they squeeze out of you? Disgusting!!! They are not transparent. I’m all for getting out of a comfort zone and going for it. Before you do that it is important that you do your homework. These guys try to take advantage of people even the very young. They are not transparent and not honest about the cost to do the business beyond paying for their training. BEWARE!!”

These reviews, and more, may be found at Reddit.

Site Analysis was a privately registered site created on October 8th, 2019, and is set to expire on October 8th, 2022.

Detailed in a market intelligence reported from SimilarWeb would be how The Modern Millionaires site has shown explosive visitor growth over the past 6 months going from 70,000 monthly visitors to over 647,000 monthly visitors as of June 2020.

Currently, TheModernMillionaires site is ranked in the top 15,000 most popular U.S. websites while approximately 93.68% of all the site traffic stems from site visitors who reside within the United States.

Interestingly, almost 10% of the site’s traffic sources originate from e-mail based sources while about 41.94% originate from social media outlets, with YouTube accounting for 95.73% of all social traffic.

It is evident through the report that the Modern Millionaire is utilizing massive YouTube advertisements, affiliates, and email campaigns to drive traffic to their site.

Warning Signs

  • Bad Community Feedback – The community consensus surrounding the Modern Millionaire would be that it is a get-rich-quick scheme that cannot be trusted.
  • Lack of Transparency – We were unable to verify the company entity The Modern Millionaires LLC across multiple countries business registrars while also being unable to verify the legitimacy of the co-founders known as Chance and Abdul.
  • Zero Display Advertising Traffic Sources – For a website that claims to teach you the art and science of becoming a wildly successfully online ad business yet fail to employ ANY display advertising campaigns online clearly doesn’t add up.

Is Modern Millionaires a Scam?

The anonymity, community feedback, and suspicious nature of the Modern Millionaires make us believe that the program is likely a hoax.

Modern Millionaires Scam Review

After the investigation we put forth into The Modern Millionaires we believe there are too many unknown variables and discrepancies surrounding this program that it cannot be trusted.

The warnings signs are loud and clear while you should never entrust your hard-earned money with online money-making schemes that appear Too Good To Be True.

What are your thoughts?

Is Modern Millionaires a Scam?

Please share your thoughts, insights, and experiences below!


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