Copy The Millionaire Review

Copy The Millionaire ( is an online funnel page used to mislead visitors into signing up with Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System and was incepted on November 5th, 2017.

Copy The Millionaire Review

Copy The Millionaire serves as a squeeze page for the creators behind Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System. Employing nearly an identical promotional video with Payday Shortcuts, it is obvious that both domains are nothing more than deceptive funnel pages.

As expected, does not disclose any information regarding their operation except for vague hints relayed in their pitch video regarding Jeff’s at home training program.

Utilizing the same actors used in the Payday Shortcuts funnel, Copy The Millionaire reflects a same creation date and operates in exactly the same manner as their predecessor.

Copy The Millionaire does not itself render any retainable products or services but primarily functions as a medium used to convert site visitors into signing up with Jeff’s at home 16 step coaching program.

Available for a price tag of $49, Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System reflects a suggested price of $997 and promotes the illusion that users can generate $3,245 per day by using their system.

According to the sites Terms of Use, their domain is overseen by a corporation known as Lifestyle Design International, Inc and will not be held liable for any circumstances that may occur on their site.

According to the Better Business Bureau, their operation is based out of the United States and is operated by an entity known as Jeffrey Lerner. According to BBB, Lifestyle Design International Inc is not a BBB accredited business and has a registered office address of 1160 S. State Ste 200, Orem, UT 80497.

Copy The Millionaire Scam

Copy The Millionaire possesses a simplistic site interface that exhibits some unethical widgets such as the countdown time and alleged available spots left. While the sole functionality of those widgets is to induce pressure upon the visitors on their site, a simple page refresh will reveal that both of those widgets are illegitimate.

Copy The Millionaire asserts that users can generate over $3,000 per day by using Jeff’s system yet there is no verifiable evidence included in the promotional video to validate such claims.

According to a SimilarWeb domain report, possessed a global rank of 465,667 with a US rank of 110,014 as of February 2018. Approximately 94.61% of the sites traffic originates from users within the United States while over 42% of the sites traffic derives from referral based sources.

Copy The Millionaire fails to disclose verifiable evidence, operates in the same misleading manner as Payday Shortcuts and promotes unbelievable high returns in order to make their offer appeal more to gullible consumers.

Given the evidence disclosed above, we do not feel that Copy The Millionaire is a trustworthy opportunity.

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