Payday Shortcuts Review

Payday Shortcuts ( was registered on November 5th, 2017 by an unverified entity known as Jeff and actively operates as an all-in-one training package for those looking to earn money online through online marketing.

Payday Shortcuts Review

Payday Shortcuts currently functions as an online landing page that endorses an online training and coaching program known as Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System.

According to the promotional video, Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System is a 16 step training program that provides users with the insight, know-how and tools needed to successfully operate their own at home online business.

While the site fails to disclose much operational information, visitors are left to endure the alluring pitch video that incorporates paid actors asserting ridiculous income gains between $3,000 to $8,900 in under 2 weeks all without providing transparent evidence.

As reflected in a WHOIS domain search, was a privately registered domain that was created on November 5th, 2017 through the NameCheap, Inc registry. Coincidentally, there is no disclosure of ownership, creator or current operators referenced anywhere at their domain which means the site is operating with blatant anonymity.

Payday Shortcuts Scam

Characteristically similar to most of the operations we encounter, Payday Shortcuts incorporates misleading elements into the framework of their site while promoting the promise of rich returns through minimum user effort.

Within a few minutes of watching their promotional video, a countdown timer appears at the header of the site indicating to site visitors that they only have 30 minutes in order to receive their one time discount which makes Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System reduce from a $997 price tag to a measly $49.

As with most pressure inducing widgets, all a viewer has to do is refresh the page and the widgets will reset to their original value. The same could be said in regards to their employed “available spots left” widget found on the right-hand side of their site.

It is apparent through the promotional video that the creators behind this scheme relied heavily upon paid actors. Many of the alleged user testimonials reflected in the video appear to be scripted and carried out in a mediocre fashion.

In addition, the verified testimonials on their sign up page are nothing more than stock photos.

As expected, no entity is assuming responsibility for any of the practices being exercised by their domain while none of the alleged user claims come with transparent evidence to back up such bold claims.

According to SimilarWeb, has a global rank of 775,172 with a US rank of 177,803 as of February 2018.

Due to the many red flags that surfaced when reviewing Payday Shortcuts we are unable to support this untrustworthy money making opportunity.

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