CTVBDStore.com Review – Buyer BEWARE! (Discount Retail Hoax)

CTVBDStore.com is marketed as a widely discounted consumer outlet.

Failing to provide any identifying information, CTVBDStore is structured as yet another anonymous discount retail site.

Allegedly offering an expansive, and non-specific category of goods, CTVBDStore really does appear as an odd-and-ends sort of retailer.

To learn more about some of the red flags that we unmasked during our investigation we invite you to read our honest CTVBDStore Scam Review.

About CTVBDStore Scam

CTVBDStore.com is presented as an online store whose operation is allegedly built around providing powerful customer service.

Supposedly the operators behind CTVBDStore possess many years of direct experience with manufacturers, which in turn enables them to offer such discounted goods.

No reference to which manufacturers that CTVBDStore may be partnered with is shared.

Compared to many of the illicit retail scams we’ve been investigating lately, CTVBDStore.com does not make much a big deal by offering their products at such discounted rates.

In other words, they don’t market their discounts or online savings.

Instead every product is accompanied with a fixed rate, which granted, appear to be a ‘good deal’ on most of their goods.

Taking a more sly, coy approach to marketing their platform makes CTVBDStore appear as a less shady retailer – but don’t let their sleek site interface fool you.

The selection of goods featured at CTVBDStore.com vary from home goods, electrical goods, kitchenware, toys and more.

Contacting CTVBDStore 

Featured on the Contact Us page would be a contact submission form.

No reference to a corporate entity, physical address, warehouses, manufacturers or something as simple as a telephone number are provided.

Located within the footer of CTVBDStore.com would be the email: service1@vinayotap.com.

Additionally there are social widgets incorporated towards the footer of the site but they aren’t connected to any CTVBDStore social platforms.

Payments, Shipping & Returns

Accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard and JCB.

Processing times of order are estimated between 5 to 7 business days.

Returns are said to be eligible within 14 days of receiving said goods although no reference to a return address can be found on the site.

No reference to exchanges can be found at CTVBDStore.com.

CTVBDStore Reviews

There is minimum feedback regarding CTVBDStore currently.

This may be because CTVBDStore is a relatively new retail site.

We did come across one complaint regarding CTVBDStore:



Background Check

CTVBDStore.com was registered on July 17th, 2019.

The alleged registrar behind CTVBDStore would be as follows:

Name: Edward Nadeau

Street: 4345 Hoffman Avenue

City: New York

State: NY

Postal Code: 10007

Country: US


Email: larionpestryakov@gmail.com

We do not believe that Edward Nadeau is the true entity responsible for CTVBDStore.

We state this because the email address (service1@vinayotap.com) is also the same email address that was used in affiliation with JusmarGood.com and VansKK.com.

Both sites have been thoroughly debunked as scams on the net while they both are registered by different entities than “Edward Nadeau.”

According to SimilarWeb, CTVBDStore.com is trending in Spain.

Over 20% of all the sites traffic stems from a combination of referral and social traffic sources.

Red Flags & Warning Signs

  1. Operates anonymously
  2. Contact method has been declared non-viable
  3. Fails to provide information regarding their manufacturers
  4. Email affiliated with other discount retail scams exposed
  5. Features an incomplete shipping policy

Is CTVBDStore.com Trustworthy?

No, CTVBDStore.com is NOT a trustworthy online retailer.

CTVBDStore Scam Review

CTVBDStore.com may appear to most as a legitimate drop-shipping site.

Further analysis of their platform will reveal the contrary, however.

Affiliated with known and exposed discount retail scams while operating with blatant anonymity, it is obvious that CTVBDStore cannot be trusted.

With the holidays rolling around the corner, it is more imperative than ever that you only shop with verified and transparent shopping entities who possess a considerable volume of positive consumer experiences.

Trying to save money by shopping with an unknown entity is more risky than ever, don’t do it!

If you have an experience, insight or feedback to contribute we ask that you share your wisdom with us below!

Outcome: CTVBDStore.com is likely a SCAM!


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