PearlFeet Review – Is it a Trend Setter or a Scam?

Pearl Feet ( is a relatively new online platform which aims to give their customers the latest fashion products at bargain prices. Their collection is visually appealing and the kind of efforts they have put to make the shopping experience pleasant is clearly evident. At first glance, they do appear like the perfect one stop shop for all your fashion needs. 

However, things will take an ugly turn once you start reading the feedback from the other customers. Though some people are happy with their choice, many people have regretted their experience and some have even called them blatant frauds. 

It is no brainer that you need to be careful while ordering anything online or else the consequences might severely damage your pocket. So, to know whether it is worth it to buy things from this platform, go through our unbiased and detailed review.

What is Pearl Feet?

Pearl Feet claims to be a one stop online shop for trendy shoes. Though they mainly portray themselves as an entity selling shoes. They do offer a wide range of products which includes clothes for both men and women along with bags and wallets. 

One of the main things which sets this firm apart from the competition is their marketing capabilities and judging by their popularity, they surely know how to get the attention of the youth. Moving on to the pricing aspect, it is undoubtedly fair and as they contact sellers directly, they are able to reduce the overhead costs to a great extent. 

Moreover, as they don’t have any kind of minimum order requirements, customers don’t necessarily have to shop in bulk to get the best price and discounts. On paper, it is almost impossible to find any flaws with their business model.

Products Available

Usually, most brands go after a specific niche in the fashion sector. For example, Chanel brand mainly focuses on selling perfumes, Rolex is the king when it comes to selling watches, etc,. Pearl Feet has adopted a different strategy at the marketplace. 

They sell everything from shoes, bags, sandals to clothes for both men and women. Below, we have gathered the details of the main categories which will help you decide whether they have something you are looking for.


Currently, there are a ton of websites selling shoes online, but on Pearl Feet you can get all kinds of footwear under a single roof. 

Though, most people usually buy casual shoes and running shoes, this platform really has ensured that regardless of what kind of footwear you need, you will get the best deals on them all. Their collection of water shoes, hiking shoes and snow boots are not only rare, but also impeccable.

Clothes for Both Men and Women

The pandemic certainly has made us all comfortable in our pyjamas, but when everything goes back to normal, we will need to dress up for every occasion. When it comes to picking out the latest trends and designs, it is indeed difficult to visit multiple sites or outlets in order to get the stuff we want. 

Fortunately, Pearl Feet platform has aggregated all the top brands and deals in a single place so that you don’t have to compromise on the shopping experience. You might be interested in finding party wear or like most of us, you might be looking to buy formal clothes in the coming days. In both the cases, we are sure that you will like to look at the current offerings on this outlet.


This segment is mainly targeted towards women and that means, when it comes to collection, there are going to be a lot more options available for them. On the other hand, they do have a decent number of selections on travel bags and backpacks which is more than enough to cover the needs of most men.


The collection of wallets for men is extremely limited. However, they do showcase fine quality leather products and card holders for attractive prices.

Pricing and Discounts

Ever since the inception of online shopping, many retailers are finding it very hard to beat the markets in terms of pricing. Pearl Feet buys products directly from the sellers and thus eliminates the commissions charged by the middle men which results in reduced overhead costs. 

Moreover, if you keep an eye on the promos and flash sales, you can find deals which can only be defined as a steal. From time to time, they do conduct some activities in exchange for points which can later be redeemed for money. 

Lastly, they have a referral program wherein if you drive people to their platform, you will get fixed rewards whenever your referrals make a purchase.

Contact Information

Most online websites strive for transparency, because that is the only way to earn the trust of the public. The main concern with this platform is that they haven’t shared the details of the owners on their funnel. Moreover, the only mode of communication between the customers and the firm is via email. 

Clearly, the people running this platform are trying to remain anonymous and that kind of behaviour is raising serious doubts in the minds of the customers. We even ran a whois check on their domain name. Unfortunately, as they are registered privately, we couldn’t find any details about the creators or founders.

Email –


Customer Feedback

Nowadays, almost everyone uses customer feedback as a way to judge online outlets. As far as Pearl Feet is considered, they have got a ton of negative reviews on a lot of forums and the hate they have received is just unbelievable. 

While a handful positive reviews are present, the amount of people who feel cheated and looted by them are beyond imagination. Below, we have gathered a few comments from users. Take a look at them and ask yourself, is it really worth it to indulge with them? (Source – Trustpilot)

Would give them a minus 5 stars. Be forewarned, save your money. They sent counterfeit SWAT “combat boots” which are of poor quality. I wouldn’t wear these into combat. Some of the material is paper thin. The hiking shoes were poor quality slippers and a true hiker would laugh. The order took almost three months and the footwear has a toxic like smell of petroleum. Size on both pairs was 2 sizes too small. Attempted to cancel without success. Have asked for refund and shipping cost to CHINA without success. They offered a 30% refund and acknowledge the cost to ship back to CHINA would be costly and my expense.. I have had VISA exercise a chargeback. I am reporting to USPS and Customs.

Horrible company. Took months to get tracking information. Each time they sent information it showed they had not shipped. I continually told them I had left the mailing address and to cancel my order as it had not shipped. For 4 months I told them, no reply to my emails or request. They sent them anyway. Apparently they showed up 6 months after ordering. No way to get them forwarded, don’t want them. I’m sure their quality is no better than their service.

Shipping and Tracking

If you order any goods which have a price tag of $59 and above, this platform will offer free shipping. For any purchase which amounts to less than $59, shipping fees will apply and it is fixed by the company and displayed to you at the time of checkout. 

According to their website, they require anywhere between 1 to 5 business days to process the orders and customers can expect it to reach their hands within 8 to 25 business days. Compared to a lot of alternatives out there, the shipping policy and mechanism used by this platform is indeed slow and troublesome. 

After all, waiting for nearly a month to receive the product is just outrageous, right? They do feature a standard returns policy and for any reason if you are not happy with the goods received, you can initiate the returns by contacting them within 14 days of taking delivery of the product.

Final Verdict

Pearl Feet really brings a lot of interesting things to the table and their marketing efforts are unparalleled. However, due to the lack of transparency they exhibit and the dreadful customer feedback, it is better to avoid interacting with them. 

Given the current scenario, there are a lot of options available to shop online and always go with the one who has been around for a long period of time in order to save yourself from any kind of hassles.

Have you bought any products from Pearl Feet? Were you happy with the quality and the service you received? Comment your answers below.


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