Review: Linked Retail Scam Exposed

Soily Market ( is a discount retail scam!

Affiliated with a multitude of other shady online retailers, Soily Market is just another link in a long chain of discount retail hoaxes.

Currently trending amongst consumers residing with Spain, Soily Market operates with intentional anonymity.

To learn more regarding the Soily Market Scam we invite you to read our honest review.

About Soily Market Scam

Soily Market is structured as a discount retail site that supports a wide genre of consumer goods.

These consumer goods vary from DIY, tools, home and kitchen, yard and pet products.

Free shipping is said to be accompanied on all purchases over €36.00 while consumers are guaranteed shipping within 5 to 7 business days.

All purchase orders are said to be accompanied with a 30 day refund warranty but as we will reveal later consumer reviews reveal a different truth.

The majority of the products featured at reflect low prices although the quality of said products are in question.

According to the About Us page of Soily Market, Soily Market is:

“In the online store, there is a great selection. With many years of experience in the direct relationship with the manufacturer’s supplier and our customers, we always show our profession so you can feel better when you buy here.”

This is the same About Us template used in the CTVBDStore Retail Fraud we exposed.

Contacting Soily Market

Soily Markets operates with blatant anonymity.

No physical addresses, telephone numbers or identifying information can be found.

The Contact Us page features a contact submission form while the footer of the sites discloses the following email:

A quick Google search of said email address will reveal a multitude of other retail entities that are affiliated with

Among the most notorious would be the VansKK Scam, which deceived countless of online consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Payments, Shipping & Returns

Visa, MasterCard and JCB credit cards are the accepted payment forms.

The Shipping Returns Policy featured at Soily Market is identical to

They claim that your order is shipped within 5 to 7 business days.

Returns are allegedly eligible within 14 days of delivery of said goods, which directly contradicts their alleged 30 day refund warranty featured on their home page.

SoilyMarket Reviews

Soily Market is growing in reputability through a notorious fashion.

There isn’t much feedback regarding Soily Market yet but we did find a complaint:

“I want to report the website, because my money has been stolen, in addition to the following email addresses / / They have sent me instead of the product that I had bought a cheap jewelry pendant and they are forcing me to keep it because they are not going to send me anything else or they will return my money.”

A few additional reviews regarding the email are as follows:

“I ordered a bowling ball at one month ago and they have not shipped it yet; it still says pending. I’ve emailed them 4 times on 3 different addresses and have not gotten a response. They don’t even have a listed phone number to contact them. I’m leaning towards this being a scam.”

“Ordered a little FrSky R/C receiver a month ago but they have not shipped it nor do they respond.”

“Date 06/17/2019. Fraudulent email Pseudonym Url / Website Scam contents I ordered a denim embellished jacket online through this site. They charged my card twice. Total 120 euros.They neither shipped my original order nor did they refund my extra tired of sending emails which were never answered. Your comments / analysis It’s. A fraudulent site.”

Background Check was registered on July 17th, 2019.

Allegedly the site was registered by a Efrain Carpenter on Warren, New Hampshire.

However, we do not believe that Efrain Carpenter is the true registrar behind Soily Market.

We state this because the operators responsible for the email reflect a considerable track record of varying site registrars for their varying retail sites.

This tactic is becoming more and more common amongst fraudulent retail sites.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. Operators don’t reply through their contact methods
  2. The site is operated with intentional anonymity
  3. Contact email associated with numerous retail scams
  4. Site is registered for only 1 year
  5. Countless complaints can be found in regards to contact email shared

Is a Retail Hoax?

Yes, we believe Soily Market to be a retail hoax.

Soily Market Scam Review

Soily Market is a shining example of a discount retail hoax to avoid.

While aesthetically the site may appear legitimate further investigation will reveal the contrary.

The email is affiliated with a multitude of fraudulent retail sites, many of which reflect the mold of a discount retailer.

If you have been scammed or have an experience to share we invite you to share your feedback with us below!

Outcome: is a SCAM!


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