Plinko Master Scam Review – Disturbing Complaints!!

Scam complaints have significantly plagued the mobile app game Plinko Master.

Operating as a free mobile application, Plinko Master enables app users the ability to win real money by playing their game and through watching advertisements.

While Plinko Master may reflect thousands of positive reviews, there has been an overwhelming volume of complaints regarding the legitimacy of the Plinko Master game app over the past couple of months.

With these facts in mind, we’ll expedite the learning curve for you regarding this mobile app while providing you with the insights you need to deduce whether Plinko Master is a scam or legit.

About Plinko Master ‘Scam’

The Plinko Master mobile app renders a virtual simulation game where participants are said to win and accrue real money.

The catch?

Well, according to research, there are a couple of catches.

The first being how Plinko Master enforces a $100 minimum cash-out option, meaning no withdrawal attempts under $100 are warranted.

The other would be how an extraordinary sum of complaints have surfaced regarding how app users are unable to win more than $75 or $90, even after weeks and months of playing the mobile application.

The business model of Plinko Master is quite similar to that of the Lucky Day App scam we exposed, where mobile app users were required to generate an “x” amount of money to withdrawal, only to later go on and prevent those users the ability to accrue enough winnings to meet that withdrawal threshold.

Well, we are in a similar situation with what many consumers are calling the “Plinko Master Scam App.”

How does Plinko Master Work?

Registration with the Plinko Master app is free of charge.

Succeeding registration would be access to the mobile application gaming interface.

From there, users are required to drop the balls through tubs where they can earn a prize box, which starts the slot feature in the game.

Depending upon the outcome of your slot spin, up to $200 may be won on a single spin while withdrawal requests are supposed to be conducted through PayPal.

However, given all the complaints that the Plinko Master scam has received over the past two months, it seems unlikely that many people have received their winnings or have been allowed to win enough coins to meet the withdrawal threshold.

Who Owns the Plinko Master App?

Plinko Master is said to be overseen by Good Luck Studio Limited on iOS devices while according to the Google PlayStore (for Android), Plinko Master is operated by Shake Keeper Ltd.

We were unable to find a website affiliate with Plinko Master, therefore, whether the two corporate entities above are the creators behind the Plinko Master scam or simply a purveyor of the application we cannot be entirely certain.

Plinko Master Complaints

There are hundreds of negative reviews and complaints surrounding this app.

Shared below are a handful of the most recent complaints we’ve found:

Jason Reece – “Made it to $90.03 fairly quick, then the game shut off the money tokens…have played every day the past week and stuck at $90.03… the game will not allow you to cash out until you reach $100.00, I’ve watched every painful ad this game has, ads that pay money to the developer every single time someone watches an ad, it’s time to start paying out to real people for playing your game. The game will never pay you cash like it leads you to believe. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME. FALSE ADVMNT.”

Ryan Helgren – “Drastic issue here. I have been playing for awhile and it seems my experience is the same as everyone else’s, the game is rigged to not give you coin blocks after a point. Opened the software on my pc, and its actually coded to give you 0% chance of coins when you reach 90$. The game is a scam and should be removed from both the app store and google play.”

K Dips18 – “Its funny how I was getting the most amount of money icons to hit towards the start. Now that my balance is near or on $90 and the cash out amount is $100 im not getting a single money icon to collect. I couls be wrong but to me it seems like they don’t want me to reach the cash out amount so they don’t have to pay out any money. Anyone else had the same issue as this and me????”

Sandi McIntyre – “Don’t install. Zero payout, waste of time. I’d give it zero starts if i could. Stuck at $90.55, can’t cash out until $100. No coins have been available the last several days I’ve played. You’ll never get more than 21 out of the 25 fruits needed to collect $1000. You can get an Amazon gift card with 5 million tokens, but they don’t say what the value of the card is, probably only $1. Don’t bother with this game. You’ll spend tons of time and data on it for nothing.”

These complaints were found at the Google PlayStore while hundreds of more complaints may be found at the Apple App Store.

App Analysis

The majority of users playing the Plink Master mobile app reside within the United States and the United Kingdom.

While Plinko Master was originally debuted solely for iOS interfaces, it appears that this mobile application has nested its way and compatibility for Android devices.

Note: Good Lucky Studio appears to be the entity behind Plinko Master and has also been credited with the creation of other mobile applications such as Pony Go, Lucky Dive, and Lucky Pusher – all of which reflect similar gaming and business models where people can win “real money” from these free apps.

Warning Signs

  • Scam Complaints – Despite reflecting what appears to be thousands of positive reviews, over the past two months Plinko Master has amassed hundreds of complaints, accusations of scam, and appears to have thwarted many app users of the ability to accrue enough coins to withdrawal no matter how frequently users interact.
  • Corporate Transparency – The operators behind the Plinko Master app have not presented their true identities nor have they taken the time to address the hundreds of complaints featured at the Apple and Google PlayStore.
  • Withdrawal Threshold Variance – Some users state that withdrawal thresholds once started at $50, then moved to $100, then $200, and now finally $300 before withdrawals could be made, clearly this app cannot be trusted.
  • No Verified Winners – After sifting through hundreds of reviews, we have been unable to find any verified winners of Plinko Master.
  • Community Consensus – Some online review sites along with hundreds of consumers have gone on to share aggravating, unfair, and deceptive practices experienced while playing Plinko Master, therefore, ushering Plinko Master with a monstrously negative community consensus.

Is Plinko Master Legit?

Given the volume of complaints over the past two months, we do not believe the Plinko Master app to be a legitimate mobile app for everyday consumers.

Plinko Master Scam Review

Given the information that we have bestowed to you throughout our honest review, we believe it goes without saying that the Plinko Master app is not a trustworthy mobile application for consumers seeking to win real money through free mobile apps.

Not only that but the shady business practices imposed by the operators behind this app have been reported and coincide with the other disturbing reviews that have surfaced, therefore, there is an unwavering continuity in the complaints that shed significant light behind this application.

While we feel that we’ve compiled enough insights for you to make an educated decision regarding the legitimacy of the Plinko Master app we are always interested in learning your thoughts upon the matter at hand, which would be, is Plinko Master app a scam?

Let us know in the comments below and please feel free to share any insights, experiences, or feedback that you may have below.


  1. Felicia Willis

    I have reached $100.00 and submitted for my payout which they 1st claimed PayPal but once submitted it is for $100.00 Amazon gift card. They say I would get payout in 7 days it been since 7-22-20. I have not received anything. I have emailed about this over 3 times have heard nothing back. These games should be stopped if they are reap benefits by way of scamming it needs to be stopped.

  2. Greg Freese

    Same thing here. Reached 90.09 and have been here now for days. Maybe there is a lawyer among the group to start a class action lawsuit?

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