Quite a huddle of controversy appears to be circulating around the CREProgram created by Austin Davis. CREProgram, short for Commercial Real Estate Program, is a commercial based real estate program where Austin Davis enables consumers the ability to enroll through his program to learn how to effectively leverage and generate earnings through real estate investing. Hosted at, Austin provides a rather textual based program that must be thoroughly comprehended while strictly enforcing a no negative or excuses based operation.

While the vast majority of consumer feedback tends to contradict each other, it is safe to say that the CREProgram possesses its fair share of both positive and negative feedback. Some reports of Austin Davis being a scam artist have surfaced while others claim to have experienced positive life altering changes.

No matter what these consumer reports may entail, the goal of today’s review is to educate our readers upon the inner workings of the CREProgram while laying out all the byproduct elements that should be weighed before committing with their program.

What is is set up as a landing page used to entice consumers to enroll with the expensive Commercial Real Estate Program created by Austin Davis. Accompanied with a reoccurring monthly payment sum of $100, the focus of this textual based program would be to help aid individuals looking to participate in commercial real estate obtain suitable networking contacts while providing invaluable secrets that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Claiming that his disclosure of secrets entailed throughout his program will anger the “big boys.”

Who is Responsible for is allegedly created by an entity referred to as Austin Davis. What we found intriguing though would be how any thorough social media search queries failed to generate any verifiable search results. Sure enough a profile came up on LinkedIn but other social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter failed to generate any credible search results. In fact, if it wasn’t for the WHOIS domain report displaying Austin Davis under administrative contact information we would’ve probably declared that this entity does not truly exist.

Still though, it does raise some questions as to why Austin Davis does not possess much of a virtual presence besides in exact correlation with his CREProgram. No distinguishable profile images have been found of Austin Davis, which means that consumers are essentially enrolling with an unverified and nameless entity that has yet to be properly profiled.

How does Function?

After you pay for your subscription, you will receive access to the thorough CREProgram created by Austin Davis. Composed mostly as a textual based guide, Austin Davis also employs an undisclosed number of employees who are able to assist you and help you move onward with your commercial real estate plans. Throughout the duration of the CREProgram, consumers will be billed a reoccurring fee of $50 to remain actively enrolled by learning the ins-and-outs associated with the commercial real estate industry. Spec Report

  • Created on June 6th, 2008
  • Registered under Austin Davis
  • Operates as a Commercial Real Estate Program
  • Does not appear to be a popular real estate platform
  • Provides consumers with invaluable insight and networking contacts
  • Predicted to employ 50 to 200 employees, according to market intelligence sites
  • Only discloses anonymous contact methods on home page (
  • Predicted to generate around $10 million to $50 million annually, according to SimilarWeb

Discrepancies and Red Flags displays some discrepancies that we don’t typically take lightly when reviewing investment programs. Discrepancies such as lack of contact methods, verifiable or transparent ownership information, no disclosure of previously sold properties, no proof of licensing or professional advice along with possessing some negative consumer feedback found at RipOffReport. More consumer feedback can be analyzed at BiggerPockets, ComplaintsBoard and again, another experience shared at RipOffReport.

Popularity showcased a SimilarWeb global rank of 4,893,559 with a US rank of 1,854,545 as of January 22nd, 2018. Ranked as 36,975 in the Real Estate niche, the market intelligence report makes it quite obvious that the CREProgram created by Austin Davis is not a popular program nor site.

Can be Trusted?

Whether CREProgram can be trusted is the million dollar question that needs to be addressed. For those of you who took the time to review some of the feedback found on the web, you will have noticed a combination of both negative and positive reviews, which makes it difficult to accurately determine if this program is trustworthy or not.

Then of course we have the unanswered discrepancies that we expressed moments ago, which after carefully weighing those discrepancies and the reported consumer feedback, we have determined that by our standards, we do not believe CREProgram to be a trustworthy program that is worth your time nor effort. However, for those of you still feel determined to give this program a shot, we do feel that it is safe to do so since their payments are conducted through ClickBank, which is a trustworthy outlet that offers 60 day money back guarantees. Review Conclusion

Commercial real estate investing can provide rewarding returns for consumers who possess a good sense of timing, market knowledge and the know-how. While the CREProgram may possess valuable information regarding commercial real estate insight, we just aren’t convinced that it is an investment opportunity that deserves your valuable time or hard-earned money. For the time being, we believe there are much more suitable alternatives that could be explored and taken advantage of.

For those of you who still wish to check out the commercial real estate program by Austin Davis you can do so risk free for up to 60 days. Just make sure that if the program is not suited for you that you cancel prior to the 60 day period otherwise you will encounter monthly reoccurring payments.

Do you have any insight or experience to share regarding the CREProgram by Austin Davis? Please share your knowledge or feedback by leaving a comment below!


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